DIY Floating Rustic Shelf Or Mantle!

In many homes, the central living space is found in a family room setting with a fireplace as its focal point. Because we wanted to cover the vents, we had to attach the wood a little bit closer to the fireplace opening than we would have liked. If you’d like to try to build your own wood mantel, be sure to adjust the measurements for your space. Update an old fireplace with a contemporary fireplace surround or add old-world charm to a plain-Jane fireplace with free mantel plans.

If you do not want to measure the two pieces together, measure the length of the mantel and the length of the cleat. I painted the wood with two good coats of white paint, and the brick with Ebony Fields by Valspar. If you think this is the way you want to go, then you need to make sure that you have the correct structures in place to support the weight, as a mantel is often very heavy.

If you are having a new stone fireplace constructed, insist that your contractor put these blocks in place, as they will serve as the mounting blocks for your mantel. As the mantel shelf extends beyond the face of the legs, the wider it will be. This is because the corbels and crown moldings, which support the mantel shelf, extend to the sides proportionally to the depth. There were 2x4s built in to the brick so there would be something to attach the mantel to. I used some scrap wood to build out the brick so everything would be flush. Because there is a brick chimney behind the wall-mounted TV I couldn’t go behind the wall.

If you find a single ornamental piece that fits the proportion of the mantel and the style of the room, there’s no need to incorporate anything else. When building your own fireplace mantel, make sure that strength and durability are a priority. We made sure it was wide enough to jut out from the slate we were installing around the mantel. We used your electric fireplace, Blue Pearl Granite surround and your Colonial Mantel (ordered without dentil molding) to create a fireplace in a room where there was none.

I did a lot of sketches and illustrations to come up with the design of the fireplace mantel and surround. We laid down one more plywood piece on the top and mimicked the end molding of the mantel shelf. Most of the parts that you would need to build your beautiful new mantle could be readily purchased on our website. I adore the Christmas decorations that you put up. Decorating the mantel is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. Removing the bookshelf and tiling over the fireplace gave the room a more open and modern look. We’ve been busy with a few other projects this weekend, but mantel decorating is up next.

I know it is not super fancy or intricate, but I LOVE it. For those wondering, total cost for the mantel was $130.81! First, we mounted a piece of MDF (about 1″ thick by 12″ high) onto our fireplace (that was wrapped in cement board) for the back of the mantel. Intimate spaces, on the other hand, should not be overpowered by a bulky mantel. Apply crown molding under the shelf and baseboard around the base to give it a finished look.

This does not affect the structural strength of the mantel and often adds to the character of the piece. A simple, rustic shelf or a Federal style surround can make a big difference in your home’s decorating style. I couldn’t come up with another way to get the reveal – I would have liked to have had a method that allowed for variations in the mantel top. Includes a standard hearth type, crown molding, swans neck corner post, and serpentine base.

If paint isn’t your cup of tea, try wallpapering the entire fireplace outcropping as an accent wall Just be sure the paper is a safe distance away (check your local fire codes and ordinances!) from the fireplace opening. Surface molding creates a beveled face and gets rid of the flat look that your mantel once had. Once your surround is complete and you have filled all of your nail holes, it’s time to apply the finish.

The firebox molding was attached with pocket screws, glued at the miters, and glued to a support block that fits in the gap between the pilaster and marble. Keep this detailing toward the lower part of the front panel to allow room for the crown molding to be installed later. Greens and bell-trimmed stockings finish the lower part of the arrangement, but it’s the glittering multipoint stars hung on fishing line above that make this mantel sparkle.

So even though the MDF sat right against the brick at the top, it floated a couple of inches away from the brick (and tile) at the bottom. The items you need to cut will depend on if you’re building a shelf only or a shelf and surround. She had remodeled the entire house, but the fireplace was still in its original brick form. While that was drying we added a 2” x 4” to the back of the wall so we could attach the back of the mantel to it. The bottom would rest on the fireplace surround we built ( see yesterday’s post ).

In bedrooms with fireplaces, adorn the mantel with accents that you’ll enjoy gazing at from bed: a favorite painting, a pottery collection, or beautifully framed photos of family and friends. Attach molding to the breast plate first then follow this with molding on the top of the column legs. I attached these pieces with glue and 23 gauge pins About the same time as this, I cut and fitted the base molding for the pilasters.

Maybe I could take this custom surround idea and incorporate it into our existing built-in book cases, raising the television above it as shown. Depending on the depth inside your mantel shelf and legs you can use 2×4, 2×6, 1×4 or 1×6 cleat material to secure your fireplace mantel to. This is a unit that has legs on the ground, with the actual mantelpiece spanning the legs over the top of the fireplace. I excitedly showed Julie our new mantel and, true to form, the first words out of her mouth were simply it needs another layer.” Doh! Corbels and moulding of all kinds can be used to enhance the look of the surround.

Stencil a pattern on your fireplace if you need a little makeover, but don’t want to invest in tile or a completely resurfaced fireplace. This is something I realized I was taking for granted in all previous homes I’ve lived in; it wasn’t until we started the search for our first house that we realized that not all homes in our area (in our price range) have a traditional fireplace. These screws were the covered up by a small piece of cove molding that wraps around the transition between the pilasters and frieze.

We wanted this space to still be useful, so we put in a door to fake a firebox and have access to our outlet on the wall behind the fireplace to run our cords out of sight like a media cabinet. Use the brad nailer to attach decorative molding to the exposed edges of the plinth blocks where they meet the surround. The smaller one I installed on the fireplace frieze center panel (those pictures will be added later), and the wider applique I installed on the door surround in the same room.

Paperwhites in tarnished silver urns add height to this mantel display, while short, flat pieces of greenery bring in more pops of color. Thanks again for working with me to produce a shelf that would fit my fireplace specs. The bulk of the design came from a book I read a book called Making Mantles, by David Getts. Right in front of the fireplace there is usually a hearth, typically made of fire resistant material, such as ceramic tile, stone, brick.