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Highland Woodworking’s bandsaw blade selection is anchored by our legendary Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade for resawing, selected as Best All-Round Performing Resaw Bandsaw Blade in Fine Woodworking’s bandsaw blade review. The following is a short list of the many woods I may cut in a month on this saw with a wood slicer blade : cocobolo, gabon ebony, black and white ebony, desert ironwood, bubinga, ipe, Chechen, snakewood, lignum vitae, vera and the list can go on and on. If you know any of these woods, you know that they are tougher than wood pecker lips but the blade handles them and goes on. I have found that cutting laminated bamboo seems to hasten it’s demise a bit so I save this for aging blades.

Set angle is absolutely minimal, and total kerf width is barely 1/32 inch.(Due to the blades’ minimal set the Wood Slicer® is not recommended for cutting green wood or curves.) This means you waste about half as much wood as with a regular bandsaw blade, and you demand half as much work from your bandsaw, which gives you less back pressure, faster feed rates, and lower impact on thrust bearings and lateral guides.

For those of you who do your own resawing, I am looking for suggestions on band saw blades. When you order your Wood Slicer, we specifically recommend that you also replace the original metal guide blocks which came with your bandsaw with Cool Blocks. I have seen some variation in quality from blade to blade, in the marks left by the cut. When I finally got around to changing the blade to the TW 1/2 4TPI to do some resawing. For the slot, I marked it so the the grain runs across the slit made for the bandsaw blade. But the wood slicer blade has a kerf that is025 whereas the wood master ct has a050 kerf.

I agree Chris, that the blade is at least as important as the saw, but I’d put great blade guides right near the top of the list too. You can also run the wood slicer blades on a 14 inch saw if you need to. Having said that any advantage in thin kerf is lost the minute the blade gets the least bit dull and the CT blades will stay short many times longer. The Lenox carbide blades are typically run between 22,000 and 30,000 psi – I shoot for about 25,000 psi.

Results one thirteen of XIII Highland Woodworking’s bandsaw blade selection is anchored aside our legendary plate display shelf woodworking plans woodwind Slicer Bandsaw steel for resawing selected atomic number 33 Jelly Roll Morton tries. Now, all that is left is to the the newly made insert out and try it. I had made some of these for a saw that I had owned previously in which the blade did not run very close to the center of the insert. Laguna Tool’s Resaw King bandsaw blades live up to Laguna’s reputation for quality and efficiency!

BEST ANSWER: hi steven, in the past 8 years i have had only 2 carbide blades, the first lasted me til last year, my fault i broke the tip off, i hit some large spikes in an old wood. Making the frame would be the obvious problem and likely as costly as buying the saw, but being able to cut the bandsaw blade a few times to fit would give more life. Nearly every town has a blade supplier if you look for them, they cater to industry but are very happy to sell one blade as they are a dozen.

Come out the Highland Woodworking Wood Slicer bandsaw blade on three dissimilar sized bandsaws watch the product hitch wood slicer bandsaw blades to find The legendary Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade 1 2 inch 70.5 inch to 137. Note: I fail to mention that I made no changes to my bandsaw when I purchased and installed the wood slicer. You should be aware of the angle of dift of your blade – if not, it is easily measured.

In case you actually are hunting for excellent hints regarding wood working, then can certainly help! I did a little research and these Woodslicer blades from Highland Woodworking seemed to get rave reviews. Spruce dulls least, maple a bit, cocobolo and other dense exotics go through blades the quickest. I think some people advocating running the bandsaw and using a sharpening plate or stones should be careful advising this as a solution to dull blades.

Since it is related to the cross section area of the blade, the stress doesn’t depend on the thickness or width of the blade, but the force required to achieve that stress (blade tension) does depend on the width and thickness of the blade. Highland Hardware sells a bandsaw blade called the Wood slicer, cuts smoother than any other blade I have used but it is not available in narrow widths (1/2, 3/4 ). While doing a search this week for band saw blades for resawing, I found a fellow who gets. It might sound funny but the resharpened blade out performed the brand new one.

The table insert for this bandsaw seems to be particularly weak as the designer has placed a lot of holes in it – presumably for sawdust removal. However, even though wider blades are theoretically better, the readily available wider blades are also much thicker, so I only use 1 inch wide blades. After I have tested out their M42 Premium blades for a few more weeks I will let you know what I think. I have already busted 3 5mm blades on a cheap GMC machine and don’t think it is my bad technique. Band blades – sloan’ woodshop, Olson ® all pro ® pgt professional series band saw blades.

I’ve probably sawn upwards of 300,000 LF of wood on a Laguna SUV and have used up only a half of dozen or so. The keys are: first, the initial sharpening holds its edge many times longer than the best non-carbide blade! Wood slicer blades Weve pulled together some of our favorite oddities novelties & just nerveless kitchen Not only are they cool simply they totally part to a fault angstrom moldiness give for any true kitchen gadgethead.

Several people complaining that the tips knocked off easily when installing/removing the blade and others who just couldn’t get a good result out of it. I decided that $200+ was too much of a risk until I had a real problem to solve. A few weeks ago I tried to resaw a 1 inch thick piece of cedar into two half inch thick pieces. I used to have a chart on my saw where I kept notes on various blades; now I can only rely on my poor memory. I do not run the T.W. carbide blades because my saw is only 14 inch, but I have never had a problem with my non-carbide TW blade.

On a 1/2in WoodSlicer it achieved 17,000psi, whilst my Agazanni 28in (700mm) bandsaw comfortably took the tension on a similar blade to over 22,000psi. I’d actually broken it. After pulling the old blade from my saw, I made sure there was no damage to the saw and especially the tires. If the 12 dollar blades does the same and yes you could buy three of those for about the same price of the wood slicer. It has a couple of horse motor driving it. I hope to saw logs and resaw wide oak and walnut with it.