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Many of the links may contain information for Free trailer blueprints, Gooseneck trailer plans, Flatbed trailer plans, Car hauler trailer plans, Enclosed car trailer plans, Equipment trailer plans, Utility trailer plans, Free boat trailer plans, Free dump trailer plans and Teardrop trailer plans. OUR GOAL, simple: to provide you with the most complete/best gooseneck trailer in the industry! My boat trailer does this and I love it. I can back up and get the trailer jacked off to about a 95 degree angle to the truck’s forward axis. Even went to the extreme to order the Koyo USA bearings that came with the trailer. We have been serving the people of South Island for a number of years and continue to be the number one trailer company.

I have used this technique a couple of times when loading my 16′ tandem axle trailer behind my 1970 Chevy C30 One Ton (where hails my screen name, chevyoneton) and it has pulled nicely that way. The Polar Axle Utility Trailer features the Tandem Walking Arm — an independent walking beam suspension and an extra set of wide-track tires on Polar’s rugged all-steel frame.

The further the hitch is from the axle, the wider the turning radiuus is. If you don’t need the length, cut your trailer down to fit your needs and axles as far forward as possible while maintaining adequate tongue weight. The center point of your equalizer hanger needs to be located where you will have 60 percent of the frame of the trailer in front of the center of the equalizer hanger and 40 percent behind the center of the equalizer hanger. The tandem axle group can be moved forwards and backwards to put the axles where the weight is best distributed. The second trailer was given to me. It’s a 9500# tandem boat trailer with new tires, new brakes and it’s 16′.

Even if you do decide to have someone build your home or go with a custom-made trailer, it will still be helpful down the line if you understand the above. The design is by far superior to a single axle because you have larger span/wheel base so you don’t fall into holes as easily and it allows for one wheel to go up over a bump while the other stays stable on the ground.

From looking at your thread on the railing, I doubt you have the knowledge or skills at this time to be thinking about building a trailer that would be used on the roads. However you need to completely custom build that trailer and your front axle needs to be at front like a car with your rear axle in back like a car. Replacement parts for these axles are available at most trailer parts suppliers. I wanted to build my new trailer tho to look similar to maybe something someone would have used back in the 50’s or 60’s.

The tow hooks are not merely bolted to the back end of the trailer; they’re welded into place as an integral part of the rear sub-frame assembly. This maybe pointless because I don’t figure there is much of a way to make a trailer look different from back then to now they all kinda look the same. I want to keep the 2990 lb. rating of my present trailer so that brakes are not required, and add an axle to this trailer if it’s possible.

Your question then becomes, can you build the flat bed solid enough to stay together, attach it to the existing trailer in such a way that it does not weaken the trailer and stays firmly attached, and that any tie down points you do are solid. I happen to have an axle with tires, tongue and fenders from a tow behind air compressor I got for free. Free Teardrop Trailer Plans – Some retro tear drop trailer plans that have been scanned from old newspaper articles and magazines. Fill out the form below for more information about the trailer and application that suits your needs.

The Big Tex 45LA Tandem Axle Trailer is a great choice which comes in three different sizes to meet the varying needs of consumers. I like the addition of the portable winch that adapts to the trailer hitch on the back of the truck as well as the tool box space on the front of the trailer. I do not want to pay collision on a 1989 vehicle, so now I have no collision for the trailer either.

I built a tilting trailer years ago that had the A-shaped tongue pivoted at the spring plates on the axle. That let the bed tilt around the axle, eliminating the up/down movement of the tongue you’ll get with the tongue hinged under the bed forward of the axle. Also with the RZR dead center over that axle it would sway over 65. I have 7 X16 dual axle trailer and it tows beautifully. I’m probably going to make my own plans from some trailers I have been looking at near me but If I could find some that were already made up that might save me a little bit of time.

I bought a set of fenders where you have to put the backs in your self because besides the fact that they were cheaper than the regular ones, that maybe I could build some kind of fender skirts similar to some of the art deco stuff from back in the day. Lochiel use only the strongest and toughest materials and can tailor make the perfect Farm Road or Commercial Trailer to fit your needs or requirements.

Our tandem axle ATV trailer (for Argos and Side by Sides too) is designed with a goose neck so the tongue doesn’t hang up when you pull the trailer over logs and we also designed the trailer with a tailgate for ease in rear loading. I built one tandem axle with torsion axles and it was good when it was loaded to the max but when empty it was very bouncy as well.

You will learn how to make good welds and gain access to more powerful machines that are better suited to the job. I got a set of moble home axles for free one axle has electric brakes the other does not. If a new trailer is 5k, I am going to do this myself for a fraction of that cost. We typically do not recommend standard electric trailer brakes for hot shot trailers. The free trailer plan links located on this site are directed to other websites containing trailer plan information and we do not warrant any accuracy of the information contained on those websites. My question was how to raise the trailer to avoid rubbing the prop guard when backing into the drive.

The ATV utility trailer plan was designed using common to purchase steel angle iron and tubing and the trailer will carry all the loads you can throw at it. One big error.. People sometimes claim trailer tires can handle dynamic loads better.. not so. If anything, automotive tires which are designed for high, simultaneous, steering, breaking and weight shift loads (think right front tire in a hard left turn while braking), will handle dynamics better. It wont add that much to the cost of the trailer ~$100 for an axle and whatever for tires/rims. I knocked up the a-frame this morning and clamped it to the axle for a test run.

MOCPlans features robust category, rating and commenting features to make it easier to discover great custom models. Using our detailed plans you’ll save hours of time trying to find out the information and details to build this style of ATV trailer. There is also a spot light that is mounted near the front of the neck that will allow extra visibility while using the front tool box, side steps, or when hooking up your trailer. Click on our SAMPLE CAR CARRIER TRAILER PLANS to see a full page and a cutout page of the blueprints.

Without A Hitch is the place you can turn to for up-to-date information, practical advice, ‘how to’ guides and handy tips for your caravan, trailer and anything else worth towing. Best 4 Less is the only company in Ontario Building a quality Steel Trailer with Seamless Aluminum Skin, 1 Pc Roof , Rubberized frame , Galvanized Rims , Radial Tires, LED Lights All the best features for the Best Price! Your best bet is to do like the Cajun and buy a used trailer and fix it up. Friends that want me to build trailers for them get told the same thing.

My old carhauler trailer is getting pretty wore out and I need a new one but with the economy I can’t afford to buy a new one so I decided that I would just build one I already have a good bit of the materials to build one. Initial cost was nothing, the trailer was swapped for my old slightly rusted out Fiat, that I got for free. Your car insurance will cover this type of trailer, but it might not cover what you haul in the trailer. I do have one piece of advise on trailer loading that does seem to work for judging load placement on a trailer.