DIY Address Plaque

The Designer’s Choice Roman Do-It-Yourself address plaque kit gives you everything you need to identify your home in a classic and sophisticated way. I’m always on the hunt for good looking house numbers and would’ve never thought to look at Lowe’s – thanks for the tip! Decorative plaques provide a fun accent outdoors at theme-inspired parties, and a lawn plaque can be staked anywhere in your front lawn for ideal visibility. If you’re not into plants, no problem; don’t add the hook and you’ll end up with the most distinctive address post in the neighborhood. Urban Mettle from Etsy has this stunning address plaque that doubles as a planter for your succulents. The QualArc Edgewood Classic Lighted Address Plaque showcases 4-inch numbers and comes in a black polymer frame.

We have received so many compliments from neighbors, friends and family about our address plaque and are so happy to hear that other people love it just as much as us! You’ll be welcoming your guests in enduring style no matter which of our attractive address plaques you select. Address Lights allow your house number to be seen at all times, even in complete darkness.

Simple wooden letters turn into eye-catching design when painted to mimic a sunny front door. In addition to the unfinished signs and plaques shown in the Uncoated Category, any sign or plaque in entire line-up is available to the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. We already had some leftover black Tremclad outdoor paint that would work well to protect the wood from the elements. Prime the wood, then paint it using a couple coats of black paint (or whatever color matches your house). My plan was to use wooden shims & various other lengths/widths of wooden sticks I have laying around to really add some depth & variation to the star burst.

Still, wanting to keep things under control, budget-wise, I figured I’d just buy a simple wooden plaque from the craft store and paint it myself using the paints we already have on hand. But through all seasons, I think that house numbers over flowers were the right move for us. The pizza guy doesn’t have to second guess he’s at the right house and the numbers also give a nice preview of the color scheme and style you can expect to find inside. Hammer your finishing nails through the plaque between the inner and the outer lines that you traced.

I would, of course, use nicer numbers & a really nice piece of wood for the background. An illuminated wall address plaque will help family and friends find your home after nightfall, while a commemorative plaque honors an anniversary, or the passing of a family member. Assorted Screws – Used for joining the wooden pieces that hold the tiles in place to the plywood backer board. Actually there is no limit to what you can do when you begin your home improvement project with Atlas Signs and Plaques.

We have small gold house numbers against the siding right by our front door which have always been hard to see. Once I’d cut all the numbers, I carefully taped the stencil to my plaque & started the painting process. I used the flat side as the back and the routered side as the front, but you can use your plaque any way you wish! Super Bright illuminated LED address numbers are recognized nationally as the standard for clearly visible address numbers, night and day. Please don’t tell Linda, but I made it entirely out of scrap wood I had in my shop!

Unfinished wood plaques are available at craft and hobby stores and come in a large range of sizes. I arranged them on the plaque and used the painter’s tape to make sure they were fairly level. This address plaque is a bit different than others, as it is not only rectangular but also oriented vertically! This will ensure that when you imprint it onto the wood it will show up correctly.

This DIY address plaque doubles as a planter, but it could also hold sea shells, river rocks, or decorations during the holidays – the options are endless. The worn plaque gives a sense of comfort and is a nice alternative to the shiny chrome numbers in some of these photos. This new plaque didn’t have anything on the back at all, so I bought these hangers from Joann. The unique reflective surface enhances the visibility of your address number in the dark. Then I downloaded it (it really was free!), typed out our house number, enlarged it to fit the dimensions of my plaque and hit print.

After I glued the bottom and top of the word down gently so you don’t tear the moist paper or smear the ink I sprayed the entire plaque with a spray clear paint for a sealant since it will be out in the weather. First, you will need to find some old wood pieces that you probably have a lot of that are only collecting dust and taking up valuable space. Dry fit your house numbers to the board prior to screwing them in place, being sure they are centered correctly, then fasten on with screws provided with the numbers.

Bold and beautiful describes this monogram house number project The fact that it’s also low budget makes it a DIY’ers dream. The Designer’s Choice Classic Black Do-It-Yourself address plaque kit gives you everything you need to identify your home in a classic and sophisticated way. You can also stain your plaque or paint it with a brush, but I found spray-painting it to be the easiest. Finally, we screwed in some metal eyelets into the wood to attach it to our mailbox, hanging from chains.

Place your address numbers on the plaque where desired and drill holes into your board. There was bound to be a little seepage of the paint in areas where the wood (pine) was knotted, because the tape simply couldn’t affix flatly enough to prevent all seepage. This realization flushed my spray painting plan down the loo, since I couldn’t very well spray paint the numbers without taking them off the wood. Lastly, I had my hubs climb on a ladder, center the plaque and use 2 large screws to hold the plaque in place. If you’d like, you can now spray-paint your address plaque and planting box with outdoor paint.