Cutting Boards And Food Safety

Set of 3 bamboo cutting boards perfect for every food prep need from slicing meat to chopping veggies, serve up appetizers or make cocktail garnishes. I also interviewed Chad Ward, author of An Edge in the Kitchen , about many aspects of choosing and maintaining cutting boards, and specifically about how knife edges interact with boards. Although highly resistant to water and decay, Teak is an extremely hard wood that also contents a lot of silica that can quickly wear down your expensive knives. Cutting boards are essential kitchen tools that can help you prep food for cooking or baking. All the boards were about 1″ thick and all but the maple were at least 1-3/4″ wide.

Use separate cutting boards for specific things ~ Using a separate cutting board for things like onions, garlic, and chilis will keep your other fruits and veggies from being contaminated with the smell of these delicious, but pungent foods. Recently he and a group of students cultivated Salmonella bacteria on new and used plastic and wood cutting boards and then cleaned them manually (with hot soapy water and a dish rag). Larger cutting boards are typically heavier, unless made from plastic, which is great because it prevents them from slipping across your countertop.

The set also includes synthetic cutting boards, cheese boards, bamboo cutting boards, carving boards and serving boards. Oneida’s Colours 16-inch cutting board ($15) has rubberized grips on two ends and comes in a nice size, but it doesn’t have a juice groove and we found its large handle holes allow juice to drip on the counter. A great place to look for wooden cutting boards is your local farmers market, especially at this time of year, when crafters often offer their best items for holiday shoppers. Now that I have been making them for some time I tend to buy better wood because I don’t mess up very often.

Aside from wooden cutting boards, glass, plastic, and marble are also commonly used to protect countertops from blade damage. If future, light applications of oil are applied when the wood shows need, your boards and blocks should hold up great. Be sure your cutting board and spoons are as clean as possible and thoroughly dry. As such, aggressive applications early on will result in more oil soaking, or wicking into the wood.

Glass & ceramic cutting boards are harder than metal … so they dull your knives quickly, not only ruining them, but also increasing the chance of injury. Hey Tracie, I’m not sure how you tell by looking at wood if it’s untreated, I made sure by asking the employees of the salvage yard. If you want to put a decorative edge on your cutting board then do that now using a router.

And finally, for the padauk, your point about the dust being caustic to some people is spot on, however, in an inert setting, like a cutting board, where, even under the most extreme chopping conditions the wood is not being aerated as saw dust and inhaled, I feel that it’s safe to use. These boards tend to be the most expensive of cutting boards and tend to be heavy.

You’ll find boards made from a range of materials, but according to our experts, plastic and wood are the best for most kitchens. Woodworking projects can be intimidating, but this project is actually easier than you may think, requiring basic shop materials and dense, hardwood boards to create a chef-worthy cutting board any foodie will love. But I’m not a wood handler so I’m sure there must be a reason for doing it the way they do.

It’s still important to wash wooden cutting boards in warm water to clean and freshen up the surface. If you do a lot of cooking, it is convenient to have several cutting boards, reserved for specific ingredients (one for proteins, for example, one for vegetables, one for breads). Joe: if the cutting board is a butcherblock” can not be re-surfaced on a planer because the grain runs vertically, but the shop can use a stationary belt sander.

To see how well the boards healed after heavy knife use, we cut crusty bread and soft, raw bacon with a serrated knife, and intentionally marked them with a square of deep cuts. It was also thicker than most of the other planks, so I brought it home as the perfect candidate to make my trio of cutting boards. Once such example of end grain construction is the Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab pictured above – a very nicely made four inch maple end grain block for a relatively low price and with very positive reviews at Amazon. Replenish the wood using mineral oil—just apply a small amount with very slightly damp rag.