Hidden Pivot Bookcase Installation

Whether inspired by James Bond, Anne Frank or Scooby-Doo, it seems many people long for a secret/hidden bookcase door. First, choose a location for your bookcase and determine the size that best fits your needs. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to build a bookcase is probably not to buy a plan at all. You probably can’t find a house without a wall outlet and they aren’t always being used. A designer spearheaded the aesthetic direction and had the technical expertise to assess the wall structure. If you don’t have as much room, you can try out this bookcase door with book lever.

Then I covered the tops of the shelves with the same self-adhesive contact paper that I used on my craft room desk This was so easy and saved me a lot of time because I didn’t bother painting them first. It’s sometimes difficult to say goodbye to a beloved piece of furniture—no matter how weathered—so skip the fond farewell by refurbishing an old but cherished bookcase. I tackled it a little different as the opening bookcase had to be undetectable.

A home office is the perfect place for built-in bookshelves, particularly when they’re paired with built-in desks like in this room makeover by Linda of Home is Where My Heart Is The new configuration fits a ton of function into the space despite only taking up one wall. That way, I have comfortable control over the door while backing out the set screw and retracting the top spindle. The back slats are shiplapped so they can overlap one another as they go across the back of the bookcase.

He also assists his father, Vernon Mayer, in his woodworking business Vern’s Wood Goods where they build serving trays, cutting boards, kitchen utensils and other fine crafts. Buying bookshelves like the ones we were looking at are expensive, but going the DIY route will definitely save you money and make you feel such pride in your home. If you’d prefer to a sleeker look, use veneer banding instead of molding to cover the plywood edges.

You can build this built-in bookcase by following our clear drawings and step-by-step photos, or use these techniques to modify the dimensions for your own space. One detail that gives this bookcase a truly classic” feel is the burl veneer glued to the upper stretcher that runs across the front of the piece. But the image isn’t really important-you simply need to subtract 1/4″ from each side of the jamb opening/door opening-which means you build the case 1/2″ smaller than the door opening.

The Home Depot will cut plywood for you (sometimes they charge a small fee per cut), so don’t worry if putting full sheets of plywood in your car is an issue. Glue, clamp and nail 3-inch hardwood pieces to the sides, top and bottom around the perimeter of the bookcase. Most hinges are pretty easy to install if you think through the process, make templates, and do some test mockups to be sure your mortises are correct. Of all the pieces you build I’ve never heard/read a mention of finishing the pieces with a polyurethane. I think that’s exactly what I did-used a classical head or entablature to hide the gap between the top of the bookcase and the head casing.

I have a space of 18-24″ between my fridge and a wall that will be either a bookcase for cookbooks or a broom closet. You can see the framed basement pole in the right of this picture, I went for a similar look on the other side of the bookcase. It’s easy to position the door directly under the spindle, then run the set screw back in, pinning the door into place.

I am in Johannesburg and need professional assistance in specifying the correct pivot mechanism to hold the bookcase. Laura wanted the bookcase to look like it had always been there and have that built-in” appearance so we had the challenge of matching the existing base board and crown molding. Then I realized I had a ton of leftover wood scraps from past projects, so I could just build something!

While books generally fit on 8- to 9-in.-deep shelves, I prefer deeper bookcases, so I ripped the plywood to a width of 11 7/8 in. So I decided to take a closer look at the basic construction of this kind of furniture, and develop an easy-to-follow guide for designing my own bookcase. Cut the plywood to the right length, but cut the planks 2 cm narrower than their finished width. Using a nail gun to attach the wooden frames together to construct the bookcase in the furniture project. I’ve put together a list of do-it-yourself articles on how to build a secret bookcase door. DIY built in bookshelves are no matter of joke, as they require considerable knowledge in woodworking, apart from a lot of time.

Although the latter is more work, it does let you use the bookcase as a room divider because the project looks good even from behind. Here at Designs by Studio C, I offer DIY projects, how-to information, and furniture plans. I outlined my case area on the wall with painter’s tape, a T-square and a pencil. I built my bookcases out of MDF because, at that time, MDF was much less expensive than plywood.

Learning how to build a simple bookcase is a terrific exercise in basic woodworking. The shim is more a precautionary measure to extend the life of the door and hinges. I just learn things by doing, and because I don’t always have the proper tools I just figure things out as I go. I’m one of those people who finds it difficult to pay someone to do something that I think I can do myself… and I like the feeling of accomplishment that DIY brings.

We ripped all of the plywood parts to width using a table saw with the templates as a guide. Use an oscillating tool to slice through nails on the inside wall and remove the studs. Now decide how many adjustable shelves you want above and below the fixed shelf, and utilizing a shelf pin jig , go ahead and drill the holes for your shelf pins. I built and finished the bookcase shown in the DVD with only two days of shop time – and I had to slow myself down so the film crew could get additional shots for the DVD. Use shipping pallets as the primary construction material in your DIY bookcase.

I read Gail’s how to” on the project and created instructions on how to build a bookcase using an old door with a few modifications. And… when it comes time to rearrange the furniture, you’ll find it’s a lot easier than trying to make a big shelf fit a small wall. Gary, I just wanted to say thank you for the great article and detailed instructions on how to build a hidden door.

That clearance is determined by the depth of the bookcase and the location of the pivot, measured from the hinge jamb toward the strike jamb-parallel with the wall. There is an internal frame at the top of the bookcase — unseen in the completed unit — that helps hold the top together and to which the back slats are mounted. Then I moved onto the base cabinet where I need four basic pieces of plywood which will create the separate sections for the drawers. They are pretty easy to construct as you only really need a book, glue, and a knife or scissors.