“1 Shot” At Achieving The Perfect High Gloss Enamel Paint Finish

One of the biggest challenges woodworkers face is getting a nice smooth blemish-free finish. I’m considering, instead of using wood primer, doing a first coat of paint thinned with 3 parts boiled linseed oil for good penetration, then a second coat with less oil, and a top coat of straight paint. I also ask this because my bathroom cabinets look as if they may have two to three layers of paint on them already and I also question if I strip or paint over those as well.

We used a semi-gloss paint and roughed in all these areas and painted the legs too. Use a putty knife to skim-coat the door with compound, working it into the wood grain. Now, if there is any bleeding it will be the same color as the underlying paint. Eggshell and satin paints contain a slight sheen and a luxurious finish, making furniture appear moisturized and rich without a mirror-like effect. Places that sell paint for cars (not Pep-Boys) but paints by the pints and quarts, etc. Make sure you prime it first and also that the paint you are using specifically says that it can be used for metal!

When painting, try to paint in a room that does not have a lot of traffic in it. Close the door after you paint to keep airborne stuff out. It sounds like it might be quite a time investment if each surface needs to dry horizontally, but in this case the end would probably justify the means – especially if the paint can hold up to sharing a household with my sons. I tried covering up some of the worst of it with a large piece of wallpaper, but all around the edges, there is that icky red bleeding into the white: I then tried perking it up with some decals, which did look very cute, but the next day I look at it and the decals have curled up and off of the wood.

This is why when you paint furniture with oil paint, not only do you not need to use a primer, you don’t have to worry about what is on the furniture currently. It may look stripey initially, but those will be covered as you add more paint. In the world of paint and deck/trim finishes there are lots of products on the market and mixes from the paint store that I don’t know much about and they often use terms to mask what’s actually in the product.

My take is that paint getting hot and discoloring is a very common thing which poses very little safety hazard. Which leads me to my problem with spray painting: If I open the garage door to increase ventilation, I get these prevailing winds blowing leaf litter everywhere. The way we see it, high-gloss paint is indeed very slick, but semi-gloss isn’t far off. TRY THIS… paint the sides and front of the stove with regular spray paint to the color you desire. If you paint over the other color do light coats so you dont wrinkle and bubble!

It is crucial that the surface be prepared and cleaned thoroughly prior to applying the primer and that any old paint be removed. The paint was called 1 Shot , so I relied on my trusty friend and colleague, Google, for some fact finding. And yet another reason why larger pieces of furniture with flat surfaces don’t necessarily look better when spray painted.