White Veneered Plywood Wall Mounted Tv Stand Over Rectangle White Led Tv Wall Mount Cabinet

_Finding a television set for your living room is one thing but placing it in a suitable manner is a whole other ball game. I am sure that any visitor this time to my home after seeing the TV unit online that I have bought is going to place an order for the same. They are usually made of solid and engineered wood, sometimes adorned with glass, and can be delivered in pre-assembled, DIY and knockdown conditions. Featuring a proprietary technology, this stand allows you to use your remote right through the front panel. If your interior calls for a modern housing and your taste goes in the same direction, why don’t you try Orinoco TV Unit and Vincent TV Unit as they can easily justify your demands.

This way if you decide you want the dresser to be a dresser and not a T.V. stand you just unscrew the bracket and voila! Screw the cabinets first to the base, driving screws from inside the cabinet boxes (see Figure A). Then set the top in place and fasten it the same way before adding the back panel (S). While shifting to a new place, I required a sleek organizer unit for my new TV and other stylish decoratives.

_Now that you have a basic skeleton structure for your television stand, its time to fine tune the whole unit and merge it with your interior d├ęcor. Regardless of space constraints and size preferences, the total width of your television stand should be greater than the total width of your TV in order to avoid any accidents. The best way to do this, is to turn the TV cabinet frame upside-down onto the plywood.

HUH Plywood TV cabinet Plywood TV cabinet Here is a TV-stand that fits also larger TV. On the shelves You can place all the needed equipment. I’ve attached a final drawing of the media cabinet which will hold about 1000 cd’s and 120 DVD’s/XBox games. Plywood (Photo 1). After spreading glue, I tacked the plywood in place with a couple of brad nails and then weighted it down with paint cans.

Now its time to get the calculators out and apply a few formulas to get the exact length for the sides of the television set. Dowel pilot holes are pre-drilled in bottom on centerline when cabinet is clamped together, then you remove, insert dowels, glue sections, match them, and screw while clamped. Thats a very nice TV stand, its a shame you were not able to put up a full instructable!