Rubbing Out A High Gloss Finish

If the flaws in the wood aren’t sanded away, the finish that is applied will only highlight and expose any marks or scratches. Even though it’s oil based and contrary to what people say, you can paint latex paint over an oil based stain blocking primer. For this reason many cabinetmakers and craftsmen prefer to finish the smoothing by hand-sanding. There is also a lifetime member acess included in the package and you get these extras for no cost to you as they are free with no additional charges at all! The first step in protecting an old finish is to clean it with a mild furniture cleaner and a soft cloth.

I do this part dry because if you cut through to the MDF and get it wet it’s big problems. All require a large capacity compressor, paint booth, professional spray gun (HVLP suggested) and a respirator. Paste wax creates a hard, thin shell of protection over an original finish and is universally accepted as a preservative by antiques collectors and museum curators.

I have seen some people make their own versions of the pyramids out of scrap wood with nails nailed all the way through the back, which they then use to rest the project on the pointy part of the nails to hold the wet side up off the ground. If you want to stain your wood darker, you can apply a second coat of stain, wipe it off and look to see if you get the desired results. This will greatly increase its penetration into the wood surface, but you should still apply three coats of full-strength tung oil on top. You can mix General Finishes stains together to create custom wood tones or colors.

Be careful on vertical surfaces as it is very thin and you may get runs or spots if you are not used to using it. Do not be fooled by it’s apparent lack of body, one coat of sealer which is sandable after ten minutes will sand far smoother than one coat of varnish which sands after twenty four hours. Off to the paint store I went to find out what I needed to do. Gripping primer was the answer. This will leave the wood rough, but it takes away imperfections and finish faster.

Give your furniture two or three coats of paint depending on how dark the wood is underneath, and once it’s dry use a piece of sandpaper to distress the areas that would receive a lot of ‘traffic’, such as the corners and around drawer handles. Your mahogany woodworking project will benefit greatly if you fill the grain first, and you’ll notice the difference between a finish with the grain filled and one without the grain filled. Last summer we covered the extensive process we used to prepare the surface of our doors for paint.

Tinting may be accomplished by adding 2 oz of Wood Stain and 2 oz. of water to a pint of Top Coat (or 4 oz. of each to a quart). Something to be aware of – is if you burnish your Chalk Paint (we call this the Modern Look) that you may not be using Clear Wax on top. First I prepared the wood in my normal manner by sanding with coarse, medium and then fine paper.

They can also be used to overstain sealed wood which will give a very slight tint, remember to re seal the wood afterwards. My theory as to why this is the case is that Padauk’s colors (as well as many other exotics) are very much soluble in alcohol, and the solvent present in the shellac may actually be pulling some of the wood’s natural colors out of the wood surface and locking them into the lac resin. As soon as its has hardened (few hours depending on the amount) paint straight over it and as the paint dries, it will hold everything in place.

So as you can see, sanding the cabinets is about much more than just giving some tooth” to the cabinets so that the new finish will stick. If you’re looking for a strong general purpose water based varnish that can be used for almost any project, Manns Extra Tough Clear Varnish is certainly worth concideration. I decided to bite the bullet and attempt it with the ProClassic that you suggested in order to see if that may make a difference; sadly, I am getting the same results. So you start off of the wood and then make a pass and don’t let off the flow until you are off again. Anywhere that you’d like to show off the details of your wood projects with a new-car-paint level of shine.

Finally, using a soft cotton rag or polishing pad, buff the finish to a high shine using automotive paste wax, photo below right, which has fine abrasives that polish the finish even further. Agreed, wet sanding with an oil is a wonderful way to fill the grain and get a beautiful finish at the same time. This will ensure that you get the best possible result with your polyurethane floor finish.

If you are not using white, then you have to decide if one coat of primer is enough and then do more than one coat of your finish color. If you shop at Lowe’s their premium latex paint brand is Valspar At Home Depot, it’s Behr , which is what we used. The paint brush that you use will absolutely make a difference in the finish you get on your painted cabinets. The transfer of heat from the iron to the wood will cause compressed fibres in the dent to recover their original dimensions. Fillers offer a wide range of opportunities for altering the appearance of wood.

And a more experienced DIYer might like the finish provided by a spray gun (like Jenny at Little Green Notebook uses), but it’s a bit more unwieldy than a brush. To find out more about Old Masters’ line of wood finishing and care products, or to see their FREE online stain selector guide, click HERE ! NOTE: Refer to the General Finishes brochures or our tips listed above regarding Wood Stains, Milk Paint, and Glaze Effects for basic information on the application of General Finishes water-based products and the preparation of the wood before starting. If the table already has varnish on it then you can only really re apply another Varnish.

You’ll to sand your wood surface with multiple passes of coarse to fine grit sandpaper and then remove all dust with a vacuum and cloth. Remember, too, that you’ll need a space where the furniture can dry without being disturbed – a ‘keep out’ sign may come in handy! Some of the most dazzling and renowned wood finishes in the world have historically been from padding very thin coats of shellac onto the surface of the wood (a technique called French Polishing ) until an immaculately clear shine emerges. Now you have to make sure you didn’t roll any paint onto the adjacent edges of the part you just rolled.

But the more I think about this question, the more I realize that although there is no wrong” finish for a given wood species, there are definitely some finishes that seem to work better in certain situations than others. As for the paint itself, I’m not much of a paint guy.” I imagine giving the paint a few days to cure up would be adequate before applying your water-based topcoat.

Nothing is wrong” with Floetrol, I just haven’t personally seen much point in using it. There are other painters who swear by it and say it changed their life… I personally think it makes the paint more difficult to work with, especially when I’m using Sherwin Williams Cashmere. If working in high temperatures or low humidity, Wood Stains may be thinned with 10-20% water or General Finishes Extender (3 to 6 oz. per quart) to improve open time for application. Hmm….depends on what server you play on. 🙂 We don’t get much time to play these days but look me up if you’re even on the Earthen Ring server Horde side.

A good tip I have for painting around outlets, switches, anything attached to walls, if you can’t be bothered to remove them, is to loosen whatever screws are holding the thing up/in a half to a full turn… it gives just enough leeway to slide a small paintbrush underneath the edges and gives a flawless finish without removing them! If the polyurethane finish does not dry to touch overnight or within a 12-16hr period.