Best Baby Changing Tables & Dressers

Pretend play is so much fun with Hape wooden toys for kids, like this gorgeous baby changing table that is just like Mum’s! We think that if you’re not going to change your baby’s diaper on the floor, a dedicated changing table with barriers on all four sides and a safety strap is the safest way to go. Never leave your child alone on a changing table or on top of a dresser you’ve equipped with a changing pad because an active baby can roll over and tumble to the ground. Unless you’re on the floor, you should always change your baby from the side rather than working with his feet facing you.

The set comes complete with a change mat and a little storage box in matching print to hold baby’s nappy and other change essentials. What I’ve found that works is if you seal it in several coats of shellac first (you can also buy Zinsser’s Seal Coat if you don’t like/want to mix your own shellac), and then apply the poly or spar urethane over top. So a baby changing station with drawers is what every Mommy needs in her baby nursery room.

Wooden Alphabet Letters Set, Wall Hanging, Nursery Decor, Alphabet Wall, ABC Wall, Mixed, Unfinished letters- DISCOUNTED PRICE. A changing table with storage drawers will keep baby’s accessories close by. When you need it, you can get it quickly. You can buy any individual Babyletto change table or you can match it with the entire range of nursery furniture.

It’s certainly ethical to disclose the problem prior to sale anyway, and that sets you apart from most vendors. A dresser is typically known as an ordinary 3 or 4 drawer dresser, just like the storage drawers we typically use as adults. For $70 to $130, you can buy an adequate changing table with open shelving and possibly one drawer, but you might not get the quality you want. Baby Eco Trends offers several options for changing tables that double as dressers.

We think that a dedicated changing table with barriers on all four sides is the safest way to go. Another option you might see in stores is a removable changing pad that you can attach to the top of a regular dresser. And if talking about the changing tables, no other brand offers you such a large variety in baby changing tables with drawers in different colors.

If you are tight on budget, folding and portable baby change tables will suit you best because they are cheap, but these tables cannot be used for storage purposes, you cannot store all the baby stuff in it and use it as handy. I’ve made a couple small knife handles out of it and used a very basic oil rub on it. Takes stain well enough on a test piece but give it a sun tan and a clear finish over the top. They normally look dry because they normally spend most time in the dry, but all wooden items, even if polymer/wax coated, will adjust to the average local humidity over time.

Never leave your baby unattended on a change table – even just to grab something across the room. It met all of our criteria and wasn’t serving a permanent function in its current home in our office (where we someday dream of adding an L-shaped file-storage area along with a floating desk/meeting table). The change table portion is very well designed and is easily and cleanly removed when your baby is done with diapers. Son of a Gun is the stuff you spray on the inside of your car to protect it against damage/color change from the sun. We also wanted a slightly rustic wood look, like we achieved with the console table.

It took about 3 hours for my father-in-law (who is very good at this sort of thing) and I to assemble everything, but once we did it ended up being a very sturdy and good-looking dresser / change table. We have a changing table in our bedroom, and we have my husbands from when he was a baby, upstairs. Having an organized and well stocked nappy change table or dresser will help you get the job done without getting into a panic because in the first few months you will find yourself most of the time around the diaper change table. A change table keeps things tidy and organised with storage for nappies, wipes and a change of clothes.

You might be interested in buying a matching nursery set, which often comes with a crib, dresser or armoire, and changing table. You have options galore – you can buy them with drawers and use that storage space for keeping all the baby changing table accessories. If you are not sure what the difference is, here is a quick explanation and I will show why changer dressers are so popular and why I personally recommend a change table dresser rather than the traditional looking change table.

Babyletto provides you a few different options: 3 drawers, 5 drawers and drawers with cabinet kind of variety and all come in different heights to suit best for both short and tall moms. Drawers and shelves allow you to keep all the necessary items within arm’s reach so you’re never tempted to leave your baby unattended. This list of what you need on your changing table will continue to get updated, these are just the essentials that come to mind straight away.

These fold up when not in use, such as the Fold Down Baby Changing Table from Kinder Changing Station or the Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table and Diaper Dispenser by Bo Design. I personally found the Babyletto crib that I wanted (as that is the centerpiece in the nursery) and then I proceeded to buy all the matching Babyletto nursery furniture to match, including the matching changing table to match the set. Change tables that we recommend have passed all our safety tests, including the roll-off and change table depth requirements.

Because the retractable (or slide top) style has barriers on only the two shorter sides and comes with a noncontoured pad, we can’t recommend it. At the low end you might notice drawers that stick, changing pads made of plastic that cracks in short order, and laminated particleboard rather than solid wood, which can be flimsy. Place the changing table in an area free of small objects your baby can grasp, and avoid putting the table near radiators or other items that can become hot. The changing station can be removed when no longer needed and the changing table can then be used as a regular chest.

Plus, we design our baby changing tables to be at a comfortable height, which also makes it easy to swoop in for some hard-to-resist baby nuzzling. But the thing that attracted me more towards this brand when I was looking at buying a changing table, is that is the brand for modern Mommies who want something a little more chic, simplest and something different for their ‘coming soon’ babies in comparison to the other changing tables you will see from the other brands below. Still, tables in this price range might be sufficient if you anticipate light use and don’t think you’ll have more children.