Pacific Mfg. Creates architecturally Correct Wood Columns As Well As Balustrades, Railing Systems And Porch Parts.

When your project requires elegant wood columns, the woodworking experts at Randall Brothers will provide the beautiful and sturdy products you need. For more information visit For important handling and other information concerning our products or for a copy of the Micronized Copper Azole Treated Wood Safety Data Sheet (SDS), please see the applicable Safety Data Sheet (SDS) , or write us at P.. Box 610, Abbeville, AL 36310. The custom manufacture of columns for historical restorations is our specialty.

Craftsman Style exterior built up quad column with tapered concrete base and wood beam capital top. Don’t let this fool you into thinking they are of lower quality then your traditional decorative wood columns, MDF columns are only lower in price but provide the same standard of quality and add to your rooms tone. HB&G PermaLite® square columns are cost effective, load bearing, weather and insect proof, and require very little maintenance. They are idyllic for either interior or exterior usage in applications such as pillars, porches, decorative columns, balconies, courtyards, gazebos, decks, and fireplaces.

In addition to being exquisite, fiberglass columns can be painted and shaped to any customized request. Available with a plain or fluted shaft, the Classic column is manufactured with a one-third straight, two-third radius taper (correct entasis). Pair of rustic round shaped wood balusters, wood pedestals,plant stands,pedestal This transaction is for one pair of balusters! I love using these old vintage salvaged wood carved column balusters in my vignettes. Pre-cast stone front porch columns replace the traditional classic natural stone today.

The most popular fiberglass columns are round fluted, plain round, plain square, and square fluted columns. Columns with blocks attached top and bottom give you flexibility for kitchen island projects. Front porch column wraps can convert ordinary posts and columns into a stylish column quickly and easily. HB&G PermaWrap® columns are made from cellular PVC and offer the advantages of being moisture and insect proof. Generally the cost is about half that of an architecturally correct wood column.

Our WORTHINGTON Stone, WORTHINGTON Cast, WORTHINGTON FRP, Aluminum as well as our wide array of wood columns, are all load bearing as long as they are not split. An area between two of the columns and one of the shorter elevations is dedicated to some of the building’s services, including the staircase, bathroom and a storage space on the top floor. We also offer over a dozen classical and contemporary capital styles to enhance the beauty of your wood columns. Good quality wood columns were the norm up until the 1960’s and can last a very long time when properly installed.

We also offer a wide range of capitals and bases including architectural designs, to suit a variety of different building types. Craftsman columns are milled from sheet stock with a router so details are crisp but inside corners (such as raised or recessed panels) have a slight radius. More than just a means of bearing weight, posts and columns shouldn’t be overlooked when designing your kitchen or room.

The Colonial column is available both plain and fluted and is manufactured with a double bead moulding. The resulting thick walls and the minimal exterior punctuated by a small number of windows, evokes traditional Japanese kura buildings typically used to store valuable goods. The most frequently used material by builders and architects for decorative columns are fiberglass columns because they emanates an engaging presence that is more enduring than wood columns. The staves are joined using tongue and groove joints with Type I exterior glues and each shaft is treated with a wood preservative.

The color yellow as applied to the end of pressure-treated wooden columns is a federally registered trademark of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated. Important note about venting wood front porch columns: If you use hollow wooden columns, be sure to vent them at both the top and bottom to prevent moisture buildup and wood-rot. Thousands of installations attest to the durability and beauty of Hartmann-Sanders columns. Pergolas and applications for balconies or interior structural applications require wood or steel support inside.

Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special offers. The Columns are Unprimed and require a coat of Primer and Paint before or after installation. Available in wood or poly, smooth or fluted, can be structural, craftsman style available, straight shaft or tapered, wood porch posts, brackets, special order species available.

The front porch is the welcoming spot of any home and PermaPorch railing is designed to give the warmth and feel of traditional wood porches without all the maintenance problems associated with wood. A Beautiful Antique Early 1800’s Pair Of Gold Leaf Gilt Embossed Acanthus Columns Pedestal. Square fiberglass columns offer an alternative to the more traditional round columns.

Recessed panel columns require thicker stock making recessed panel columns considerably more expensive. Wooden front porch Posts (or low maintenance synthetic) are the dominant component on which most other porch details will be mounted so we offer a wide range of Posts and Columns. Probably one of the most popular, vinyl porch columns require almost no maintenance and will look great for many years.

Our stain grade wood columns are crafted from the finest clear woods to the exacting specifications of the Architectural Woodworking Institute to their custom grade specifications to ensure beauty the of the grain and a quality finish. Fiberglass columns merge pioneering technology with classical designs to create products that add style and sophistication to homes.