DIY Jet Thickness Planer Plans Free

JWP 13DX Chosen thickness with a Jet JPP jet-black 708531 JWP 16OS xvi Inch iii Horsepower jet thickness planer undecided outdoor present planing machine 230 Volt Maximum Planing Width 16 inches Maximum Planing Thickness. If the operator / out feed person holds up on the stock it will rock down into the bed causing a miss planed end , no snipe , but still not planed to the right thickness full length. Planers have bed rollers, :confused: some models , rollers in the bed to reduce drag not to be confused with feed rollers , generally above the stock that , well , feed the stock thru the planer. First use was on some Black Locust, which is very hard and dense wood; where it gave a smooth finish with no snipe. Overall, I’d vote for the Jet because of the induction motor and the cast iron table.

I use a 12 inch planer but would like the 15″ for a larger table area and quieter operation, not to mention a helical cutter head for smoother cuts. I originally purchased an Axminster machine of a similar specification but it was sent back and I am much happier with this Jet machine, however it was quite a bit more expensive. This listing is for a set of (3) High Speed Tool Steel planer knives for Powermatic model 15. I’ve owned cheaper planer thicknessers, and they were not a patch on this Jet machine.

I reassembled the machine and it sounds normal again but I did not have a chance to run any additional wood through it. The noise may return again. As you start a pass through the planer, lift the trailing end of the board with a few pounds more force than its weight while pressing the leading end firmly onto the planer bed. There is no question the big stationary ones are nice, but before I bought a stationary thickness planer I’d sink the money into a good big jointer.

Luckily I was standing to the side of the planer like I was supposed too so no harm. Makita still sells all the parts and rebuilds them too, but the cost of that is prohibitive. The pictures make the planer appear cheap, but it’s almost entirely made of steel. I find myself utilizing the planer all the time, when a year ago I had not even used it once. Not many boards these days seem wider than 12″ – at most 15″ (at least for me) – so its hard for me to see a need for anything greater in the planer.

As other people have suggested, the cure is to support the end of the board slightly higher then the planer bed during that point in the cut where the board is only held down by one feed roller. This feature allows the fro great versatility when working with different types of wood. If I could justify the replacement costs, I would replace my planer and jointer with spiral units.

The bed is a piece of plywood with formica on it, mounted on a pair of used door hinges and with a threaded rod with wing nuts for thickness adjustment. The JET 708524 JPM-13CS machine has been around for a long time now so you may have to make a few adjustments to be in sync with current technology. There is no need to buy a $2K industrial planer that will last several lifetimes of hobby work, when a $500.00 bench top planer does as good of a job, with a much smaller footprint in your shop. The belt could do with changing, I have a new one somewhere, will include in sale.

Another thing to consider is the power requirements, in my country(Australia)a 15″ 3hp planer is about the biggest you can get on a normal single phase power. They travel well and offer the highest value to those who need to adjust material thickness at the site where they work. Originally Posted by workingwood.the only thing that has seemed to produce the results I want has been to proceed the piece of wood I want to plan with another piece of wood and then push it through with another that seems to take care of the problem. The softest wood I run through it is cherry and that is the one wood I’ll see those on.

I broke my planer a couple of times before I finally wised up and decided it wasn’t worth it to be cheap about sharpening and the time spent changing knives. Whitehead junior planer thicknesser with 12 inch blade and a depth setting of up to 110mm 3 phase in good working order , blades could possibly do with sharpening for tip top performance. Includes 12-1/4-in Planer – KP312-R, Socket Wrench – 782209-3, Triangular Rule – 762001-3, Double Edged High Speed Steel Blades – B-02870, Operating Manual.

I’m just a hobby wood worker myself so I don’t tend to buy too many high end tools. Nice, smooth surfaces that need almost no table is long enough, and the inside rollers strong and flat enough to avoid sure to get plenty of vacuum from your dust collection system because this planer is a chip factory. I use a Delta thickness sander myself, that I found lightly used for about $700.

If it’s going to be a stationary planer Grizzly has some nice machines , I’d really look for one with the spiral planer knifes. For a smaller planer, the old Parks are hard to beat, and the parts are pretty much standard and available. Thickness planers come in various sizes and offer a range of features, but the best value comes from those that match your work environment. I also have a 14 inch bandsaw from Grizzly that is just as heavy and well built.

With long blades impacting wood several thousand times per minute, extreme levels of sound seemed understandable. The quality of the finished wood is excellent indeed in both soft and hard woods but an extractor is advisable as this machine churns out the shavings at a rate of knots, I have the JET DC1100a extractor with fine filter and this really does do the job.

The JWP-16OS does not have the built-in casters like all the other Jet wood planer models, but it is also the only Jet model that has a fixed table. Digital readout devices help ensure accurate angles, but they also function as a guide for wood thickness planers in the shop. The PM has cast iron extensions and the Jet does not unless they changed it VERY recently.

If you are selling lumber or something else of the nature that requires you to plane vast amounts of stock per day, you are better off with a planer that is built for it. For the mention of an Planer Reviews buyer’s guides comparisons and medium ratings on many of the best wood planers on the My solution hence is to buy rough in proscribed unleveled Sir Henry Wood and. Overweight items are shipped via freight delivery, please allow up to 15 business days for shipping. This is the first planer i bought and i love it. 11.8 working amps, hasn’t slowed down one bit while i was using it, even with oak and black walnut.