Video How To Make A Homemade Rabbit Snare 3GP, MP4, FLV

Setting a rabbit snare is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to trap a rabbit. The final method we use is the hoop snare basically a 2.5mm hi-tensile wire bent into the shape of a loose U shape, i make mine just over 5 feet long and bend the wire into a U shape then attach a snare on to the side of the hoop straddle the run and push the two legs of the hoop into the ground untill you get your setting height, this snare works well in light sandy soils where a peg would not hold.

This can be done by sliding the loop up and down the locking pin, the closer the loop is to the hinge the more sensitive it will be. If that technique isnt feasable the other option is to fix the string to the cage at different places this will work in the opposite fashion, the further from the hinge joining the cage to floor plate the string is tied, the more sensitive.

Now i’ll explain what happens, The trap is triggered by pressure on the bait plate, this pulls the wire back releasing it from behind the metal plate, because of the weight tied to the string on the pulley the whole base plate swings around 360 degrees dropping the bird into the cage, the weight of the locking pin combined with the inertia of the bait plate push the pin back out and it catches on the metal plate ready to be triggered again.

Good luck,experiment a bit with hoop size,camparitable to your average rabbit size.A loop pulled tight indicates the hoop was too large ,allowing the rabbit to slip through the snare.A loop pushed away, indicates too small of loop,and or,the snare not positioned center of trail,or loop to far off the ground.I hope I didn’t make snaring sound difficult,but rather these tips will persuade you to give snaring a go.

Basic snare – The basic snare is simply a wire noose suspended in the path of an animal such as a rabbit run or a hole in a fence, as the animal tries to push its way through the noose tightens and as it struggles it tightens more strangling or smothering the animal, a large fishing swivel is placed within the snare line so that the wire will not twist off.

A wooden box trap and a wire mesh trap will ensure that the animal remains unharmed when trying to catch it. The wooden box trap is easy to make at home and consists of a box with the door rigged to fall once the rabbit has entered it. Bait it with a carrot or lettuce to entice it to come in. Wire mesh traps resemble crates use to contain dogs and can be found at any pet store.