Do I Need A Card Box?

Keep well wishes and gift cards secure with a decorative card box at your wedding reception. Yes, a piece of jewelry is always appreciated (particularly when it’s not made of breakfast foods), but what truly makes a memorable gift for Mom is the knowledge that you, her sweet child, were thinking of her the whole time. New dress, new shoes, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding gift, and a couple times, travel expenses. We had a number that looked like they had been regifted for generations and we couldn’t even figure out how to get store credit for them if we wanted to. We also had one person come to the wedding who never even gave a gift, and we still talk about him to this day.

Of course, their antique-looking wares might cost an arm and a leg, so instead of going for the re-creation, choose an actual antique for a wedding present. Create a photo scrapbook chronicling the happy couple’s life together before the wedding day. When you stack the boxes with the smallest box with the slot on top, you should be able to drop a card into the slot and have it fall all the way through all the boxes into the bottom box. For a terrarium box, place a layer of moss and one or two plants inside the box.

Top Wedding Sites, is the Internet’s first directory of the top ranked wedding sites, voted on by brides, grooms and others interested in hosting a wedding. With a pretty piece of wrapping paper, a ribbon, and a bow or two, you can create an eye-catching gift that will stand out from the rest, and delight the recipient! This card box can be customized to any theme and is not only great for weddings – it would be a wonderful addition to a milestone birthday or anniversary party! Prove that you know the couple’s love will stand the test of time by bringing this inexpensive and impressive gift.

Giving the gift of a monogrammed hand towels or wash cloths can be a nice reminder of the couples’ union — and the bride’s new last name. I have friends who got married a few years ago and set up a really tiny wedding gift registry, since they lived in a studio in NYC and didn’t have room for many household goods. Now, if you’ve decided you want to make a cardbox, of course we have no shortage of inspiration And we’re guessing readers will have even more in the comments!

Instead of sticking with age-old wedding practices, today’s family and friends are choosing equally-modern ideas—many of which emphasize memories, inside jokes, and lasting relationships. I added an addendum to the card on lined paper explaining that there is a one year allowance on gifts according to my buddy J. A vintage suitcase plastered with NYC iconography was a memorable highlight from a wedding reception with a view of the Manhattan skyline. Or, like mentioned above, add a Netflix movie code and a $5 gift card to Dominos or Pizza Hut.