Help Me Complete My Wood Lathe Setup

Let’s talk about things to be aware of in general use and ways of taking advantage of that versatility. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, What brand/model of chuck should I buy?” This places me squarely on the horns of a dilemma, because a four-jaw scroll chuck is a very useful accoutrement for a seasoned turner. Work of this nature, where the diameter of the workpiece is large in relation to its thickness and where the piece is normally mounted from only one side, is known as ‘faceplate’ turning – even if you use a chuck instead of a faceplate.

Centers for lathe work have standard tapered shanks that fit directly into the tailstock and into the headstock spindle using a center sleeve to convert the larger bore of the spindle to the smaller tapered size of the lathe center. Many of the chucks mentioned here are more than the average beginner lathe worker will need or be able to get the most out of, but each one can be used in many standard lathe machines.

Speed changing is normally effected by moving belts onto different-sized pulleys but many newer lathes now incorporate electronic variable speed systems and a few have mechanical speed variation systems – like the one in our photograph which shows a PooleWood PW28-40 heavy duty lathe. I am not sure when scroll chucks became available for both metal & wood lathes.

Use care to avoid dropping the chuck on the ways, since this can greatly damage the lathe ways or crush the operator’s hands. Wood blanks can be glued up with a piece of paper between them, turned and then split apart to create decorative split turnings for furniture and cabinet decoration. Nova comet ii 12” x 161/2” midi lathe w/unfastened nova g3. For a restrained time most effective, buy the nova comet ii 12” x 161/2” midi lathe and receive a nova g3 comet ii reversible chuck without spending a dime! With such differing opinions, I’m probably going to try it out, using a SMALL piece of wood.

Do not attempt to use the bench or pedestal grinder without becoming fully educated as to its safety, operation, and capabilities. On anything other than short, light jobs always use the tailstock centre to support the workpiece end. Standard tool holders for high-speed steel cutting tools have a square slot made to fit a standard size tool bit shank.

A more precise method to face a piece of stock to a specified length is to turn the compound rest to an angle of 30 degrees to the cross slide and then use the graduated micrometer collar to measure tool bit movement, Figure 7-48. Facing is machining the ends and shoulders of a piece of stock smooth, flat, and perpendicular to the lathe axis. For a bowl gripped by a spigot, reverse-chuck it, gripping the rim with a shop-made jam chuck or accessory adjustable bowl jaws, as shown above.

Chucks range in price from about $170 for the basic body and one set of jaws to about $300 for a chuck body and several sets of jaws. Make sure the wood is securely fastened between centers, as some lathe’s tailstocks tend to creep backwards instead of tightening. This method is one of several ways to align a workpiece in an independent chuck. A lathe can also be fitted with flap sanders, drill chucks, polishing wheels and other accessories to expand the use of the tool and make it more versatile.

Mastercraft Wood Lathe for sale, includes oneway chuck, valued at $200.00 Asking for $200.00 for lathe and oneway chuck. I routinely cut 6061 with wood saws without carbide tips, no reason to think decent wood turning tools wouldn’t cut it easily. Do not use too much force that will embed the drill chuck deep into the slot, which will make it very difficult to remove.

Fits on any NOVA Chuck: Same jaw fixing system across all NOVA Chuck models – total system interchangeability & maximum flexibility for you. Forcing it or moving too quickly will cause the tool to jam into the wood, and it will either break off, or you will lose your grip on the tool if the lathe doesn’t stall out. After extended use I remain confident that the SuperNova is a very good buy for anyone who turns wood!

Each different types of lathe chucks can perform a wide range of tasks, opening the possibilities of incredible designs and processes. Machinist Table 7-2 lists specific ranges of cutting speeds for turning and threading various materials under normal lathe conditions, using normal feeds and depth of cuts. Then I use a spur center to drive it. I mount it in my 3-jaw with a 3 wheel steady rest supporting the other end (made one out of 3 new rollerblade wheels – free at the local skate shop – and totally amazing bearings) and center drill using a D drill. Your first call your electronic mail deal with home; wood lathe chucks and accessories; kind via.

Even though your may be able to mount a piece in the lathe in some other way, it can take almost as long to create that holding device(s) as it does to turn your whole piece. Install the center sleeve into the headstock spindle and install the lathe center into the center sleeve with a light twisting motion. Further, the tenon should not bottom out inside the jaws to ensure that the face of the wood bears on the jaw faces.

This chuck is not as accurate as the independent chuck, but when in good condition it will center work within 0.002 to 0.003 inches of runout. A number of lathe chucks are also available that allow you to grip smaller items for turning. If you are going to be chucking up any traditional Hex Bamboo a 4 jaw just doesn’t play nice with the 6 sides. There is no set procedure to grinding lathe tool bit angles and shapes, but there are general guidelines that should be followed. Be sure to thoroughly read the manual for this machine before you attempt to use it.

Even on a lightweight lathe you can make simple shapes in steel using a file or a rotating grinding wheel held in a drill chuck. This photo shows the jaws bottoming out again on the bottom of the project and not the base of the chuck. The variety of work that can be performed on the lathe is greatly increased by the use of various lathe attachments. The new jaw simply slides into place and you can hear and feel a snap when the jaw is locked into the chuck correctly. In order to use the formula simply insert the cutting speed of the metal and the diameter of the workpiece into the formula and you will have the RPM. Also to lock the adapter on the chuck body, to keep everything intact for reversing the lathe.

I would take the one you bought back and exchange it for the one with the No. 2 Morse Taper which is the proper taper for your lathe. When shopping, check to see if a store has wood lathe parts for sale, and buy a boring bar with a bar holder. When you install your mounting screws into a wood blank, the fibers around the hole tend to lift up slightly as the screw is inserted. It helps to have a set of ‘centering bits’ so you can drill a concave in the outer ends of the rods to give a perfect fit on a live center.

So if you will be turning a 6” piece of wood the glue chuck should be between 3” to 4” diameter, for an 18” piece the glue chuck should be between 9” & 12”. Tighten the drill chuck by hand before you use the chuck key to further tighten it. Take a look at the drill from the from so that you can determine if the drill has been inserted properly and is sitting up straight inside the drill chuck. The main thing when using hot melt glue is to make sure the glue is hot enough before applying.

Begin moving the cutting edge parallel to the rotation of the work piece, continuing to make a light cut along its length. Find a huge choice of nova lathe chucks, oneway chuck, longworth fashion chucks and more at rockler. Many different devices, such as chucks, collets, faceplates, drive plates, mandrels, and lathe centers, are used to hold and drive the work while it is being machined on a lathe. The headstock consists of the drive train, including the motor, pulleys, belts, and spindle, and for a right handed turner, will be located on the left end of the lathe. By sliding the bed away from the headstock, the gap lathe can be used to turn very long workpieces between centers.