The Wooden Spoon Restaurant

The seasonal menu could be described as a fusion of fine dining and comfort food. Everything on their menu looks original and eye catching and makes your decisions of what to get very difficult! And don’t try using a metal spoon in lieu of a wooden one— metals conduct heat much more quickly. Eventually, you will seek out stock with bends and twists that seem to invite spoon making. The restaurant has the feel of a labor of love, a place where someone is living out a dream. The Wooden Spoon trophy will be awarded to the team, and associated supporters groups, with the lowest point total at the end of the regular season. It is easy to leave too much wood here, making for a heavy, bulky spoon in use.

How the Cambridge wooden spoon idea came to be used in rugby union is not exactly known, but in the early years of what is now the Six Nations Championship there were many Cambridge graduates playing, so they may have attempted to preserve the concept after the last one was awarded in 1909. In 1894 the South Wales Daily Post remarked that within the Home Nations Championships the ‘ Ireland – Wales match has been to decide which team should be recipient of the ignominious Wooden Spoon’; 10 one of the earliest mentions of the term within rugby union.

He subscribes to the notion that the spoon is already present in the wood and the maker is just bringing it out. Whether you are cooking a complicated, five-star meal or making macaroni and cheese for the kids, our handcrafted wooden spoons can make a great addition to your kitchen. My family and I came to the Wooden Spoon for lunch using a $50 certificate I purchased for $25 off The reviews are near perfect so I had high expectations. Visit our shop or sign up for a class today and get cooking with The Wooden Spoon! I think this place could have real potential to be a top New Rochelle restaurant but to me it isnt there yet.

An easy way to make a template is to draw a centerline on a piece of paper, draw half the profile of your spoon on one side of the line, fold the paper on the line, and cut out your profile. If you keep using the same wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water, it will warp from the moisture and heat. It’s a slightly lighter option than the rest of the menu and the flavors were all well balanced.

The salads are also winners — we particularly liked the spring salad, which included orange segments and goat cheese, and the spoon salad, made with arugula, dried cranberries, avocado, walnuts and fresh mozzarella. We offer a large variety of spoon designs, and most are available in right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous options. Each region, sometimes each village, will produce its own very distinct style and type of spoon.

Perhaps the biggest contribution to the restaurant’s down-home feel is the menu. Their dedication in sourcing and roasting the best coffees allows us to bring you a great cup on every visit to The Wooden Spoon. The menu is nothing special, soups, salads, burgers, Sandwiches, Mac and cheese, etc and wine and beer. So be sure to keep a couple of spoons on rotation, or at the very least, keep an eye on your boiling water so the spoon doesn’t stay up there very long. The Anglo Saxons were great workers of wood, as were the Vikings , and both these groups of settlers to the British Isles produced wooden spoons for domestic uses.