Basic Subwoofer Box Building Information

The Bottom Line: For less than $600, I’ve got two subs that extend to below 20 Hz and pump out SPLs in the low 120 dB (nearfield).I think they look better and sound louder than store-bought subs, even those that cost twice as including the power amp, you can build a first rate sub for about $200 US. Tuning a 16 litre enclosure to 50Hz needs a fairly long port if you are using 75mm tubing, and it physically won’t fit into the box. Vented boxes will usually expect the driver to have a somewhat lower Qts, and remember that Fs will need to also be fairly low since you cannot usually tune the box below that frequency. The Full Size Box Recommendation is for when a DD user’s system output takes priority over cargo capacity. I’ve written another guide on how to do that, so have a look through my related articles if you’ve found this one useful. Ive always found that its easier to work on the wood once the box is assembled.

Band pass subwoofer boxes will yield more bass than sealed and ported subwoofer boxes (especially at lower frequencies), but over a narrower frequency range. When designing a subwoofer enclosure, the first thing you need to do is measure the space you will be placing the box. However, you should note that a bandpass box should be specifically designed for your subwoofer(s). When these values are plugged into an enclosure design formula the resulting box size is 50% smaller than that for one of the same drivers in the same style box. This hides the carpets cut edge inside the box and allows a snug port fitment as the carpet takes up the slack.

Every subwoofer needs a certain amount of cubic volume within its enclosure in order to function properly. Built to blend in with the rest of your vehicle, subwoofer boxes for trucks are the easiest and least costly addition you can make with the biggest impact. The box will lose a little upper frequency response while adding extending the low frequencies. Seal the inside seams of the box and input plate with sealant to make sure the box has no air leaks.

They use our famous Titanic series components, and all of them offer a lot of subwoofer satisfaction for the money. Parts Express has specialized in supplying speakers and components to both hobbyist speaker builders and manufacturers for over 16 years. We offer hundreds of possible parts combinations, making the possibilities endless for building you the perfect subwoofer!

Front channel amplifiers: I wanted to avoid a separate power source for the front channel satellites, which could therefore be simple passive speaker boxes connected to speaker terminals on the subwoofer/decoder box. I have written another guide about how to use woodtools, so if you’re not too familiar with them then maybe have a look at that. In other words, it is used to tune the box to the desired frequency and for optimum performance.