Earthbag Building Plans

Baca Hybrid This 2 bedroom, 2 story (3 levels), 1250 sf (to the outside) house was designed as a hybrid, passive solar model. This Wilderness Cabin design is for remote fishing and hunting camps where it is difficult to transport building materials. My own cabin adventure began in 1986, when I built one as an inexpensive place to stay while constructing my house — that’s when I began learning what makes cabin design and construction successful. Cabin Graph Paper Set: This set is essentially the first 9 sheets of the Cabin Shell Construction set except that it has fewer notes and dimensions, has a graph paper grid on the floor plans and is printed in a very light blue.

We do specify an exact strucural design load, but if you live in high wind, high snow load or earthquake areas, you will need local engineering assistance to modify our plans to suit your local requirements. The fact is that, priced as they are, the plans in our house and cabin portfolio are a very good deal. Personally, I like square buildings, so 20×20 would be more to my liking, uses the same amount of materials as a 16×24 but gives more useable space and larger bedroom. The open loft provides additional sleeping space for the kids or weekend guests.

You receive complete CAD file drawings of custom titled, complete and ready to go plans that do not require redrawing as most catalog purchased plans do. Even hiring a draftsperson to produce a set of complete working drawings for you will cost more than our competitive rates. The Garage Apartment Plans found on website were designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the nationally recognized building code in effect at the place and time the plan was drawn.

Sacred Mountains This is a 2 bedroom, 1 story, 1725 sf (to the outside) house that is designed around the traditional hogan concept of Southwestern native Americans. Log cabin living is extremely appealing to tourists, as it not only gives them the opportunity to experience a new way of living, in new and exciting surroundings, it also offers a comfortable retreat for them to relax and unwind.

Perfect for large families or group vacations, this spacious 5 room log cabin boasts 5 large bedroom areas that are all super comfortable and extremely spacious. This set is where you work out and sketch your own floor plan layout and make all the changes you want to make. Although a cabin certainly can be framed less stoutly than the design I’ll show you here, I’m convinced the wisest use of resources often means going beyond what’s merely good enough.

But, before you go any further, it’s important that you understand exactly what you want to get out of your log cabin. For seniors I find my minimum is one and a half bath,washer/dryer, dish washer and a nine foot minimum overhead space to keep from attracting Cabin Fever”. Featuring a stove, wood flooring throughout, and a spacious living area, this cabin is great for overnight stays or short visits. But that’s not all, this cabin even accommodates a dressing room and cloak room, so it’s great for hosting theatre performances or assemblies. We are not responsible for any costs or charges due to errors or omissions on these plans.

Smaller than the other designs, this compact cabin provides ample home comforts, that make it a safe and reliable cabin, perfect for accommodating guests – particularly children who love the idea of sleeping in bunk beds! Well now you can and this cabin design is perfect for places that have no power, septic and water connections. Our Post Top Diagram shows you how two 6-by-6s or log posts should be installed extending from the top corners of the side walls to provide support for the porch roof.

Note: Due to the wide variety of home plans available from various designers in the United States and Canada and varying local and regional building codes, does not guarantee the plans will meet building codes for all areas. Utilising traditional building methods, the art of constructing your very own log cabin requires implementing unique, artisan skills that call upon a whole host of natural materials. These design plans show an open plan space that features ample room for a bed, bathroom and closet space.