HS Slide Board Pro

Hockey slideboards are a unique training tool that are meant to help players improve their skating at home. Aside from the fact that hockey parents are notorious for buying their kids new $300-$600 skates every year when their kid’s feet grow, and new $200 one-piece sticks (which are unnecessary and potentially counter productive for youth players…a rant for another day), it seems inconsistent to scoff at a $500 slideboard that, in one form or another, could get regular use year-round for a player’s entire career.

Loved your point that the initial expense scares some people away – like you, I have gotten loads of mileage out of the UltraSlide Slideboards we use here – I just polish them about once per week and make sure people don’t walk on them with their shoes on (that makes me crazy) and they are good to go – have had one for 8-years and just bought another one this summer so I could include them more in both our hockey training programs and our general athlete development programs.

If you look at the slideboard critically, you begin to realize that not only is this not just a hockey player’s or figure skater’s toy, it’s also something that a highly diverse list of users can take advantage of. From the elderly who want to maintain or improve their highly important balance to young people who are engaged in competitive endurance sports and could benefit from a solid cardio workout that reinforces the hips and their critical pressure points.

You’re bidding on this Reebok Slide, lateral training board with it’s original box, manual and booties. As the directions suggest as an option, I sprayed some furniture polish on the plastic surface so I could slide better. Grab a hockey stick and a puck or ball, then stick handle while you are sliding on the slide board. As you slide your legs out, your hips should lower; however, you do not want your butt to sag to the ground.

Move quickly and repeat, placing your hands back down on the ground as you slide back into a Plank position. In short, I think it’s important to have adjustable slideboards, as it allows you to program more specifically to the individual in a group setting or to a growing individual (e.g. all youth hockey players). To do the Lunge Run, start standing on the Slide Board with your feet together.

I think that the Powerslide would help hockey players who do not use their edges or those who run” on the ice. The board is relatively light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to use and store in even the smallest of spaces. Six-time Art Ross Trophy winner and three-time Hart Memorial Trophy winner Mario Lemieux is one of the greatest hockey players the game has ever seen.

Pro hockey players can and do use the board to perform general skating exercises whenever they’re in situations where a smooth ice surface isn’t available or while at home in moments where ice training would be impractical. By addressing these issues, a hockey player can greatly increase the effectiveness of each stride, while decreasing the amount of work and preserving energy. The key with roll up boards is to make sure you have good heavey bumpers, and preferably a slide resistant surface on the bottom. I have to say, however, that I had no nylon available to make booties, and old socks just didn’t do the trick.

As you can guess, the ultimate purpose of the board is simulating the movement and feel of a real ice skating rink, but without the inherent instability and embarrassment inducing open setting. Jumping rope is another effective way to improve hockey conditioning as it also improves the ability to coordinate the hands, eyes, and feet, and teaches players to strike the ground lightly and softly. To do the Posterior Plank to L-Sit, sit on the Slide Board with your legs out straight in front of you and your hands behind your butt on the ground. Last year, I acquired a slide board from Amazon , but it developed a big problem.

Aside from this lack of stability, developing quad strength, which again can make research look very efficient and favorable is in the presence of supported hip flexion, is something I would consider confusing to motor planning during closed chain movements. Here are 21 Slide Board Exercises you can use to strengthen your entire body while also getting your blood pumping! Also, make sure your chest doesn’t cave forward and that you don’t round your back as you hold and slide out to the side.