169 So Cool Headboard Ideas That You Won’t Need More

Diamond tufted headboards are stunning, but so prohibitively expensive that I wasn’t sure I would ever gain one for my home. I posted the debate about the headboard shape , and we chose E” for our project, and when I searched online for a pattern for that headboard shape, I couldn’t find one. An old salvaged door makes a beautiful headboard and while other wooden headboards may run you hundreds of dollars, you can create this great DIY version for about 25 bucks. Use scrap wood to raise the panel until the back of the plywood is flush with the back of the frame. Step 5: We used Dremel’s Saw-Max to cut out the inner section of the headboard frame for the straight cuts.

If you love repurposing old things for new purposes, try this clever project: Vintage shutters , joined together and mounted to the wall, give this bed a unique and relaxed appeal. If this simple upholstered headboard didn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of ideas out there to fit your personal style. I don’t have a cool old house with shiplap walls that I can tear down, so I came up with my own solution for a DIY headboard made of faux shiplap— all using materials all found at my local Home Depot store. I figured out where the studs were and screwed into those in first, then that determined where I put the hangers on the back of the headboard.

A wooden base, some material left over from other projects and a little creativity will allow you to build this gorgeous monogrammed headboard. The best part is you can make this for about 1/5 of the price of Pottery Barn’s version and if you happen to have some moulding left over from home improvement projects, you can make it for nothing. You can repurpose a door for a headboard, or make an easy upholstered headboard with plywood, batting and fabric. In addition to nailing the pallet boards to the plywood, gluing the boards to the plywood with wood glue is another option for durability.

Since you’re going to staple the batting onto the back of the headboard, you want it to be big enough to reach behind the headboard. Then, fold the edges of the fabric up and over the frame and attach with a staple gun. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. So I borrowed the pegboard off my craft room wall and used it only as a template to mark the wood on my headboard.

Now, how to find the high quality hard wood pallets and discern them from the less durable soft woods…. Cut a thin wood panel in the size you’d like for your headboard, spray glue some foam batting to pad the wood a bit and wrap your fabric nicely in the front while stapling in the back. For the top trim, I attached a 2×4 board, cut at 67″, with 2 1/2″ spax wood screws and wood glue. After all your buttons are on and your tufts are set, you will then do your last stapling of the fabric around the frame.

Remove a panel from your excessive pallet portion and then use it to cover the stage where the 2 pallets match up. Build wood nails throughout the panel to connect the actual portions. Look to carpet for more than just flooring purposes – use it to fabricate a headboard Cut a pattern from kraft paper in your desired size and shape.  The first cut you make doesn’t matter, just make sure to stagger your joints as you go.  I also tried to use longer pieces under rows where I used shorter pieces. When drilling your holes be sure to cut small holes through your fabric & batting first.

If you are more technically minded, you can find free building plans for this DIY headboard on my blog. If you already have a plain wooden headboard and you just want to dress it up a little, painting it is an excellent idea. Use wood glue to cover the MDF with a piece of beaded board cut into the same shape. Start by placing the vinyl on the floor right side down and then layering with batting, foam, and wood. To add the stenciled embellishment, arrange your letters on the headboard and trace around them with a marker. I’ve been wanting a headboard like this forever and was trying to figure how to make one and you have it all here.

Watch and learn how to upholster a headboard Our step-by-step how-to makes it easy. Keeping the fabric draped, raise the headboard upright and prop it up against a wall at an angle for later. With a little bit of paint, Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage was able to transform these unfinished shutters into an inviting headboard. I’m wondering, since I don’t have a base to start with, can I use pallet wood for the frame. Once you’re done, lay your fabric face down on the floor and place your batted headboard on top of it, batting-side down.

Inexpensive picture frames can be found at garage sales or thrift shops and made into a magnificent headboard Remove the glass from the frames, and cut quilt batting the same size as the frame back. I held it up on the corner and figured out how big of a cut out I wanted, then did some quick measurements to make sure it was even on both sides. Using the first needle as a guide, feed the strung needle back into the hole in the headboard. When you look at the bed, without bedding, you don’t want to see the bottom of the headboard and especially no wall space. My mom was in town for the weekend, so I had her help me with the fabric wrapping.