Harp Kits & Plans

St. Patrick’s Day weekend approaches, but this year, my husband Ryan and I are forgoing donning shamrocks and plastic leprechaun hats, ordering up green beer and merrymaking with the crowds. Gut strings, generally, are of a higher tension and may be desired by those who are planning on progressing to a pedal harp in the future, because the tension will be similar. The well made members of each group are fashioned in a manner which allows the soundboard to be activated in a much wider dynamic range than that of a pedal harp. Keep in mind that smallpipe chanters, i.e. the Highland scale, will rarely be suitable for traditional Irish music.

The overall shape and proportion of the instrument is important too – if a harp is too narrow, then the hands, wrists and knees meet the instrument in awkward places. Rick Kemper of Sligo harps is also a tremendous asset to anyone who is interested in construction of harps. We were lucky as although we live in a small Australian city with no second hand harp market to speak of dd was able to play a fair number of different lever harps owned by other people.

The believe that the pedal harp is the most effective harp for all types of music is simply incorrect. For a language arts activity, have kids use vivid words to describe and then compare and contrast the moods and sounds of different harp songs. I also build hybrid harps with lasers and strings, a new type of harp that has never before been constructed, with multi-media controlled red and/or green laser beams built into a custom harp with strings. Another important thing to know is that many pedal harp teachers have very little knowledge about lever harps.

Explore Irish and Irish-American history and culture through song lyrics, dance, and instrument demonstrations. Harps and Harps – specialises in building custom folk/celtic and pedal harps, dealer for CAMAC pedal, celtic and electric harps and also repairs, restores and rents harps. Students learn the four shapes used in Sacred Harp singing and sing the shapes” of Yankee Doodle.” In a key appropriate to their voices, they sing the melody part of Chester,” a Revolutionary-era tune by William Billings. While padauk is a hard and heavy wood, I wasn’t sure about how it would stand up to the rigors of being a harp. I just finished building a 17/16 hammered dulcimer from your plans and hardware.

In terms of pedal harp and lever harp lutheries, vastly different emphasis, skills and specialities are involved for the craftsman. For advanced classical music and jazz music, a pedal or chromatic harp will need to be considered. Ask him also to send a matching taper reamer for making the tapered holes in the harp. My first harp was built by my dad Geoff,in 1978 so you might say that I am a second generation harp builder,( a bit of a stretch, but basically true ). He built my harp from Robinson plans of the Trinity Collage Harp. The pedal harp evolved as a piece within an orchestra from the much older lever harp.