55 Amazing Crown Molding Ideas For All Ceilings And Rooms

There are several great reasons, and at least ten great uses, for wood molding in the home. There are a number of different trim styles for door molding ideas, and any of them would make an excellent choice for the room you are attempting to finish. Hollow PVC crown molding is an inexpensive way to hide cable, audio, and communication wires in any room. Classic styling that matches nearly all decors with stained (or painted) wood and traditional lines. The Internet is also a good place to search for traditional moldings for door trim and window trim.

Likewise, our lifetime, solid wood screen doors are decorative as well as practical. These may be finished with a pigmented stain followed by a clear varnish , or a clear coat can be used alone to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. For example, heavy Victorian trim does not suit a ranch-style structure or an Arts and Crafts cottage, just as minimalist trim lacks the impact required for a Victorian or Georgian design.

With our freshly stripped wood slat walls , we also knew we weren’t going to be caulking under the trim, so having all of the prep work done and only touch up work to do after it was hung proved to be a huge time saver. The hardest part of using no-miter molding will be deciding what decorative pieces and corner blocks to use. Now place the trim on the sloping stringer and slide it up so the bottom of the trim projects up past the flat landing.

This year I want to take you inside a series of historic homes that I find on my travels, either by car or by bicycle, hence the molding safaris. Like with the door trim, window casing corners are typically mitered, but wood molding offers more decorative choices to spice up your window environment. Thanks to the culture of do-it-yourself, there are plenty of books and tools available to teach you how to install your own molding.

Photo 3 shows how I used a sacrificial piece of wood behind the apron material. This was just the post i needed to see to remind me that i don’t need to feel like i have to wait to decorate until i get it all just right.” i’ll start working around my dark trim today 😉 i have every reason to believe that it can look just great. Made for use with stamped metal ceiling panels, crown molding made of tin or aluminum is lightweight and easy to cut. MDF trim has a smooth surface, comes pre-primed, can usually be finished with one coat of paint, requires little or no sanding, and is more resistant to dings and dents than most softwoods.

If the trim is to be finished in such a way as to show the wood grain, either with a totally clear finish or with a stain, you generally want to use lengths of solid wood. There used to be two main grades of trim for general use: Stain Grade, and Paint Grade. Used to decorate and cover the gap between jambs and the wallboard around doors and windows these are the most visible trim in a room.

With the exception of the kitchen addition, the majority of the work on the parlor level was restorative work — from the original trim and molding to the ornate leaded windows seen here. A coat of semi-gloss enamel and this molding now lives up to the heritage of this 1890s home. Here’s one of my favorite tricks: Install a thin piece of trim several inches below your existing crown moulding. I needed three pieces of primed base with cap molding that I found in the molding aisle.

If you have a room that already has a striking detail like this vaulted nook, you won’t want your trim to compete with it. Opt instead for plain molding to quietly frame other parts of the room while letting its star feature shine. The semi-gloss will give the perfect sheen to your new trim work, and it creates a hard enough surface to help protect it from nicks and dings better than a flat paint. The original faux-grained built-ins and trim were restored to reinstate the dining room’s prominence. Why not try Peel and Stick Crown Molding that makes it easy to cut and install.

If you like the way the molding transformed the look of the mirror but are thinking that you don’t have a miter saw or the skills to do this yourself, READ ON about how easy no-miter molding is to work with. Here’s the great thing about oak cabinets – they are solid wood (not the interiors necessarily, but the doors at least). The cut angle across the face of the trim molding can be very long and one would think the two pieces of trim would never meet precisely.