Rabbit House

Topping the run with expensive (in France anyway) mesh is a complete waste of money. Make sure the wire is a thick guage, my rabbits ate through chicken wire with no problems, on the front of their old indoor pens. Since I’ve yet to actually run the Western States 100 , the next best thing was to volunteer for it, and maybe get some good mojo going in my direction. Allowing your rabbit to freely roam the house will only set your rabbit up for disaster.

Some rabbits also like to go right inside large paper sacks – they can be encouraged to dig about in these by putting in shredded paper with vegetables mixed in. Food can be placed inside smaller paper bags that are scrunched up. At the Bunny Bunch , the rabbit rescue organization I founded, we receive hundreds of calls from people who have a rabbit that they don’t want anymore. The Lo-Rise Outdoor Rabbit Run has plenty of floor space and the height can be extended at a later date. Please refer to the Outdoor Rabbit Run Configurator for options on how to extend your run.

All rabbit runs, whether the temporary type you move or permanent, must be secured and unable to be moved around by the wind or predators. Our extra large or small rabbit hutches can be used indoor / inside or outdoor / outside. This is an area in a room given over to the rabbits, utilising a large run or enclosure. The photo below shows two of the molar spurs that I removed from a rabbit that once again showed little sign of dental disease apart from being thin and rather fussy with his food (the cotton bud is in the photo to give an indication of size). Make a small structure with wood and attach it on the top so rabbits can come out easily.

Remove all soiled bedding daily, spray the area with animal disinfectant and replace with fresh bedding, thoroughly cleaning out the whole hutch once a week. Make a walkway or ladder from a piece of plywood and fit it in place in the opening as shown in the drawing. The Withdrawn Rabbit: Depending on where you get your rabbit from, it can be difficult to know the rabbit’s temperament.

A rabbit that is prone to gut stasis issues may well be triggered into this condition on occasions by consumption of large quantities of fur during their own or their partners moult if the moult is an excessively heavy one. Some people adjoin a bird aviary or small converted greenhouse to a shed, which allows you the comfort of walking into the run rather than having to stoop down. Rabbit Hutch Alternatives – There are some great alternatives to a hutch and manufacturers are cottoning on to the real issues of proper rabbit housing.

We rolled it all around the structure, always attaching the zip-ties to the top and corners to secure it. We cut off the excess wire on the side and in front of the door, which was easy with regular scissors. It is absolutely vital that your rabbit is sexed correctly, especially if he or she is to live with another rabbit. Many rabbit owners will be aware of the term probiotic as it is often recommended by vets when a rabbit has a digestive upset.

Our two year old beloved rabbit has free run of our garden during the day (he comes in every night before dark as there are foxes about) but tonight we discovered a hedgehog in the garden. If you rearrange the room your rabbit lives in, you may get a thump when he notices everything is changed. Too few litter boxes: If you allow your rabbit to run free in the house, you must provide an adequate number of litter boxes. If you want to build your own DIY rabbit house or commission someone to do it for you, you’ll need to know what materials and equipment are best.

It is also fun to stack boxes that one can climb on, or to have a box which one can make into a safe house by eating holes in it. Also makes a lot of irritating noise which is good in the morning. The photo below illustrates how an overweight rabbit can develop an enlarged dewlap under the chin, making it almost impossible to groom itself or consume caecotrophs, leading to all sorts of serious problems.

They all live in doors but when it’s dry and warm they go outside for a run around in their runs. With a quick rainy run on Thursday morning, the skies cleared, sleep was in the bank, and soon enough it was high noon on Friday and time to get the party started. If your rabbit can see outside, he may thump at seeing the gardener or pool person. We take the turn and run down a short connector to a fork in the trail, one leading right to Fish Creek Falls and the other going left to Mt. Werner (the final aid-station before the finish). Course-record holder, Jason Schlarb is returning this year along with Run Rabbit veterans, Nick Clark, Duncan Callahan, Timmy Olson, and Josh Arthur.

Occassionally one can find a rabbit that performs obsessive grooming, and this can cause fur damage and sometimes even skin infections due to an area being almost constantly licked. The sudden appearance of a human jerks the rabbit back to reality and frightens the poor creature. You need to make sure that all parts of your rabbit habitat is secure, so choose something with strong wire mesh and bolt-operated locks – don’t rely on turnpin fastenings. Large mesh doors can be partially covered with clear perspex or plastic, allowing your rabbit to see out and the sun to come in but preventing wind and rain.

Your pet bunnies will love having somewhere to eat, rest and shelter in their new rabbit run, whether that be a hutch or a cardboard box. It used to be thought that this was a gesture made by the submissive partner, but it has been found that it is in fact the dominant rabbit that exhibits this behaviour. The easiest way to leave a door on your hutch is to use an aviary panel with a door already installed.