How To Refresh The Smell Of An Old Cedar Chest

So, we inherited an antique bedroom set and a cedar chest from DHÂs great AuntÂs estate. I would suggest that you go over it and become familiar with the pieces and instructions so you can draw everything out on a paper to make sure, especially after you have your boards and you know the exact widths and thicknesses (if they differ from my measurements then you’ll need to adjust other measurements to fit.. BUT the boards I use are pretty standard widths/thicknesses so you shouldn’t have a problem).

While the chest was once geared toward newly married couples, generally featuring items that the couple could use for their new home, such as crockery, linens and oil lamps, today’s hope chests serve a broader purpose of allowing mothers to hand down valuable and often sentimental items to their daughters, along with essentials for those big first steps into adult life.

By 1912, the year Edward began making cedar chests, the Lanes had founded the town of Altavista on 2,000 acres of wheat land crossed by the north – south line of the Lynchburg & Danville Railroad, a Southern predecessor which had opened in 1874 as a connection between two other Southern predecessors – it linked the south terminus of the Orange, Alexandria & Manassas Railroad at Lynchburg with the Richmond & Danville on the north bank of the Dan River.

The entire point of this reply is that accuracy and planning are important, but are not the end-all and be-all of building a project, especially if its destined to be a toybox or hope chest for a little girl, as mine was. Columbus, Ohio -After an intense bidding war, a 1930s cedar chest, which normally sells for approximately $300, brought the astounding winning bid of $23,000 during an estate auction in June. Plus, this has – by far – the very best styling of any waterfall chest that I have ever seen. Second, they agreed that to expand the cedar chest business, it should be split off and moved.

Our cedar chests are beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces that are designed to last for generations Each cedar chest is created individually from from solid hardwoods (not veneer) by Amish master craftsmen. Whether your goal is to fill a hope chest for your daughter or a wedding in the future, knowing more about the hope chest – and how to fill one – is quite useful. Colonists making the great oceanic crossing often had but one piece of luggage for the entire family: the chest. Cedar chests are usually placed in the bedroom, often times at the foot of the bed.

I have probably received 50+ inquiries that just give a model number, serial number or both, and ask what their chest is worth. Periodically, you should empty the chest and gently rub the cedar lining with sythetic steel wool. You can’t really mask that smell with coffee grounds or anything else that is intended to mask it….you have to remove the oils from the chest. Depending on your needs, you may choose a hope chest that sits at the foot of the bed or that is specifically designed to double as an extra seating space.

The instructions for installation were rather less than genuinely helpful so it took me quite a while and effort to get the lid portion of my cedar trunk (a rather old one that needed renovation and modification) properly attached such that all of the clearances allowed for no wood-on-wood rubbing during opening/closing. This will remove oxidation and allow the fresh cedar oils to come to the surface.

The first step in constructing the chest shown was to surface plane all the stock to the correct thickness. We have a generous selection of chests that would make great hope chests, be sure to browse them here and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and new additions. The traditional cedar chest is a classic piece of furniture that also serves a valuable function. Unfortunately 2×4 cedar is a special order item here in Palm Springs Ca. I used dry 2×4 pine with cedar fence boards for my first attempt and so far I like what I see. I experimented with glueing the sides together to make them like boards vs assembling them on the box itself.

I decided to build the chest from walnut grown, harvested, cured and milled on our farm. The first question that most buyers will have as they begin shopping for a Lane cedar chest on eBay is whether or not the item they are looking at was made by the Lane company. I’d recommend removing any hardware you already installed to make the sealing process go faster. When dry, remove the clamps and make sure the boards are securely attached to each other.

Caulk or fill any gaps between the drywall and floor before installing the cedar lining. The cedar is soft so I will have to live with dings and dents, some of which I accidentally put there myself during assembly. Although they’re not widely used in today’s society, you can still fill a hope chest for a variety of occasions, from weddings to simply fulfilling your desire to hand down sentimental objects to a daughter, or even preparing for a future baby. Cedar chests of this time were based on popular coffers owned by wealthy Europeans. I absolutely love your blog, your home, your style – & I like the sweet” blue cedar chest too!

It can help to spread the word to family members and close friends, who might have something that they want to contribute to the chest.Instead of collecting everything at once, store objects away in a designated place and add to the collection slowly over time. Even 15-year-old Natalie Massarella, from Columbus, Ohio, suffocated in a Lane hope chest. One of the least expensive and easiest ways to refresh the smell of an old cedar chest is to lightly sand the interior.