Muji Makeup Storage Setup

Here’s wishing everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, may all your makeup wishes come true this year 😀 !! It may seem weird to some people to go through all the trouble of ordering makeup storage instead of running to Walmart and picking up some plastic boxes, but for as much as I spend on makeup, I am more than happy to go to the trouble of having a nice set-up! It features 3 storage drawers made of crystal clear plastic that conveniently allow you to organize and easily find your favorite makeup items.

I was so hesitant to do it. I really don’t know why because I spend hundreds at a time on makeup. To add instant character to any room, browse our charming range of decorative storage boxes , or invest in our versatile willow baskets for a subtle yet effective rustic twist. The extra-large tray with various size compartments offers plenty of space for storing different makeup and accessories.

Keep things out in the open with Tiered Bath Storage from Pottery Barn in a vintage iron finish. I’m now really pleased with how I have it and which storage options I went for so I thought I would go though it. The unit is great quality and has some weight to it. The drawers slide in and out smoothly. If you have lots of stuffs and you need a large compartment, makeup train case is perfect for you.

This did house quite a lot of my everyday makeup so for just under £30 I was really pleased. I have the five drawer stacked on top of a smaller three drawer Muji (different shaped drawers). Our Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizers with Drawers are made from strong and durable acrylic so they will stand the test of time. Whilst primarily practical, home storage solutions can also be elegant and attractive, blending in seamlessly with existing decor. The almost invisible, sparkling, robust storage products holds all types of cosmetics.

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing a high quality acrylic makeup organizer box that is affordable for women of all ages who want the amazing convenience and beauty that these amazing clear cosmetic cubes provide WITHOUT the huge price tag. I have brushes in the bottom drawer, pencils and lipsticks in the next drawer, scissors, tweezers and what not in the next drawer and so on. What a bargain and smooth running drawers too. Ikea is the king of storage and has many options for keeping clutter out of sight.

After a few months of having the Muji storage and enjoying how organised it kept my makeup I decided to double what I had so that I could store lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes… and also have a random drawer for lipbalm, correctors and face sprays. I just got mines today and I’m happy to say that not only am I impress with the quality and usefulness of these drawers but I appreciate that the company took their time to package the products securely.

Thank you I am I am absolutely in love with My eDiva make up,I Organize all my makeup the first day it came, I was so excited, the eDive perfectly fits all the makeup and it organizes Face, Cheeks, Eyes, Lashes and Lips to makeup into different sections there is evening enough room for me to purchase to more makeup in the future. They carefully select, inspect and utilize premium North American wood species in most of their cabinet doors, and E-0 Certified (Effectively zero formaldehyde emissions), high quality plywood in all of their boxes. These drawers are great I really like that I am able to store my make up for easy access.

With a clear vase of basically any size wrapped by Washi Tape, makeup is even more fun. They are sturdy, affordable and are a perfect way to organize my makeup collection. Cabinet boxes manufactured by Conestoga Wood are shipped ready-to-assemble and the interiors are pre-finished with a clear topcoat. And I decided to get the 2 drawers set, although now I think about it maybe I should have bought a larger version! I put all my lip liners and glosses in a washed out old nest candle, and my makeup brushes in another larger one.

As a YouTube Beauty guru I have a lot of makeup and was running out of places to put it. I was losing things and it was a mess. Furthermore, there are makeup brush holders we call ‘brush penthouses’ to keep up to 24 brushes clean and dust free. And, she has not stopped and is still striving to create more ideas that can be transformed into stunning, yet practical makeup boxes and holders. Made of sturdy plastic, the Interdesign Rain Large Divided Cosmetic Bin features 11 different compartments of varying size to hold all sort of makeup and accessories in one location. Designed with daily use in mind, the organizer boasts a sturdy acrylic casing and smooth, easy slide drawers.

At this point in time not only do I adore my ediva storage but I’m also outgrowing this one. The 2 drawer case I use for things that wont fit in the 5 drawers like Mac Paint Pots and Make Up Forever foundations. So beautiful and stylish I never knew my makeup could look so organized and chic ! If you’re the type to keep your beauty boxes, then you can construct this adorable little drawer unit to keep all your makeup tools and product neat and tidy. Made famous by the Kardashian sisters, with your very own Kardashian Makeup Organizer you will be the envy of all your friends.

In Ireland its best sellers are the Acrylic 2 (€24.95) and five-drawer (€42.95) storage boxes, while Acrylic pen pots (€4), which hold brushes and other bits and bobs, are also very popular. One thing I really love about this storage is that you can see and know where everything is when you are sat applying your make-up which saves on a lot of time. It’s amazing how these cheap clear glass tumblers can make such a beautiful makeup brush holder.

They fit most makeup items like pencils, lipsticks and mascara tubes, and once you have a clear makeup storage unit, there’s no going back because you’ll suddenly realize how much time you spent shuffling through drawers looking for that one shade you really want. Muji, with its clean lines, has been a go-to brand for those who love contemporary storage. Among these cool ideas you’ll find makeup placed in specially designed furniture, chests of drawers, baskets, boxes, drawers, tabletop containers and bathroom cabinets. This cute makeup brush holder with Washi tape will be a lovely addition to your dresser.

It features 4 storage drawers made of crystal clear plastic that conveniently allow you to organize and easily find your favorite makeup items. You must be a professional makeup artist to be eligible for £30 discount on our acrylic beauty boxes. The sturdy acrylic material means our cosmetic storage units can also act as a display vanity case for all sorts of items, making it ideal for nail polish storage, jewellery storage, hair accessories storage, stationary storage or men’s accessories.

I am so impressed by the weight and sturdiness of it….I just can’t tell you how blown away by it I am. I cannot wait to get all my makeup and skin care products organized in it. It arrived right before lunch today and I rushed home to see it. IT IS AMAZING!!!! I don’t know about you guys, but makeup organization is a ritual for me, and I actually get a lot of pleasure out of the process. This Listing includes :1 x Cosmetic Organizer Clear Acrylic Makeup Drawers Holder Case Box Jewelry Storage. Packaging was phenomenal, there was a box with Styrofoam surrounding another box that had more styrofoam & bubble wrap that was definitely protecting the acrylic makeup storage.

If you need to carry your makeup to and from a mirror, these Wire Caddies from Crate & Barrel may be the answer! If you want to take your makeup organization very seriously, then you can actually build your own vanity that’s jam-packed with useful storage space, but also lets you see exactly what is what. Package includes:1 x Transparent Acrylic Make Up Organiser Cosmetic Display Storage Case. Multiple compartments in different sizes plus 1 bottom drawer make it a great storage solution, and versatile enough to use in any room.