How To Make A DIY Bamboo Trellis

When the sun starts shining those seedlings will soon be reaching up to meet it. Some plants have nice strong stalks to hold them up but others need our help. Get this – they have 5 children and those children NEVER picked a cucumber growing on their side of the fence without asking permission. A cucumber plant will produce a total of about a dozen cucumbers in its lifetime, if you harvest them regularly and don’t let them hang on the vine. Early in the season, cucumber seedlings are subject to Stem Rots, where fungus attacks the stem near the base at the soil line.

Striped Cucumber Beetles and Spotted Cucumber Beetles are two of the most common pests when growing cucumbers. There are many different types of materials that can be used to construct the supports such as a wood, fence panels, wire cages, rope or twine, or a ready-made steel trellis can be used for supporting robust growing vines efficiently. There are also plenty of harmonie cucumber seedlings thriving that were started indoors and transplanted outside just yesterday. If the new growth is any indication, the vines seem to really like their new trellis and the additional exposure to sunlight. Today I’d like to share a simple, no-tool method for constructing a functional and attractive trellis.

Otherwise ready made bamboo stakes (or canes) are available at hardware, garden and horticultural supply stores – I buy mine in a bulk pack of 50 either in a 900mm or 1200mm length. If you plant more than one cucumber plant, they should be at least 4 to 5 feet apart to ensure good feeding and to allow some space to walk between the vines. I favor trellises that utilize inexpensive, durable materials and are easy to make. Cucumber and tomatoes sometimes are helped by a wire in the middle to support and guide the plants.

Alternatively, if you use small transplants, you need to be very gentle and careful because small cucumber plants can easily be damaged during transplanting. It is important to begin your garden with the trellis in mind due to the size of it. If you already have your garden set up and your cucumbers are coming in then you can install the pyramid trellis where the cucumbers are and place them around the trellis. I have the wire cages for my tomatoes and extra poles anchoring them as they are now over 6 feet tall.

The arch should be high enough that you can easily reach the greens underneath, but not so high that the trellis can’t support the weight of the plants. I did do some pole beans on the side of my gragae with some twine for the trellis as I thought I can always compost the twine as it starts to break down and just add on more. If you choose to go with transplants, make sure to purchase small plants in bio-degradable containers that can be planted directly into the ground so you don’t have to disturb the little plants.

In the vertical trellis design, the cucumbers are trained to climb the twine strung between the wires, removing lateral runners. When using a fence or mesh trellis, train the cucumber to the trellis by weaving the plant in and out between the spaces of the mesh every few days. Mound the soil along the trellis line using a sturdy garden rake to raise the planting bed 2 or 3 inches above the garden level.

First it is difficult to attach a trellis to a pot, second thing is a trellis makes your container top heavy and is easily toppled over by wind and sometimes dog, cats and kids. Once you have chosen or built the fence you will be using as a cucumber fence, you can start planting the cucumbers. Cut the cucumber off the vine with garden pruners Rinse off the cucumber and eat right away, or store it in the fridge immediately. You can make it a tighter weave to provide greater support for larger types of vegetables such as winter squash. For this project I used cedar for my trellis frame, for both it’s beauty and longevity.

He then decided to make another one which will bring the price down as you can reuse the PVC cement and the leftover pipe. Once the beam was set we double-checked for straightness and to make sure each arch met the cross bar. A simple shade covering, temporary or something more permanent will protect the plants from the harsh sun as well as reducing the risk of scarring the fruit, (it might have the added benefit of protecting your plants from pests too). I only plan to make 1 trellis so I will need 1 extra 8 footer for the side pieces and the 45 degree angle supports; a total of 3 8 footers.

My poor cucumbers are growing up a goofy looking twine trellis that I made myself. Make simple trellises for cucumbers grown in rows in the garden by erecting poles spaced eight to 15 feet apart in the garden and securing vegetable netting or chicken wire to the poles. I’m not positive they’re still there but I’d be willing to be they are – Big Lots had bundles of bamboo for a good price (compared to Home Depot which wasn’t bad but BL was better). I put a trellis about 2-3 inches away from the peas so it looks like my peas are dying off now. I never considered growing complimentary plants that will twine up and over the trellis.

Cukes seem to make a fair amount of lateral shoots when I pinch the tip & then they seem to set more fruit on those side branches, so taller may not necessarily be more productive. This simple trellising project comes courtesy of Jeanette Richoux, a really fabulous gardener in Port Townsend, Washington. To make bamboo teepees prettier I like to embellish their bottoms with curved bamboo stakes. At This Old House they have an easy-to-follow guide for building a container trellis out of tree trimmings. After measuring the length of the cucumber bed, and the height of the fence I was going to lean the trellis up against, I had my dimensions- 136″ x 63″.

Plant the vines at the foot of the trellis at the same spacing between the seeds or transplants as if they were going to grow on the ground. I know some clever gardeners who have made the pea trellis wide enough at the base that kids can go inside it and sit and read, or whatever! Aromatic herbs like basil or summer savory can mask cucumbers from cucumber pests like striped or spotted cucumbers beetles. No matter what variety you choose, they seem to do better (more cukes, less disease) when on a trellis.

This provides enough support while allowing space to reach within the trellis to harvest the cucumbers or to weed. You will want to check on them often to help train them up the trellis because they can grow up to four inches per day! A big sprawl of cucumber vines with the fruit growing on the grown will never be as productive as vines growing vertically. I attached a picture I saw last year of gourds (in the same family as cucumbers) in a rounded trellis design.

This old crib cot frame makes a wonderful A frame trellis that just about anything will grow up! You can also tie thick biodegradable ropes to train the vines to climb wherever you want it to. Tendrils from green beans cling to horizontal and vertical parts of a trellis. By training them on a trellis system, the vines are off the ground, thereby reducing potential pest attacks. This year, I’m growing ‘Trombetta’ up my fence trellis and onto a wrought iron obelisk.

Depending on the size and weight of the fruit, you can choose a thicker and stronger bamboo pole to weave. You may want to attach some wood triangles where the posts meet the top crossbar to make it sturdier and keep it from swaying side to side. The variety of cucumber you chose will determine when it’s ready to pick and a number of varieties that have multiple uses. Technically, you don’t have to trellis your cucumbers, but a trellis can help keep the vegetables off the ground and lessen the damage due to bugs and moisture. My side posts are five feet tall because my trellis netting was five by fifteen feet.

Once the trellis is in place, slide the cardboard out so that the vines come to rest on the new trellis. A mesh trellis can be made by pounding metal or wood stakes into the ground every 5 feet. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. I’m planting them in containers, but I’m also growing ‘Wando’, a great English shelling pea and snow peas, both of which will need a trellis. Hey, I have a few cucumber plants, and this morning the baby fruit off the flower is brown with white spots. This laminated quick start guide will make your seasonal planting and gardening activities so much easier.