DIY 2×4 Shelving For Garage Or Basement

Now i could have just bought plastic shelves at Meijer or Lowe’s but they are expensive and wouldn’t provide as much space. The cabinets were custom fit into the alcove on the back wall (GL Custom Steel cabinetry featuring black shells and silver doors). Those shelves are horrible and won’t take much weight (as the only thing holding them up are small screws!). There is room for improvement – by using construction adhesive at each joint will make it even stronger if it’s build for heavy duty application, for my basement, this is plenty sturdy.

Yes, a framing nailer will make quick work of it. I’m always obsessed with making things easy to disassemble just in case” even though I’ve never disassembled anything I’ve used screws on. Time to go to the shrink I guess and see what that’s all about. I designed the workbench to have some open storage space, which meant we had two dressers on the left side and one on the right side. I just had my garage redone (gutted except for studs) and my old shelf had to go. Thanks for the article. The top shelf can hold your gloves, scarves, or store shoes while the the rack holds your jackets. The gap between the two parallel strips should be determined by the length of the steel shelf bracket.

I enjoyed building them as per your drawings and found them to be very sturdy and an excellent storage solution. The most crucial point is to provide enough shelving to store your items but to not cover every wall. If you implement these garage storage ideas and still don’t have enough space for all of your belongings, you can always consider building a shed to house those last few items.

Diy storage solutions for a well-organized garage, If you have more than one soccer ball or basketball in your garage, then it’s worth implementing a storage system for them so you don’t trip over them whenever. There will be a left and a right shelf as I have to make a gap where the garage attic door is. Keep in mind that not all living structures and garages are created equal. The hooks, baskets and shelving help to keep the floor clear so that a vehicle can be parked inside of the garage.

Here you will find some of the cheapest, easiest and most inspired DIY storage ideas that you should certainly try to keep in mind next time you organize the available storage space in your attic! Once your project is complete, you may want to do a thorough cleaning to add the finishing touch to your new garage storage system. Note: The shelves should not tip over if you load heavier items near the bottom, but if you have children who may climb on the shelves, it’s best to make sure they are secure to the wall. As you can see in the picture below, I also used the perpendicular wall for increased support.

Moving all of the junk, putting everything back, cutting the old shelf and all that was a lot of work, but when i was done it looked the same as when i started. The top plate of the wall is exposed in this style shed, and we decided we wanted our plywood shelf to cover it. We also decided that this shelf would be easier to install in place, rather than building it outside. If you’re like me, even your best efforts to mark solid colored plastic storage containers have come up short. And use plenty of metal support brackets for the wall and connecting the two together. It’s going to be hard to organize your garage if you stash things you never use!

I ordered the brackets from HD before starting the project because I figured a 9+ foot 2×4 span would need it but was surprised how solid the shelves felt even w/ the brackets. I secured the shelf frames with 3” screws and attached the OBX to the frame with 1 ¼” screws. I measured to make sure all 4 legs were attached with the top of the shelf at 27” and 5″ in on each end.

Once installed, you’ll have an easy place to keep your sports equipment, toys for your car, lawn care products, and anything else you like to keep in your garage. I think the key is to make sure the 2 x 4’s are fastened vertically instead of horizontally. A slatwall extends around the perimeter of the entire garage making it easy to mount hooks and racks where needed. The 2X4 in the frame makes the front edge of the shelf stronger so it won’t sag.

Incredibly so. For a period, these shelves held nothing but books and held up just fine; in fact, the tools and other items I have on them now are much lighter than the books that were weighing it down. Tailored Living offers a variety of finishes and colors so your garage cabinet systems can coordinate with your home’s existing décor. You can easily paint over metal shelves, but what can really make a difference is painting the wall behind. So provide an extended storage space in your garage by building a long-lasting and adjustable shelf.

Make sure you clean the shelf occasionally to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. I have made shelves similar to these and have found that using 2×2 for the shelf supports works just as well and cost less. The pictures in this post are only of one of the walls I built shelves on. The total cost for wood, nails and screws for both walls was just under $200.00. My goal was to build the strongest shelves as possible, without spending too much money.

If I saw them sag then I’d probably put 2×3 supports up the middle in the front or back, or add a 3rd 2×4 running length-wise down the center, but I don’t think I could put enough weight on a 15″ high shelf to make it bow unless I was storing a supply of osmium. Depending on the steel shelf brackets you have (and how far the hole is from the bend in the bracket), you may need a 2×6 (38×140 mm) instead.

What I wanted was a five shelf storage unit for the garage that would hold plenty of weight. You can also build a desk with good storage by stretching boards across two low file cabinets, which you often find in yard sales. These screws are more than sufficient for the weight loads we’ll be putting on these shelves. Clear containers will let you easily see what’s in the tubs you’re considering lugging down from the top shelf and are in no way inferior to their solid colored counterparts.

Then we measured up 20 inches from that first line to mark the bottom of the second shelf (18 inches plus 2 inches for the thickness of the shelf). Since they’re made of plastic, the storage cabinets are durable, easy-to-clean, and will not rust. Your garage is a great place to repurpose old items and give them new life as storage containers and organizers. The beauty of brick-&-board bookcases is that they’re infinitely expandable-you can keep adding to them as you need more storage space. It’s just a temporary spot until I can build something cool like Whit’s rolling lumber cart!

Display racks, installed on board-and-batten siding, turn surfboards into wall art, as well as keep them safely stored. Adding few coats of flashy paint on the shelf can transform your dull-looking garage into a cool space. Use the four 2-foot pieces from the corner post cuts to make the other 4 21-inch end pieces. With Tailored Living, you’re assured of getting the highest quality storage solutions for closets, garages, pantries, entry ways, home offices and more. This is a classic example of old kitchen cabinets being repurposed in a two car garage.

We started our shelving project with the middle shelf – an 8″ shelf that will rest about 55.5″ off the shed floor. Various shelves, hooks and racks are affixed to the wall to provide flexible storage and organization. Low cost – As already mentioned, metal garage shelving is cheaper than most of the classic wooden units you’ll be able to find on the market, especially if you’re looking at intricate designs. Your Garage As Extended Living Space – Many garages are an extension of a home’s living space.

If we use three studs for the supports, one set on the ledge, two going down to the floor, we’ll have shallower shelves at the bottom, but that’s okay! That is when you realize things like, will the door shut, how tall will it look, do i need 4 shelves or only 3. If all you have are exposed rafters, it’ll be a bit of a project (but a doable one) for you to install some sheets of pine wood (or other strong material) on top of them.

Fastening the shelf at every stud provides significant additional weight-holding capability, especially towards the back of the shelf. With a minimal budget and only some basic tools and materials, you can make your own storage solution in less than an hour – and here you will find out how! Then you can add a bracket with the middle of the line secured by a bracket or sorts to the wall. I grabbed some graph paper and marched out to the garage to scheme up my dream workbench.

When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. Monthly advice on how to make your home eco-friendly, including energy and water saving tips, healthy home products, green remodeling, and more, plus special offer. If the wall you are working on doesn’t have sheetrock then you can skip this step. I built myself some shelves in the garage using some leftover 2x3s and plywood.