Craftsman Professional Tool Box Yellow

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If you need Made in China, Harbor Freight tools look and work as good as Made in China Craftsman tools. Craftsman 5-Drawer Top Chest provides the ideal storage solution for all your hand and power tools, parts and other supplies. I have the opportunity to pick up a one owner KR-661 Snap On tool box (probably circa 1990’s) in what appears to be very good condition.

Shoot, there are a couple models at Home Depot that seem pretty comparable to the mid grad Craftsman boxes, and they would do just fine. At home I have a used mac box that i picked up from the Snap on dealer, who incidentally took 20 weekly payments of $40. My wife bought me Craftsman hand tools in 2011, the cordless drill just broke after very light use.

I picked this up at Sears on sale for $20 and it holds enough tools, spares and chemicals to get me through a weekend at the track. Im still confused about which line and warranty this box has and Im going to have to walk into a Sears to get some clarification. If it were not for Craftsman (Made in USA) in years past, Sears would be out of business by now. This Craftsman Rolling Cabinet 5-drawer tool storage toolbox with riser is the best way to keep all your tools safely and neatly organized.

The top box is barely used and great care was taken with them while in the shop, I only used 1 drawer in the bottom box for a couple of books. I am 37 years old, I’ve been buying craftsman tools since I was 15. I upgraded tool the professional line in my early 20’s I have a huge tool box full of craftsman tool that now cannot be replaced with an equal. I paid a premium for the Craftsman Professional wrenches because they were USA-made and priced at a killer value.

One reason was that they were made in the USA or maybe it was just the cardboard box they came in. Found a 30 piece carbide tipped set marked down on sale for 79.99 regular 109.99. Went to my local sears to buy it before work (glad i did too) bit set was marked 109.99 so I just figured they forgot to put the sale sign up. So I went up to the cleark and asked. Details: Get an Extra 15% off regular and sale priced clothing, fine jewelry, accessories, lingerie & sleepwear.

Often times with flea markets, auction sites, garage sales, you could only imagine the thousands of dollars Craftsman lost with these tools. On another note, I see Craftsman items such as drill presses are identical to those sold under the Delta brand, but the Sears price is 25% higher. FWIW, Sears still doesn’t know where my bottom chest is 19 days after taking my money and 7 days after promising delivery to the store.

Craftsman if I wanted Chinese made tools with a lifetime warranty I would have gone to harbor freight and spent thousands less. Never replace the driver, and buy lifetime warranty sockets that can and will break, but can and will be replaced for free. The problem is that some brands – but not necessarily Craftsman – cannot maintain the same level of quality and standards overseas as they have in the USA in the past.

My understanding is that Craftsman will continue to produce their industrial line of tools in the USA, which should placate customers who insist on USA-made tools. The Craftsman Harley Davidson four-drawer rolling chest proves that your shop doesn’t have to look like a pig sty just because you ride a hog. Final Impressions: After getting all my tools into the box and maneuvering it into it’s new home at the back of my garage, it was time to start using it.

My history states, there is no failure rate.” I can purchase these vintage quality tools at 30% to 50% of the new Craftsman price. I continue to read on this forum about how crappy Craftsman boxes are and while I agree that some of the cheaper series boxes are pretty questionable, the top-line consumer and the Pro boxes I have looked at continue to be well made. IMHO, Craftsman isn’t in the same league as Snap-On or MAC but then Craftsman doesn’t cost quite as much. All this said, Sears Holdings Corp still sells Made in the USA Craftsman tools, which are sold under the Craftsman Industrial brand. The HF – General Tool box which I’m really impressed with, but is overall smaller for a rolling box.

I still have the craftsman hand tools my granddad gave me when i was 11. I try to wear them out but havent yet. Yeah, they’re made in China but they look much nicer than the Craftsman USA made pair. The next year, Craftsman introduced a new plating process for its wrenches, pliers, sockets and screwdrivers that is environmentally friendly and 50% more rust resistant than nickel chrome finished tools. Double rollers, expensive, pretty color, and when and if it breaks I get free replacement parts to offset the high price I paid for it. There was nothing better than Craftsman, and to get anything Craftsman for Christmas was awesome!

FWIW, the harbor freight lower box =90320 and the matching top and side chests are many levels better than the standard craftsman stuff. How could it be that there were no 12V Nextec batteries available at any Sears store in their locale, my locale, and via ?! But, any USA Made Craftsman is of good quality and when on sale or clearance, are a great deal for those of us who need great deals. This is one of the few things that I think are truly a good value at HF. Combined with a $299 sale and a 15% off coupon, can’t go wrong. Craftsman tools may not have been the best but, they got the job done for the most part.

I had a 5/16 straight Craftsman Professional screwdriver break on me recently, it sheared right where the shank goes into the handle. As I have talked to and worked with mechanics of all sorts over the years, the right tool for the job” was quoted by many, and in more cases than not, the right tool was a Craftsman. Matco, Mac, and the high end Craftsman stuff is all worth the $. I have never looked at kobalt or the ones in home depot.

As many have stated, Craftsman chests do provide decent quality and value combination. I’ll agree that craftsman pro TOOLS don’t hold a candle to snap on quality but the craftsman pro boxes do – and they do it at half the price. My experiences mirror yours with the Craftsman boxes, which is why im really wondering how much better, if at all, their Professional series are.

Craftsman toolboxes are also available in rolling versions, which allow you to move your tools around the garage or work shed with ease. My intent was to hand down my tools to my son eventually, but since he can’t even go buy a decent set of American made reasonably priced tools now, we’ve developed a community tool approach here at the house. Back in the early 90s or late 80s sears started manufacturing hand tools in Japan.

Personnally I have seen and used both craftsman pro and snap on boxes and I belive the Craftsman (professional) boxes to easily be equal or better quality of most all snap on boxes. I don’t have much love for Craftsman sockets, but I don’t think any other USA socket maker can match the same price-per-socket as Craftsman does in their sets. Apparently Ace does warranty the Craftsman brand purchased at their store, but not others. Heck my Wiha 4mm socket is even better than Craftsman socket and that product is made in Germany.

It used to be when one needed another tool one would go into any Sears and get a comparable replacement right then and there. The steel used in making Craftsman hand tools was better that the nuts and bolts they wrenched. I think this thread talked me out of the Craftsman and I noticed that no one mentioned Harbor Freight. Sure enough the Craftsman was not only made in China but appeared to be of lesser quality than the one I passed up at Orchards.

It’s kind of silly to compare a $300 tool chest and a $1500 tool chest and complain the $300 chest isn’t built as tough as the $1500 one. I have been purchasing Craftsman tools since 1967, and there have been many periods in the past when selected tools were produced in Japan, Taiwan, France, Italy, England and Germany, to name a few. There much cheaper than Craftsman, and look to be as good of quality of what Craftsman used to be! Got this thing about ratchets, oh, and oil……Have every darned ratchet tool known to man, and extenders that i will never use. As the metrics came along I had to economize some, but I still have top quality tools in the box.

As a fully grown man, I don’t like having my questions dodged, ignored or flat out being lied to. If the product isn’t made in US, my word JUST SAY SO. The world will not end, I won’t buy any tool that is made in China, but Sears likely knows there will also be people that don’t seem to look at that information anyway. Craftsman tools have been reduced to imported junk and that;s the way it’s going to stay until Sears-Kmart goes away.