Spirals By Steve

One day I will find the time and the money to sit down and make my own wooden clock. That site does have a lot of good ideas for building your own tools using mostly wood and many of the plans are FREE. I think circles became the default shape for gears as convention in industry, convention that became so ubiquitous that people now take it as mandatory, convention established because of practicality more than anything else. How to make gears : Matthias Wandel talks us through the process of cutting wooden gears in this 5-minute YouTube video.

Use wood glue and clamps to affix the pinion and spacers to the wheels around the arbors. Watching all the gears move together and controlling the motion is fun for everyone. The pitch diameters of two gears will be tangent when the centers are spaced correctly. The plywood has no finish on it or any sanding either, the gears have had nothing more done to them after forming the teeth except for inserting a bronze bushing. Free wood clock plans woodworking projects plans for beginners where to begin from.

In fact a shaper would do a fine job of making wooden gears using a section of saw in place of the usual cutter. I was also looking at the possibilities of using a router to cut wheels and was also thinking along the lines of making a template say with one or two obvious problem here is the method of indexing the template.while the method in the in one of the links provided works well it does require a template of the whole wheel.

Wooden gear clock genesis design by clayton.. wooden gear clock genesis, design by clayton boyer built by erniewood. Laying out gears using gear math and compass was for me at least even more time consuming and frustrating. All good, whenever I visit this site and learn more each day, this project is very interesting, and the video is clear on the details, congratulations.

The pair of gear wheels (top) works in exactly the same way as an ordinary pair of wheels the same size that are touching (middle); the only difference is that the gears have teeth cut around the edge to stop them slipping. We have to wrestle with a problem of designing seemingly simple parts – which made of plastic or metal would be quite basic – to make the whole breakthrough at the end. Photo: Right: In an egg whisk, gears help to make light work of mixing in two different ways—by increasing speed and changing direction. Then I make a very simple reusable part needed for my technique to work and also a gear blank.

Actually Stephen Fry has just done a BBC film on the Gutenberg Printing Press where the wooden gears were cut by hand with a chisel. Ensure the table is tilted to the right when making cuts on the left sides of the teeth, and tilted to the left when making cuts on the right sides of the teeth. I forgot to mention that each gear in the picture is actually two thinner gears stacked together. You will also get access to my videos that demonstrate the technique in action on router, table saw and scroll saw. Most of the noise is caused by the face of the gears rubbing against the block I mounted them to. There seems to be very little backlash or play.

Whether you assemble our wooden gear clock from our everything-included kit, cut the pieces yourself from our plans, or purchase a finished clock, we guarantee you’ll love the warmth and beauty your wooden gear clock will bring to your home. Elaborate designs with many mechanical parts and gears is something indispensably interesting and spectacular especially in the process of working. I hope you like this new design and if you decide to build it yourself I wish you luck and look forward to seeing your completed Clocks. This is a way to make gears at home that for low pressure system work quite well.