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Rob Johnstone: Most modern kitchen cabinets are constructed so that a 1-1/2″ countertop will put the work surface right at 36″ from the floor. I use antimicrobrial plastic cutting boards — separate ones for different foods — and only use wood cutting boards to serve cheese. To begin exploring your countertop installation options, call The Home Depot to schedule an appointment today. If you were wondering if butcher block is reversible, I can’t attest to all butcher block, but I can say that our pieces were not. Typically, you can make a template for the sink by clamping plywood (with a rough-cut sink opening) to the top of the sink (after duct-taping the sink to protect the surface) and then routering out the hole.

We then flipped the countertop back over so the weight of the sink would help the silicone adhere properly. It was a lot of work but we used less than half our countertop budget and were able to put the money saved towards splurges like a counter depth refrigerator and double ovens. Use some wood putty and your sawdust to fill in where two pieces meet up. We decided to not do the mitered 45 degree angle, mainly because I like the look of it where it meets straight on, and also because it’s way easier to install without the angle cut! This type of butcher block keeps costs down due to the short wood pieces that can be used.

I also know some of the pieces are not maple, and not actually solid wood either, but plywood. If one does not allow for this movement, one will most likely end up with cracks and or checks in the solid wood surface. I know you loved it for the kitchen island which almost has me convinced to make the exchange, but then I saw in a comment you mentioned oily papers from the mineral oil. Once sanding is complete a router may be used to put a decorative edge on the countertop.

So I used five coats of the well-reviewed Waterlox sealer and will make sure I’m maintaining the finish as time goes on, reapplying oil twice a year. I will have to make sure I check the seam from time to time, though, to make sure the silicone is in good shape. The remaining 3 feet will be cut down to size later and used as a countertop in the linen storage area.

I know I keep repeating this, but we hope to totally redo this kitchen for real sometime down the line, so I didn’t really want to invest that much time and money in fancy countertops that——more likely than not——won’t get reused in a future renovation. Butcherblock countertop costs vary based on the style, method of construction, type of wood used and whether they’re custom made. Ikea has fairly inexpensive butcher block that seems to be well loved by those who use it, according to some Internet sleuthing. I want to check to see if there’s a way I can make your reading experience better.

Having sealed butcher block and learned from my own mistakes, may I suggest that you seal your wood with one coat before you assemble, then seal again 2-3 coats on the bottom and top and sides and ends… Before you put it in place! There are a number of products you can use to seal butcher block, such as Waterlox , Good Stuff , and General Finishes Enduro-Var sealer. I just ordered countertops from (they are west coast, so price with shipping to decide if it’s a good deal).

Naomi uses this on a small side cabinet, but it could work for larger surfaces, too: kitchen countertops or even a dining table. Solid surface countertops can also offer cost-conscious options while still providing a stylish appearance that can mirror the look of more expensive surfaces. If you’ve found a wonderful old butcher block at a yard sale, or if yours has suffered a lot of wear and tear, you may want to restore the surface before sealing. The counters featured in the image above cost just $40 to make but there was a lot of elbow grease required. Plus, we eat directly off the countertop to keep our family regular, if you know what I mean.

The hexagonal shapes make alignment and clamping difficult, the sheer size and weight of the assembly makes shifting individual pieces tough, and the limited open time of the glue meant I had to work quickly to get it all together. Those darker counter tops that you admire are made with darker woods, not light woods that have been stained. From an aesthetics point of view an edge grain countertop can make for a very beautiful and interesting visual part of the kitchen. There are many different suppliers of butcher block countertops across the nation.

The closest IKEA is a little over an hour away, and I have a tiny car, so it would have required a car rental…and a headache…and tears…and all of a sudden butcher block felt a little out of range. When you use butcher block as a countertop that will be exposed to more water (around a sink and dishwasher) and heat (the oven and stove), it needs to be protected differently.

I have never bought any IKEA cabinets, so I cannot speak about those, but we LOVE our butcher block countertops! This solution really came about as a desire to save some money and because when we totally redo the kitchen, I’m guessing we’ll change the layout and wouldn’t be able to reuse our countertops. For helpful tips & instructions; Please go to our web site through the Flooring 101 web pages for easy installation, Type in -Butcher Block -. While the tumbling-block pattern tabletop looks great, it can be quite challenging to build.

Angie – We have a small cutting board that we place on top of the countertop to cut on. So, no, we don’t cut directly on top of the butcher block. On the other hand if you simply like the look of butcherblock but don’t intend cut or prepare food on it then you should choose a countertop with a protective non-permeable finish. Protect the surface of your butcher block by applying a coat of Williamsburg’s food grade mineral oil monthly or as often as needed.