Rabbit Behaviour

When screwing two pieces of wood together, drill through the top bit to avoid splitting. Knowing that Run Rabbit Run 100mi course-record holder, Jason Schlarb, was in the mix again this year—along with so many other talented runners—I expected the folks on the front would go out pretty hard. The top photo above (black and white female) shows a rabbit that was seriously overweight in the recent past and although she lost a lot of the excess weight, the size of the dewlap did not reduce and she needed a dewlap reduction operation which was carried out by the vet to resolve the problem. The rabbit version would need to be bigger of course to allow them to go through safely.

The easiest way to leave a door on your hutch is to use an aviary panel with a door already installed. Extra doors can be purchased and added to the rabbit run in various positions too. The rabbit will usually finish the food quickly and then will graze on green vegetables and hay for the rest of the day. A large run allows you to give the rabbits a variety of toys, and you can alter them to keep them interested and occupied.

Understandably, owners don’t like to think that their rabbit is unhappy, so it’s hard to accept that they may be lonely, and we hear many justifications from owners about their rabbit being happy alone, such as ‘he eats, he must be happy’. Shelter, protection and security can all be provided by good rabbit shelter, but did you know you can also give your rabbits protection from, flies and bugs using a different kind of multipurpose shelter. Just make sure that anything you don’t want chewed is out of there and it is sealed so they cant get out and property ventilated. A run should be attached to the door frame so the rabbits can come outside as well.

After much development by introducing other rabbit breeds into the line, the problems with thin fur due to interbreeding were rectified, resulting in the beautiful fur that we know today (8). This can be done when mum is out of the hutch in her run, and if you leave her out for at least an hour afterwards she won’t even know you have had a peek. The actual amount an individual rabbit will drink on a daily basis depends on various factors such as weather conditions, temperature, diet, social grouping, accommodation, activity levels, and general health and hormonal status.

It is still likely to have started due to the skin being damp and warm, but once it has started it can then spread around the mouth and chin as well, transferred there when the rabbit is either cleaning itself or when it is consuming caecotrophs. The run is on gravel and is dig proof, but rabbits do need to dig so there is a digging pot in there, and an old hanging basket full of hay acting as a large hayrack, as well as a selection of toys. The run should be attached to the hutch to make certain that the rabbits get exercise.

When a rabbit is held against his or her will, and they realize that struggling is futile, they will heave a sigh or two and relax. Medical problems : If your rabbit usually has good litter box habits, a sudden irregularity in urination may be a sign of a threatening medical condition. If your rabbit isn’t used to digging, start off with just a shallow layer with food ‘planted’ in the soil. The build-up to Run Rabbit Run 100 was so busy , there wasn’t much time to get nervous.

If the rabbit only makes the noise when handled, it is probably a good idea to cut back the handling to an absolutely minimum if no improvement is found within a couple of weeks. There are some important factors and procedures to consider when cleaning out a rabbit house or hutch. Hanging baskets (the type sold at garden centres) make great hay racks because they are cheap and hold lots more hay than purpose-built rabbit hay racks. There’s a small lifting flap on the run so they can have access to the garden when we are at home.

The photo below shows the position a rabbit needs to get into to be able to wash itself, this position being impossible for a rabbit with an enlarged dewlap. Although I am not in favour of these blocks in general, in cases such they can be very helpful in persuading the rabbit to turn his or her attention towards the blocks when the urge to groom excessively occurs. First thing you need is a blueprint for making a hutch to know how to build it, below we have listed 10 best free DIY (do-it-yourself) rabbit hutch designs and plans. Never force your rabbit to play with you – they will let you know when they’ve had enough!

I bought a run online (6ft length by 4ft width by 2ft high) for about £60 and found it to be quite small to have more than 2 rabbits in. So I decided to look at different options of how to make a rabbit run that is strong, can’t be lifted/knocked by dogs but is big enough and cheap enough to have. You must inspect every room for wires and other things that are dangerous to your rabbit.

So a 6ft hutch allows the bunnies to shelter, move about, and eat their hay and food, stretch out and be comfortable when they choose to be in their hutch. This flat cardboard box is good for making lots of noise, as a tunnel, as something to shred and also something they can dig in so It makes a perfect adventure playground for them. If you live in the northern suburbs, the Para Hills Vet Clinic is very experienced and does all bunnies from SA Rabbit Rescue. Unfortunately, these crates on legs are still being sold on the Internet and in pet shops, so lets show potential new rabbit owners that there is another way!

If the rabbit is over 4 years old and the dental disease is not too serious, it may be possible to keep it in check with regular tooth burring by the vet, but this is not always an appropriate course of action. The Hi-Rise version allows you to literally walk straight in. You can then spend more time hopping about with your pet rabbits, tidying the run and topping up their hay rack and water bottle, all with the greatest of ease. Victoria suggests that the tablet be crumbled in a little bit of water, and then given to the rabbit by mouth via a syringe.

To determine what your rabbit is telling you, look at the rabbits eyes (are they wide open, or closed as if relaxed) and the rabbits body language (hunched and uncomfortable looking, or relaxed and calm). Adhesive is now used to seal the incision instead of the old fashioned method using external stitches, which were frequently chewed by the rabbit with often fatal results.

Once we explain about spaying or neutering and the proper setup some people are open to trying it. We get calls of thanks and stories of how the rabbit is now enjoying life with them and has no more aggression. Pre-drill the holes to prevent the wood from splitting, and check that all the corners are straight and properly aligned. The hi-rise rabbit enclosure is high enough for you to stand in, with lots of room to sit and play with your pets. It should also be tall enough for the rabbit to be able to stand on its hind legs.