Worthy French Rolling Pins

There are dozens of different styles of rolling pins on the market which can make choosing one difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. American potteries like Red Wing , established in 1870, continued to produce rolling pins well into the 20th century. This rolling pin is made of premium quality wood, which ensures that it is sturdy and enables years of reliable use. Like glass rolling pins, these could be filled with cold water to add weight to the pin and keep the dough from sticking. It has wooden handles and an easy-clean surface that keeps dough from clinging or sticking.

And even though the pin was less agile for rolling out round shapes, it was the most effective pin we tested for evenly rolling large surfaces such as an oval or rectangle of cookie dough, regardless of skill level. The JK Adams 19-inch Wooden Rolling Dowel isn’t as good for rolling rounds of pie crust, but its long dowel shape makes it easier to roll out a big sheet of cookie dough that is perfectly even.

Any wooden rolling pins need to be hand washed in warm soapy water, rinsed with cool water and then immediately dried thoroughly. There are specific things you can do to ensure that your rolling pins will stay in good condition and not be affected by bacteria or other problems. We wavered about recommending a $30 pin when one that costs $10-16 does the job just fine. Add flour if it gets sticky and keep rolling until your sheet of pasta is about 1/8-inch thick.

The Norpro measures 10” in length with a diameter of 2 ¾”. The handles are 4 ½” each providing plenty of room for a sturdy, secure grip when rolling. Rolling Pins may or may not have handles at each end for turning it. Some handles are on shafts, allowing them to stay in place while the pin rolls. I do a lot of baking and have used it multiple times, a great weight and doesn’t stick like traditional ones. Dust the work surface with semolina flour to prevent the rolled pasta from sticking.

Before you begin rolling, remove the bottle’s label, scrape off the sticky glue residue, and wash the outside to disinfect it. Or, for a quick fix, simply cover the bottle in saran wrap (although it should be noted, the saran wrap may leave tiny line indentations in the dough). Lay the second sheet of pasta on top, and press down between them to seal the sheets together and eliminate air in the pocket that contains the filling. It can be used to make cookies for different occasions like birthdays, holidays, and parties.

Plastic Rolling Pins – Plastic rolling pins come in small, medium, and large sizes and tend to be good choices for cake decorating. Top china potteries like Delft and Meissen made rolling pins long before they became popular, though. All you need to do is roll out your dough with a normal rolling pin, before using your engraved pin to add the desired pattern.

The nylon ball bearings in this rolling pin make rolling dough super easy and if you chill the rolling pin before use you’ll get even better results. It should be noted that some very skilled bakers, like Yossy Arefi of the blog Apartment 2B Baking Co, prefer a dowel pin. It is thought cast-iron rolling pins were used by candy makers, as they chilled unusually well. We found the Martha Stewart pin to be slightly more agile than the JK Adams or Target models, and we liked its eight-inch straight section compared to their seven inches (the full length was around 21 inches on all three), but can’t recommend it because the shipping cost doubles its price.

A few years ago I was watching a cooking show (I have no idea which one) and they talked about the benefits of a french style rolling pin. Some of them are hollow, so it could be filled with warm or cold water and do the rolling of specific kinds of dough more efficiently. We preferred the simplicity of this pin to an over-designed model from Joseph Joseph that had its own screw-on spacers. This hamentashen life hack has forever changed the way I will make my purim treats.

There are a few things to ask yourself and to consider when it comes to purchasing a rolling pin. The EKCO Wood Rolling Pin allows you to roll out dough in an easy way that gives it a good texture. While not as quick to pivot as a tapered pin when rolling out a circle, the JK Adams 19-inch flat section consistently flattened a large surface area evenly. Rolling pin manufacture generates byproducts when a length of dowel is not suitable for a rolling pin.

The assembler inserts rods and ball bearings in the bores through the rolling pins and adds nylon bushings that will keep the rods centered in the pins. I’ve never attempted homemade pasta of any kind, and I wanted to do something special for my husband and my first Christmas married. You might need to wipe out the egg bowl with a little of the flour to make sure you have all the egg if the mixture is too dry. The JK Adams pin is a little thicker and heavier (16 ounces) than the Martha Stewart or Target tapered pins (11 and 13 ounces, respectively).