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Rabbits are usually known as the most kept pets in our homes across the world. Unfortunately the largest tray will be too small for large rabbits like New Zealand Whites and Flemish Giants, but if the demand is there, perhaps Bunny Bytes will eventually make trays for these beautiful big bunnies as well. By providing simple, reliable rabbit information in a library of documents and links, it is designed to be a useful resource for experienced rabbit owners as well as an easy way in for those new to rabbits. Community Gallery – Take a peek at some super images of our community members rabbit houses, runs and shelters.

It should be at least 8 foot by four foot and preferably high enough to accommodate a rabbit doing binkys! Solid Flooring: Wire or wire-like flooring is not comfortable for your rabbit or good for their feet. In their natural habitat a rabbit can cover up to the equivalent of 5 tennis courts in a day, so it is essential your own rabbit has exercise. As the hutch and run are permanently sited there are paving stones around the outside to prevent the rabbits from digging out, and any predators from digging in, but the middle section is turf so that they have a soft surface.

To treat your rabbit right and ensure that they will stay with you for a very long time, do not hesitate to buy a large rabbit hutch and rabbit run if it is within your budget. Anyone who has stroked a Rex rabbit will know exactly what makes this breed so special – its luxurious deep-velvet fur. If you already have 2 rabbits living in a hutch and run like this, they will both be able to use this link system if they are of a similar size. If you have a house rabbit that is destructive and likes to chew the back of your sofa, get a large cardboard tube from your local carpet warehouse and place it along the back of the sofa.

For rabbits housed in wire cages, metal urine guards may be purchased at most pet stores. This means that in most cases a rabbit will chew and destroy furniture, wallpaper, cables, carpets etc. We have 2 tier rabbit hutch covers lower down this page for the RHM , RHL , Bunny House & Bunny Ark Covers. In the summer months some rabbits get too hot, and shovel out all the bedding from the hutch into the run so they can lie on the bare wood. The more room that your rabbit has the more delightful he will be to be around.

Playing games with your rabbit is a great way to prevent boredom, encourage exercise and get to know them a bit better. Knowing this helps you understand your rabbit and allows you to work with your pet to help him feel safe and to trust you. We don’t always know why rabbits act the way they do, but being kind, gentle and understanding to a rabbit is the first step to starting a relationship. These rabbit runs come in various sizes from small to quite large and can be assembled yourself. Do not forget to include this in your run if the grass has been trimmed down low or there is none available.

This section is more about rabbits who have suddenly started to dig out their litter trays or hutch so that the soiled bedding is all over the floor or run, having been clean and tidy beforehand. Often a bathroom or laundry room is a safe place for your rabbit to stay while he can’t be supervised. As it is easier to establish a routine with a rabbit when they are a bit older compared with young rabbits that are too full of the joys of spring and more difficult to train.

All of our rabbit hutches and runs have been designed with not only the welfare of your rabbit / guinea pig in mind, but are also very practical and built to last. It is up to you either you can make all the walls wooden or use mesh wire in order to keep an eye on the front wall. In a CottonTails study of premature pet rabbit death, 7% were killed by foxes (Guard, 2012). For mine I plan on putting concrete along the sides, like a little wall, and then i will put wire under it. All will be covered up with dirt and grass, i will make half sand for a more fun digging area.

The tunnels give the rabbits the chance to eat grass, and the whole thing is at the back of the garden so it doesn’t take up room in the middle of the lawn – there is still room for the children or dogs to run about and the fence and shrubs give the rabbits some shelter. Ramps: Multi-level condos often contain ramps to enable a rabbit to access other levels.

Where possible it is better to have the run attached to the hutch/housing accommodation, allowing the rabbit to run in and out of its hutch. I had a fresh, fly pair locked-n-loaded for Run Rabbit, with just 20 little miles on ’em just to ensure they were perfect. Healthy rabbits that are not dirty around the back end, leaking urine, or obese will not get fly strike, so there is absolutely no need to check a rabbit daily unless it fits into one of these categories (or unless it has a one-off bout of soft droppings as can sometimes happen). They can be moved around giving the rabbit fresh grazing/grass area from time to time.

Make sure your rabbits have constant access to safe hiding places where they can escape if they feel afraid. This story touched the hearts of many children and is still enjoyed today, so when the Rex breed became a reality, some rabbit breeders decided to try and actually create such a breed, and settled on the Velveteen lop! These are wire panels that link together to form a hexagon or octagon and provide a space for your rabbit to run.

Put the rabbit in the bowl so he is sitting right in, making sure his bottom is completely submerged in the water. Typical symptoms include: the rabbit scratching frequently and intensively inside its ear or ears with its hind leg; holding its head slightly to one side (the side with the worse ear as often one is more severely affected than the other); shaking its head slightly as if trying to get rid of the vile stuff deep inside. One metal over strip wire of 25mm x 3mm x 3740 mm. two wooden structure and one 1400mm, x 800mm x 19mm frame.