Used Craftsman Cordless Drill For Sale

By using this website, you accept the use of cookies , that in turn allows us to give you personalised services and content. It’s easy to operate by righties or lefties, and with a little practice, you can change speeds with the same hand that’s gripping the drill. I chucked up a not-too-sharp 1″ Forstner bit (remember, this is the real world) and set the drill to its highest gear/speed range and disengaged its clutch. The Craftsman comes with one battery and a nicely-designed charger with a built-in fan that will extend battery life. This drill is incredibly lightweight, easy to use and it drives fasteners with no problem.

Now, if you must get cordless tools, and get higher end ones, then keep in mind the following. I attempt to drive these from time to time with my traditional cordless drill, and it doesn’t like it much (in fact, it can’t finish the job). One of the key factors in selecting a cordless drill, or any cordless power tool is how long it will last on a single battery.

But with Craftsman boasting that the C3 lineup has 30+ tools, it is unlikely that they will eliminate any models without a strong incentive. FWIW, Just received a Sears Hometown Sales Circular in our local paper today…sale through 03/11 on their 19.2V Lithium Drill/Driver Set, (1) battery and charger for $59.99 (00945200)…Craftsman site shows it on sale for $69.99 but with free shipping.

Not needing the extra torque, I’ve been looking at the Ryobi Combo kits to replace my almost-dead Ryobi 14.4v drill and I’ve noticed something interesting about the pricing. I am back to using old NiCD that I restored but I would like the Lithium set up I bought to work! One of the two original Ni-Cads no longer takes a charge, but the other still works after 8 years! Most cordless tool kits include a drill, reciprocating saw, and circular saw for $300 to $500.

And through all this the batteries have held up great, and the drill has never been serviced or taken apart for that matter. I decided on 12V models rather than their 18V big brothers, because 12V delivers plenty of torque for woodworking and most DIY projects, and they are lighter and less expensive. I have a 13.2 volt Craftsman (not this model), and I would trade it for my brother’s 12 volt model because his torque and rpm numbers are better. The set also includes a huge, soft-sided bag that holds the drill, batteries, the charger and still has room for tons of extra gear.

The original drill is starting to show it’s age but still drives it home.” I would call my usage of tools Semi-Pro,” I don’t use my cordless tools all day everyday like tradesmen but I do use them much more than the average DIYer (I think). They also require special hex-shank bits for drilling holes, and have been slower than most cordless drills in their drilling mode. The new XCP battery you buy today will fit in the 19.2 drill you bought 5 years ago.

In the first test, I wanted to see how much maximum torque each drill could deliver, so I drilled a series of 1″-diameter holes through seasoned lumber — the kind of job you face when running new electrical circuits into a family room. For my second test, I checked how much run time each drill/driver could deliver on a single battery charge. You can drive Philips head screws and never strip it out like I have tendency to do with a conventional drill driver. Although I prefer building fine furniture with nearly invisible fasteners, I find myself driving long sheet rock screws on many projects in the shop, and that’s what the impact driver does best.

All the drills in this test, except the Craftsman model, are lean and compact and roughly the same size. Made in Germany, the Metabo is an unusual European drill closest to the Festool in its overall design approach. I would hope the C3 regular cordless drill would make it through one DIY project before the clutch broke on the drill…. With the introduction of the high capacity XCP batteries it’s time to review the entire line.

My Make: review of a Kobalt precision screwdriver set is a great example of this. I am one of those neighbors whose life has been turned into a living hell because of my neighbor’s love affair with his impact driver. Note that the circular saw is only 5 1/2”, so cutting 2×4 at an angle may require something bigger. This drill is part of Craftsman’s C3 line of cordless power tools that feature a 19.2V Diehard battery. The Sears web site no longer lists the Craftsman C3 19.2 volt Lithium-Ion Battery Pack & Charger (item #033287141609).

The fuel gauge shows you how much power you’ve got left—great for not getting stuck in the middle of driving that crucial screw—a feature few cordless drills offer, unless you move up to the $300-$400 pro models. Because the DS18DBL also has a two-speed mechanical gearbox, that means that the drill offers eight different speed ranges. Some models have a second, side handle so that you can hold the drill with two hands, which is helpful for counteracting twisting force when tightening or loosening. I bought a Porter Cable combo kit, which had the drill/driver and the impact wrench.