Moisture Meter Mistakes Can Be Costly

Knowing the moisture content of your OSB sub-floor panel is an important indicator on whether to proceed with other stages of the build, especially if hardwood flooring is the next step. This helpful tool – which retails for about $40 at local home improvement stores – will give a digital reading of the moisture trapped in wood or drywall. The truth is accuracy will be determined by different factors and the purpose the meter is being used for. Then anytime you find readings that are higher than the baseline, you know there is more moisture in that particular area.

Our tests also show that the meter can even work on some non skid deck surfaces such as the leveled diamond pattern, although clearly the reliability of such readings is going to be somewhat reduced. The meter ‘scans’ the wood, so to speak, by creating an electromagnetic field from electrical waves that are produced by a sensor pad and sends a signal back to the meter determining the moisture content.

Most of the time, my firewood will be between 18 and 20 on my meter when I burn it. Keep in mind also that most of what is sold as seasoned oak is anything but – if you’re lucky, it might have a year’s worth of seasoning. If your meter reads high moisture in ceiling sheetrock away from a chimney, you may have missing roof shingles to blame for a roof leak.

In terms of how much heat you get out of your wood stove the moisture content of your firewood is probably the single most important thing to consider, which is why a firewood moisture checker is so important. Use the basic search field to quickly get matches for search keywords, and then use the sort function to bring the best options for you to the top of the list. We explain the differences between pin type moisture meters and electronic sensor moisture measuring devices.

Old leaks were not detected: None of the moisture detection devices was able to detect points of prior leakage that had dried at the time of the study, but indeed when we demolished the building interior walls, we found both water stains and carpenter ant damage in the bathroom walls from old plumbing leaks. Even so, the on shore boats still produced large numbers which the meter said were wet. Another advantage of this firewood moisture meter is it has a bright LED display that you can read even in dimly lit areas.

Wood doesn’t transmit water readily across the grain and therefore testing the middle section of the skirting may not give true results since it is the thickest part of the skirting and may not be in direct contact with the underlying wall; this may not properly reflect moisture in the underside. A long-pin type moisture meter was capable of detecting moisture in the wall cavity insulation that did not show up in surface tests, and might not show up using an electronic moisture encounter, provided that the inspector was astute enough or lucky enough to probe exactly correctly to stab into moisture.

I have tested the stovesonline moisture meter against many other types of moisture meter on the market, including some really posh expensive ones designed for joiners/woodworkers, and it compares very well, giving very similar moisture readings. The GRP33 will read the holding tank against the hull side or moisture in a heavy wax build up. Gotta know what you are doing. Below are given a number of possible interpretations of such moisture meter ‘profiles’ taken with a resistance/capacitance meter. Most moisture meters use either user-programmed species settings or species adjustment tables.

If after having used your firewood moisture meter the wood turns out to be wet, and the supplier is claiming that it it well seasoned, you should either pay less for the wood and store it up until it is dry, or send it back. Pin meters feature two pins protruding from the end of the meter, between which an electric current travels and measures the moisture resistance in the wood.

Test at least 10 boards per every 1,000 square feet from different locations in the stack—the top, middle and bottom—to ensure the overall moisture content is uniform and that none of the flooring has been exposed to excessive moisture during its delivery. However, we believe that by offering our customers education about not only the operation and use of a moisture meter, but practical tips to use on the job site, we are helping the industry as a whole.