How To Strip Furniture And Stain It

Two tips to keep in mind when staining wood: Water-based polyurethane is not only better for the environment, but it will also dry in under an hour and always sand and stain with the grain of the wood for a smooth finish. You can order General Finishes Gel Stain from us online at -category/general-finishes/​ and we ship anywhere in Canada through Greyhound or UPS, shipping is calculated once you fill in your address as you are getting ready to check out. The towline approach to automating wood finishing uses mobile carts that are propelled by conveyors mounted in or on the floor. Tops of nearly every piece of furniture are attached from the underside with screws.

You should use as clean a brush as possible and work in as clean a room as you can, but there will still be dust nibs when the finish cures. If you would like to send in some photos to we can take a look for you and maybe make some suggestions but ultimately you will need to carry out test areas. Thank you for you inquiry, you could have a look at the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil this is a durable seal that will protect and nourish the wood, whilst giving a natural finish. What I really love about it most though is that it conditions, seals and protects in one step and doesn’t require primer or wood conditioner.

If the wood is already stained, the color becomes a combination of the existing and new stains. Sand the filler gently after it has dried to make sure that the surface is flush with the wood. You not only want to remove all traces of old finish, but also expose fresh wood. You will see the original surface with this first application and you can choose to use the original colour to help create a grained effect.

Glaze Effects are translucent water based colors that may be used over any water based stain or paint to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, antiquing, Strie?, marble effects, shabby chic, burnishing, color washing, rag rolling and wood graining. A prolific carpenter, home renovator and furniture restorer, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. However, once I wiped the oil stain off, the front didn’t soak in as much of the color as the back.

Is it possible the wood is not absorbing the stain evenly (sitting on top rather than sinking in therefore not giving the depth of darkness you’d like). If you apply a glaze to unfinished wood, though, some of it soaks in, while some remains on the surface. To help reduce blotchiness when staining, first apply a liberal coat of a pre-stain wood conditioner. Just as the flower stem sucks up the water in the vase, so too did the wood use to do for the tree.

Think I’m going to use the chalk paint & distress rather than crackle finish because I want to transfer some text onto the piece too. But now that the stain is applied, I recommend carefully sanding the entire surface to remove the stain and start over. Colour matching can be so difficult on wood and without seeing the wood and colours that you are referring to it is difficult for me make any suggestions. Different woods take stains differently, an important factor to consider when selecting your furniture. In this Towline method, mobile carts move large furniture through various finishing stages on a conveyor system.

I know now to use a gel stain on pine, but I hesitate to do this on this project since Watco doesn’t make a gel stain to match the oil stain I used on the rest of the project. I was disappointed when I opened the box to find that the bench was completely unfinished wood. If you try to rush the job, the clear finish can lift stain from the wood, resulting in a blotchy mess. I have a beautiful unfinished toy chest for my twins toys that I want to stain.

I’ve heard they are better to use on woods such as pine and poplar..but not sure how well they would move though due to the consistency… I will be subscribing to your blog so I don’t miss out on anything. I have also found that applying boiled linseed oil to the end grain of almost any kind of wood retards the absorption of an oil-based stain. Reduction: If spraying the product as a stain in order to allow the grain to show through, reduce 10 to 20% with water or General Finishes Extender. Apply the first coat of stain with a paintbrush, always brushing with the wood’s grain.

Water-based Versus Oil-based — When it comes to picking a stain, there are three questions you should ask yourself to determine whether to choose a water-based or an oil-based stain. Spread out old newspapers and tape the edges together to form a solid base on which to lay the piece of furniture. If you have or are planning to buy a piece of unfinished furniture or plan to strip and refinish a flea market find or resurrect a family treasure, knowing the basic steps demonstrated in this video can be quite helpful. For this reason, as pointed out by Flexner, many people prefer to omit the staining step when finishing wood.

A gel stain might be a good choice at this point as it doesn’t rely so much on absorption to work properly. This is called ”tacking,” and is done by wiping the wood with a special cloth called a tack cloth. And yes, if the stain overflowed to the poly, your next coat may not adhere 100%. The solvent in the finish will activate the damp stain, allowing your brush or cloth to pull the stain out of the pores of the wood.

After the final coat of stain has thoroughly dried, apply polyurethane according to the manufacturers’ instructions. It’s very sheer, so I let the stain sit on the wood for about 5-8 minutes before wiping it off. Keep in mind the shellac will prevent the gel stain from causing it’s typical dramatic color change. By all means, do as you wish, but a shame to darken antique oak furniture in some instances. Can be used on wood and non-wood surfaces, and can be used Interior and Exterior (must have an exterior top coat finish). Depending on the type of wood and weather conditions this can take weeks, even months. That means you have to remove a good amount of wood before the stain is completely gone.

Since MDF can be inexpensive (and found in a lot of thrown away furniture) you should do a test piece to dial in your approach. Thank you for your inquiry, you could use the Manns Oak Wood Stain there is a wide range of colours available in this range and because its water based you can lighten slightly by adding water to try and achieve a similar look on both surfaces.

They can soak into the wood so quickly and deeply that they may be difficult or impossible to remove if you apply too much or have overlapping areas of coverage. But only because i was thinking that shellac with alchohol was not an eco friendly product to use. When you take the time to use progressively finer and finer grit sandpaper to eventually produce a glass-like surface, you minimize the surface area of the lumber.

Because there are so many shades of stain to choose from, I usually buy two or three small sample cans so I can test each one and then pick the one I like best. I know traditionally staining & MDF don’t really go together, but what I’m after is actually the look of staining under a chalk paint or crackle medium distress finish (so not necessarily a wood grain look).