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We strive to bring you the lowest prices on Aquarium stands and all things related to Aquarium Stands. Enough people had some version of a stand that they built which worked as well as, or better than a store-bought stand. If you buy the aquarium and the aquarium stand together then you should negotiate with the shop owner so that he makes an arrangement for reducing the cost as you are buying both of them together. The Aquatic Fundamentals brand offers a line of modern aquarium stands that have a very sleek yet minimalist design.

Some cabinets will have wooden doors with elaborate hinges and matching handles. And as for planing, well, I’d rather not do that, because should I move the stand later, I’d have to plane it to be flat to whatever surface that is. Please tell all, it might change my ideas slightly…one thing that may help in this case is the aquarium has a built in polystyrene base, to isolate the flex away from the tank. It is critical to eliminate side-to-side movement in any direction with a heavy load such as an aquarium.

This cannot be repaired, and can potentially compromise the structure of the stand. If the aquarium that you have in mind is either very large or of a special design, your best option may be one of the many custom acrylic companies. Hi I am selling a fish tank stand it has no scratches on it and it is not damaged and I am selling the fish tank aswell if you are interested. The iron stands are going to be the least expensive, and do not offer any cabinetry for concealing equipment. Do not worry if you have to put your stand together and you are not a licensed carpenter!

Besides your stand or cabinet, you should probably consider if you want to get a hood or canopy for your tank as well. While the stand is designed for 55 gallon aquariums, it will fit just about any fish tank up to that size and leave room for other things such as a lamp or pictures or other decorations. Our facilities are complete with digital read out glass beveling equipment an wood working equipment accurate to the thousandths of an inch.

I am fortunate enough to have a woodworking shop to which, over the years, I have added many tools. Luckily, there’s a selection of modern aquarium stands available that can complement the attractiveness of your fish tank. Our sister company Cages by Design is the #1 manufacturer of custom built high end bird, reptile, and small animal enclosures. We are going to stain the stand to match some of our existing furniture, so I wonder if after the stain it will matter what wood it’s made out of. I am not too concerned about dings, etc.

Many aquarium stands and cabinets are what we call lip only” stands or cabinets. After reading around the internet I came across a site that inspired the stand my husband and I decided to build by using cinder blocks. Chipboard aquarium stands are usually covered in formica or maybe even a thin veneer of wood, giving the impression of solid wood. You don’t have to get as fancy as they did to get a solid and safe tank stand which will also look good.

Wood aquarium stands can actually make your aquarium more of a centerpiece in any room. When purchasing molding for an aquarium stand that you plan on staining, make sure the molding wood is of the same type as the sheeting. An aquarium built into a wall is unique to each home and can be a spectacular display. The stand the SO and I built for my 10G at work has the same stain, but I got lazy and only put 2 coats of Poly.

Even if you are not be the biggest fan of the way the wood aquarium stands look, they usually have a bunch of storage space. Wood aquarium stands originating from pet stores or big box retailers are quite common. Oak is inherently strong and can withstand the incredible weight of a full fish tank and furthermore, should you decide to upgrade to a larger tank later you wouldn’t need to purchase a new stand because it could support the weight (assuming the stand is big enough and many fit multiple tanks). While more expensive than metal, wood byproducts are cheaper than straight wood. One thing you may want to design is to have the sump to be slightly elevated off the ground by about 4-6″.