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I recently ordered three Craftsman ball-bearing tool chests from I’d go as far to say you’d need to get a craftsman professional (at many times the cost) to get the same quality. Sadly yeah, woot you know you’ve earned that belief…..just like the delivery I got yesterday from woot of a tool put in a box 3x the size of the tool with no packing as usual so and the box looks as expected – like a heavy object inside battered it. I’ve got other cracked & dented items (i.e. 6 acro mills cabinets) I’ve had to pound out apon receipt from woot.

For all the nay sayers I just took in a black handled industrial phillips screw driver and an older 1/4″ drive ratchet with my initials engraved on it and replaced them with the red and black handled professional screw driver and a brand new ratchet with no hassle what so ever.. They couldn’t rebuild the ratchet because it was an older one without the accessible clip they have now.

This is especially true at the Windham CT craftsman tool store (a store that sells only tools and not other sears merchandise) Sometimes the regular sears stores try to deny me a replacement because they claim that a broken screwdriver ” must have been used as a prybar, you cant break it turning screws” or that you have to leave your ratchet with us so we can rebuild it and you can come pick it up in a few weeks” Talking to a manager almost always gets me my replacement.

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No avail.Drove to Sears (1hr round trip) and ask them to replace -”Ah Nope thats Kmart we can’t help you…” so back home and called the 800 number and got transfered 4 times and finally got a person in tool ‘warranty’ and he said I should not have been shuffled around and Kmart should have honored the replacement warranty per owners manual warranty etc.

The minute I had my toolbox all situated, Pat showed me the FreeZone® Storage System from Lee Valley & Vertias which he found out on the Garage Journal It’s comprised of two kinds of pieces: a grid-like toolboard” which can be laid down in a tool box or hung from a wall or pegboard, and then there’s a variety of pegs that snap and twist into the toolboard.

The picture hangers are functional, but for any important wall hangings, we strongly recommend purchasing 30-pound Floreats The Durabuilt set is the only other $20 kit we seriously considered—but given its lack of an essential tool like a utility knife, and its weaker nut-and-bolt tool combo, we believe that the HDX kit, for the same price, is simply a better option.

You only need to buy a new box when you grow out of it,so since i dont need to spend 5000$ on a snap on box with the same cubic space and rollar baring draws i went to husky its a nice box and the gauge of steal that is used in husky is the same as snap on.(think about it)…… i paid less then a grand for top and bottom that snap on wanted 4000 for……. I love saveing money!!!!!