How To Make Your Own Jewellery Box

Jewellery boxes are practical, but they can also be an interesting accessory in a room, and they make great gifts. Coolest thing is that all you need are 2 pieces of pretty (and THICK!) scrapbook paper (one for the lid, one for the base), and some basic supplies, and anyone can make it! This includes building a wooden box from scratch, decoupaging a box, and making one that plays music. Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizers – Find out how you can make a unique jewelry box or desk organizer using an egg carton and decoupage techniques. Jewellery boxes can be made from a variety of different materials, including cardboard, wood, and resin.

Gemstone Jewelry Box Projects – Try this gemstone jewerly box project and keep your jewelry in a dazzling box decorated with gems that match the colors of your room. Ladybug Treasure Holders : How to Make Easy Jewelry Boxes Instructions for Kids – Instructions for making a ladybug using a tuna can. Cigar boxes are also a good option for small jewellery boxes, as many of them are made from quality wood. A truly ambitious and creative woman might want to make a jewellery box from scratch out of wood. Combine your origami box and cover and you have your very own origami box with cover!

It is generally more complicated to make a jewellery box out of wood, but it can also be very sophisticated. How to Make Paper Jewelry Boxes – You don’t need to spend a lot of money on designer jewelry boxes when you can make your own paper jewelry boxes for kids. You can make thios cool paper craft as a part of your Do It Yourself Craft Projects at home! The main thing to remember is that all sides do not have to be equal, but opposite sides on a box always have to be equal. You could even give it to your mum or older sister so they can use it as a jewellery box.

Young girls who love animals may adore a jewellery box with decoupage animal photos or stencilled animals on top. Brush this onto the drawers and quickly wipe it off with paper towel, before it dries, leaving the paint in the crevices and brush marks. I worked with two kinds of 12″ x 12″ paper: very thin scrapbook paper (akin to printer paper in thickness) as well as heavier specialty paper closer to cardstock thickness (approx. You can always find jewellery boxes for sale on eBay that can be embellished and tweaked with your own personal touches, or you can look for the supplies to make your own jewellery box from start to finish.

At this point, you’ll release the little flap, which is just for creasing the sides/corners of your box. You can also cover your boxes in fabric, gift paper, or use metallic or even plastic cardboard (acetate). Using a little more paint than necessary will soften the edges of the lid and make it appear more dish than lid. With all the options that are available, a woman does not actually have to make the box itself unless she enjoys making boxes. Get the kids to join in and make their own secret boxes, or perhaps whip up a few and hand them out as gifts to close friends and family members!

I just made a little box (using your printable template) for a piece of handmade jewelry I made for Mor Mor for Mother’s day! There are numerous design options for a woman who wants to decorate her own jewellery box, but sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas to get started. A woman also has to consider what kinds of materials she wants to use to make the jewellery box. Just make sure the pait is completely dry before you take it to corrosive paints can harm your favourite jewellery. Or you can start with a larger sheet of paper to to maker a larger box for larger items. If she has many pieces of jewellery, then she should probably go for a large box.

Collaged Storage Box Craft : Box Crafts Actvities for Children This collaged storage box craft has got it all – glitter and embellishments, photos of your kids’ favorite things, and their favorite shapes and colors. Well, grab some craft sticks and glue because we’re putting you to work at making this fun jewelry box that doubles as a cherished keepsake.

Jewellery boxes can be made from a variety of different materials, including wood, leather, cardboard, and resin. Jewellery boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and it is important to think about a woman’s needs before deciding on the size and shape of a box. As an alternative to nailing the box together, wood glue can be used to connect the pieces because it does not leave any marks. If a woman is making a jewellery box for a little girl, she can take the opportunity to make it girly and fun.

When my mum passed away I found a lace and pipecleaner butterfly I had made for her about 35 years before in her jewellery box. Paste a stud in the front flap and paste a loop made of decorative string for locking the box. Step 2: Now take the Ice Cream Sticks and Paste them on the Stencil Cardboards. One of the first things to consider when making a jewellery box is its purpose. Decoupage can be used with boxes that are wood, as well as boxes made from cardboard or other materials.

Because as much as I love the little blue satchels, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some DIY paper boxes…and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! So I got a little creative and decided to make a bunch of these little gift box tops and glue them together to make a DIY drawer organizer! For the lid I used a matzoh covered in fondant and used an impression mat around the cake and lid. There are many creative things a woman can do when making her own jewellery box. Due to all the choices, a woman may be tempted to use a little bit of everything, but she should resist this urge, or the box may end up looking too cluttered.

Betty Bee Towers is a lovely but very small mid-Victorian terrace and I really struggle for storage space so this project has been a great starting point to help tackle my out-of-control jewellery collection. You can just print (with the printed lines on the inside of the box) and cut it out with a pair of scissors. First, the box has to be cleaned, and then the photos can be arranged on the box until the best layout is found.

Jewellery boxes that play music are very popular, and adding a music box to a homemade jewellery box is relatively easy to do. A music player can be purchased and inserted into a box that has already been decorated. The final step involves applying a layer of varnish or watered down glue that covers the entire surface of the photos and the box. I always enjoy making things from paper and we planned to make a jewellery box. This is also a great way for a woman to get a jewellery box that plays a song she loves.

To make the bottom of the box, you’ll do all the same steps, but THIS time, you’ll first need to trim two sides 1/8″ so that it will be slightly smaller and will fit snugly under the top box. It is possible to get very creative when decorating a jewellery box, which is why it is so much fun to make one. We have different and even seasonal designs, and a deluxe version with metallic red cardboard (see Figure 1). Almost anything can be used to decorate a jewellery box, including beads, paint, fabric, and paper. Jewellery boxes are made from many different types of materials, especially wood and cardboard.

Most supplies that would be used to make a jewellery box can be found in craft and hobby stores and discount stores. How to Make Jewelry Boxes From Cigar Boxes – Dress up an empty cigar box to create a personalized jewelry box to give or keep. You can definitely continue adding more paint while everything is still wet, if you find you haven’t added enough to make it all the way around.