50 Tufted And Upholstered Coffee Tables For The Cozy Living Room

By clicking Register, you agree to Etsy’s Terms of Use , Cookies and Privacy Policy Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. Finally, I flipped the tufted cushion over to the back and smoothed and secured the overlapped fabric with staples, trimmed away the excess, turned it back over and enjoyed the compliments from the fam, who were mucho impressed with mom! This stylish wood crate features a removable tufted burlap top with distressed metal accents. I placed the screw in the marked spot on the bottom row and screwed through the foam and into the wood table top. Mary will love it and when Enzo comes to live with me again I can use one of the side tables and make him a mini replica!!!!!!!!!

Luxurious living room awash in multiple exotic textures, featuring marble topped bar table, leather easy chairs, overstuffed orange sofa and large tufted bench ottoman next to hardwood coffee table. You’ll appreciate its versatility and elegance, whether it’s the coffee table in your living room, the stylish bench in your hallway or the relaxing spot to perch at the foot of your bed.

This is an ideal way of adding a unique touch to your interior style – this ottoman features an amazing split-lift lid that opens to reveal ample storage space, while the dark brown finish along with the tufted design make for an elegant solution. I used upholstery fabric that was 54 inches wide, so I only needed a yard of fabric for the ottoman. More than just a pretty place to prop your feet, the Navy Tufted Velvet Storage Ottoman keeps your goods stashed away in style! Compact living room with dark mocha chair and armless sofa, contrasting with white single-button tufted twin ottomans.

Black wood frame with white tufted leather bench ottoman, seated next to large black wood coffee table, center this white and tan living room with matching couches and natural hardwood flooring. I wanted to make sure that if/when the girls are playing in this ottoman and inadvertently get trapped inside… THEY CAN STILL BREATH. You can genuinely picture people sitting on excessive chairs bending double to go away their cup of coffee or mag just a few inches off the floor and it sure would possibly look very funny and extraordinarily awkward.

My grandmother gave me her coffee table, which is still in great condition with solid bones and sturdy legs. After putting 2” of foam all over the box and covering it with the batting, my ottoman grew ….to…. Taking a cue from the cutting table at Joann, I used an electric knife to saw off the pieces I didn’t need. Place your fabric on top of the ottoman and make sure you have it lined up properly if you have a geometric fabric.

Available in beige, the linen fabric is durably crafted to survive the rigors of everyday contact, while the stylish tufted design is proof that sophisticated decor can satisfy your need for functionality. Also, when i did my ottoman, because it was wider than 54′, I ended up buying a table cloth. Cover a round large storage container, make sure its strong enough to sit on, with wadding or foam, cover the top separately, adding button tufting and hot glue on some piping. Bring romantic character to your sitting area or bedroom with the remarkable Solana Tufted Ottoman.

I snagged a free coffee table, out on the curb for trash day, that was the exact same shape and I was struggling with how to make the top an ottoman. Look for a bench, blanket box or chest that is strong but cheap; that you can makeover to create a large storage ottoman like the one above. Light toned living room stands over grey hardwood flooring, with neutral grey sofa next to text-patterned white armchair and matching square cushion ottoman.

Or convert a storage bench made for the outdoor or garden area into an ottoman and you have the perfect ‘end of bed’ bench. Then we followed this tutorial from 5 Days, 5 Ways to add foam and upholster the top and this genius tip from Little Green Notebook to make sure our tufts were deep and secure. I love it because we did a very similar thing with a coffee table a while back, and it’s still one of my favorite projects (guess that makes us ottoman folks too! Anchor a living space with our eye catching Tufted Ottoman upholstered in classic linen with button detail.

Originally I loved the shelf underneath this particular coffee table and envisioned baskets upon it hiding toys but now I think it makes the whole ottoman look a little too country” for my taste. I already had this coffee table, but you could easily find one like this on Craigslist or maybe you already have one around the house. It’s a beautiful vintage table that’s made of solid wood and is incredibly sturdy – the craftsmanship definitely dates it back a few decades. Simplify, beautify and amplify your living space with this gorgeous button tufted round ottoman.

Compact, elegant living room awash in rich textures, including red tufted leather and dark wood ottoman at center, on striped rug over natural hardwood flooring. I did a shallow tuft since this will be used as a table sometimes and I don’t want my serving trays to lay all wonky and wobbly on top. Measure, cut and secure into place with a staple gun – perfection is not required here since the ottoman will get one final wrapping in a thick batting to smooth everything out. Plywood: $9 (Home Depot) We only used half; the remaining half is cut and stored to make a second cushion.