Wooden Frame House Plans

Good lawn health helps to fight lawn diseases, reduces the infestation of pests, and helps reduce weed seeds from taking a foothold. This fact was confirmed a couple of years ago by the three principals in the Toronto-based office of Williamson Chong Architects (WCA), winners of the Canada Council’s Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture, who spent their $50,000 prize on trips to Europe and Asia, scouting out what leading-edge researchers, manufacturers and designers abroad are doing with wood.

However, the first building using balloon framing was possibly a warehouse constructed in 1832 in Chicago , Illinois , by George Washington Snow 13 Architectural critic Sigfried Giedion cited Chicago architect J. M. Van Osdel’s 1880s attribution, as well as A. T. Andreas’ 1885 History of Chicago, to credit Snow as ‘inventor of the balloon frame method’.

Whither you are building in the West : Washington, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or more Central: Texas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana or you are in the East : Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont or Connecticut we cover the entire United States!, and are here to help you!

Each step up in external wall thickness can add 2-3% to the cost of a conventional home; increased insulation levels may be more cost effectively achieved by adding an extra layer of insulating foam, which has the added benefit of limiting conducted heat loss via the framing system, known as thermal bridging or convected heat loss via insulation gaps around the frame.

In builder parlance, platform framing might also nowadays be called (only partly correctly) ‘stick framing’ or ‘stick construction’ as each element is built up stick by stick, which was also true in the other stick framing method, in the obsolete and labor-intensive, but previously fashionable, balloon framing method, wherein the outside walls were erected, headers hung, then floor joists were inserted into a box made of walls.

In the end, the outside walls are plumbed and fastened together with ‘ell-configured reinforced corners’ that provide nailing wood in the interior angles and strength to the building forming in effect wide posts at each corner and fastened lastly by overlapped top plates which stagger their joints from the ones capping each plate by which the studs are end nailed together.

The method provides builders options and flexibility such as when and where there is a floor-level opening (doorway) the next wall section can be aligned and fastened in place separately with the top plate added then used then a lintel and cripple studding added, or the entire wall could have been cut and joined at the top all along and lifted up as one entity.

I contemplated leaving the wood raw (since that’s how we originally saw them at store ) but Sherry and I agreed they’d look better in a dark stain (we used Minwax’s Dark Walnut since we still had a small can leftover from some project long ago) to tie into a few other wood items in the room like a wood side table and some wooden art over the daybed.

In such cases, the pier (column) is usually required to rest on bed rock or extend well below the zone of average freezing soil depth (the same as a foundation) locally, and frequently is required to also have flared out or mushroomed bottom of greater surface than that the pier top (these are called ‘big foots’ in the building trade, and building suppliers carry PVC molds to conserve concrete which allow a builder to satisfy area requirements and the building codes).

Whether this is a good thing or not may depend partly on the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the house and whether it has to be heated continuously or only in the evenings and weekends. Once the timber frame is erected and the timbers are in a lower humidity indoor environment, the Blue Stain will stop spreading. It is critical that frame inspections by licensed, accredited certifiers are completed before the fixing of linings or cladding. A timber frame home requires little maintenance and will still be beautiful, structurally sound and energy efficient 100 years from now.

Modern Building Regulations are so strict that rot, fire risk and decay are no longer serious issues to be considered.Warranty providers certainly don’t consider them problems and neither should self-builders. Last year, in the northern British Columbia town of Prince George, the provincial government opened its six-storey, timber-framed Wood Innovation and Design Centre, intended to demonstrate the viability of using forest products to do the job of heavy lifting monopolized, until now, by steel and concrete. I chose a bright white for the outside of the frame and a dark stain to emphasize the float space between the canvas and the frame.

Your planners may also want you to set the building back from the front of any existing building so that it won’t be over dominant, or affect any other considerations, especially the visual aspects of your property. The cross braces must run at angles to the square of the frame and braces should not weaken installation points due to attaching hardware. Rot-producing fungi will only attack wood that has a moisture content consistently over 20%. This and the polythene vapour barrier mean that the timber frame inner skin is quickly protected from the weather.