Recoil Reaction Stand With Choice Of Wooden Dummy

Welcome To Our New Web Site… Hope You Find It Attractive And Easy To Use… If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns, Please Contact Us. This is the sort of dummy that Ip Man would have learned the form on. Obviously Chan Wah Shun and Ng Chung So would have used this sort of device, and it’s likely that Ip Man owned one as well. At the same time you don’t want one with arms off at odd angles or arms too thick or thin or a leg that sticks out too far because these things CAN hamper your training. The Wing Chun wooden dummy uses an arm and leg configuration designed to cultivate fighting skill and chi simultaneously. So he and a friend, carpenter Fung Shek, developed the dummy on slats that Wing Chun practitioners still use today.

Some Wing Chun masters insist that everything that is sought achieved by Dim Mak can also be achieved with the help of normal Wing Chun Empty Hand techniques such as judicious strikes to the neck with the edge of a hand ( a chop) or punches to the solar plexus and other key stress points. The bark was obviously very rough and painful to work with, so the first step was to sand the log and make it easier to work with.

Rather than supporting the dummy at its base (the traditional method) he instead hung the jong on wooden slats that passed directly through the body. Unfortunately, I drilled the hole for the leg an inch off to the right by mistake, but by the time I noticed it was too late. The section of the leg extending through the dummy should be made with a square cross-section, to eliminate rotation of the leg in its hole.

Selling wooden dummies became a big business, not just in Hong Kong with the growing WIng Chun community, but now also in the U.S. where Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do and Hung Gar were spreading across the land, establishing dojos in their wake. Dummy training allows the Wing Chun practitioner a way to correctly train the body in performing techniques. The leg can be all one piece, or it can be made in two pieces connected at the knee.

The sui sau jong (breaking hand dummy) features a swinging arm around the shoulder level, hanging sandbags, as well as a rotor-like arm at the top, located at head height. Akin to the traditional form of ‘Iron Palm’ training practiced by many Chinese martial arts, wall bag training conditions your hands effectively for self defence. Some may say they’re not authentic or lack quality, but they’ll be just as authentic or maybe more so than one you make yourself.

Using a wooden dummy and practicing proper breathing, develops inner strength and spiritual practice, it can be likened to meditation as having a lack of thought and fine concentration – focus of intention. From our understanding and conversions from dummy manufacturers, the size requirements are exactly the same as any other style derived from the Ip Man lineage.

Here you will find a selection of unique wooden dummies and training devices – from trapping dummies, to half dummies, to spring loaded dummies, flat board dummies and more. When the Shaolin Temple was destroyed, Ng Mui, the Buddhist nun credited with founding Wing Chun Kung Fu, escaped. Stage III – The first two stages of the Wood Dummy training represent a review of the routines of the Empty Hand Forms, additionally with an eye to performing them with the proper speed and timing while maintaining one’s structure, posture and stance throughout the exercises.

To get started, simply view Shadow Boxing as a natural extension of practising or combining your hand, footwork skills, wih the Wing Chun forms as mentioned above. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form is divided into 8 sections and consists of 116 techniques combining tools found in all of the bare hand forms and some never before seen techniques thrown in for good measure. The Recoil Reaction dummy stand is one of our most exciting training tools we have to offer!

There are 1 inch thick holes close to the brim of the lazy susan plate on its bottom that you will now take a hammer and a nail and make a dent through the sheet metal all the way around for every coincinding hole that is on the top plate for the lazy susan. Today you can buy a dummy for between seven hundred and a thousand dollars – not including the shipping fee.

There are many ways to practice the application of your knowledge, ranging from fighting to Chi Sau and yep, you guessed it, the good old wooden dummy. Instead of having a training dummy that is completely dormant, this recoil stand absorbs your kinetic energy and then pushes back against your strikes. But before we move forward, there’s a lot of planning involved and we want to make sure it’s something people actually want. The section of the leg extending through the wing chun wooden dummy must be cut with a square cross-section, to eliminate any rotation of the leg in its hole.

A. No. The freestanding base comes with all the components needed to mount your existing dummy body onto it. So you can either sell on or store your wall mount frame. The official mook yan jong form itself is usually taught to a student once they have completed the three empty-hand forms of Wing Chun, so they can best understand and apply most of the combined techniques into the wooden dummy’s 108-movement sequence. Once you have been solo/self training for a while, more ideas and opportunity will naturally open up for you to practice. This is also true if you are at home and want to work on a dummy that is multiple heights.

Each practitioner can use the dummy in his training for the development of agility, strength of impact, shock hardening of surfaces, etc. The Wooden Dummy is usually taught after the student has a good understanding of Siu Nim Tao, and Chum Kiu, although the form itself contains elements found in all three bare hand forms. I might get my father to help me out here a bit, hes an ex Carpenter, and we use to make things like frames and stuff a few years ago, a long time ago he use to build houses, and he knows the source for good hardwood, and he could also round everything off to perfection, all I need is some plans lol.

A square cross-section leg with a joint at the knee is much easier to construct. Naturally as with all aspects of training, performing the movements at varied speeds is good depending on your training focus. Randy williams dummy Sifu Randy Williams working on his Octopus dummy with the arms set to mid-chest level. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything bigger for the brute force work, so I had to make do. I later ordered a 1” Sorby mortise chisel for the work on the frame, but that’s a story for another day.

There’s a kind of wooden dummy called a ching jong in choy li fut that has pads on it that’s better for that, and it hsa a big spring powered arm that can move up and down. WOODEN DUMMY -Traditional Wing Chun design -. Tags: ip man, kata, Posture, Wing Chun, wooden dummy 31 Comments. One of the more popular legends behind the wing chun wooden dummy’s origin says it came from the ancient Shaolin Temple. The design of the wooden dummy is such that nearly all Wing Chun techniques can be drilled on it.

For optimal timing, accuracy and a wooden dummy with enhance your training and your skills will crossover into your wing chin you need to learn the lessons of the wooden dummy and integrate it into your wing chun training. While the distance apart at the tips depends on your own body – the upper arms point at your shoulders when you stand at an arms length away from the dummy – the average is about eight and a half inches. You can make the dummy portable by cutting upside-down L-shaped slots in the uprights to hold the crosspieces. The lower part of the leg may come straight down, at a right angle to the floor, or it may extend forward at an angle.

No matter what wood is used for the rest of the dummy, these crosspieces must be a strong hardwood, since they absorb most of the force given to the dummy. With good anchoring and bracing you can ensure that you practice at full strength, without worrying about hurting your opponent or yourself. In my experience for the training we do out my school you need a very strong wood, our dummies are made of teak and even then we’ve had the legs and the arms break.

The traditional Wing Chun dummy is usually made of wood and is called mook jong” in Chinese which means wooden dummy. Clashing is a common problem when learning wing chun but the dummy can help to strengthen blocking techniques, especially the conditioning of the leg. It is also the ideal tool for learning to imbue the three Empty Hand Forms of Wing Chun with Chi Kung (alternatively, qigong), such that the force of the Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Jee strikes, punches and kicks, as the case may be, is significantly amplified. You may sustain minor bumps and bruises while practicing or sparring in Wing Chun.