VAC Product Reviews And Ratings

Leave your floors and carpet spot-free with heavy-duty Shop-Vac shop vacuums, fully prepared to handle any mess, wet or dry. Or, you can maybe find a small vane pump sans motor and power it with a drill (drill press works best). The job you will be able to accomplish with your shop vac will be little more than surface cleaning of vent areas. I have used my shop vac to suck up gallons and gallons of water that has seeped into my basement when it rains for days on end. These models will be able to handle sanding, mulching and sucking up water very well.

To make sure my filter is effective, I remove the shop vacuum’s filter and fill the 14-gallon tank with roughly five gallons of water to act as the filter. Don’t point the blower directly into an ostensibly empty pot to get rid of that one leaf. The iRobot company developed the Scooba , a robotic wet vacuum cleaner that carries its own cleaning solution, applies it and scrubs the floor, and vacuums the dirty water into a collection tank. Although they make many attachments for shop vacs, we’ve never seen a need to purchase them. It blows clean warm air and has (2) 4hp motors that can be turned on/off independently.

My point is that a Shop Vac can be rigged to do a pretty good impersonation of a CT vacuum. If I had to vacuum water with debris in it, like wet sawdust let’s say, I think the foam sleeve would be just the ticket. Hoping to never use it. Well, needless to say we had an emergency with backed up plumbing and water all over the kitchen! Any sander with a dust port can technically work with any vac, including those with HEPA filters. The major problem is to prevent fire you need to find a vac with a ball bearing motor.

The cyclone itself, not having any internal filtering requiring cleaning / replacing just means the collection bin needs the occasional emptying. I’ve had my HVAC all summer in triple digits but mine is a major remodel with much dust from plaster and sheetrock sanding. Select a wet/dry vac that features on-board tool storage, storage or quiet operation to improve your capabilities.

But when I tested the Dust Deputy setup with the CT 26, it easily made the bucket collapse with only a partial blockage of the hose. Finally, unless you intend to use your shop vacuum as a stationary dust collector, you should consider the size of its footprint, its dolly and how the accessories, cord and hose are stored. I don’t go back over my work with water and have no problem with the cleaned surfaces attracting stains or excess dirt. Wet or wet/dry vacuum cleaners (commonly known by the generic trademark Shop-Vac) are a specialized form of the cylinder/drum models that can be used to clean up wet or liquid spills.

For light-duty work for use with hand-held power tools, a 5- to 10-gallon model with a 1-horsepower motor will do. A model with a 12- to 16-gallon tank will work best with stationary power tools. With a whole house vacuum, for those that have a house they will be staying in forever, that once every three months emptying that container in the garage and absolutely no dust in the house from sweeping is really great.

We do have leather furniture which is easy to clean and doesn’t hold smells, plus lots of throw rugs that are cheap and easy to wash. There are several methods manufacturers use to control this problem, some of which may be combined together in a single appliance. I have a small shop in my basement with both an air filtration system and an older delta 2hp 2 bag dust collector in my garage that the ducts run into my basement. I looked at the manual for a craftsman shop vac that is about 6 yrs old and it says if you suck alot of water to take off the filter.

You will get more for your money because this garage vacuum can be converted to a blower with the flip of a single switch. It brings the seats and carpets up like new and the wet extraction gets all the sand type grit out of the carpet that normal vacuuming can struggle to lift. When we were routering out the channels for our bookshelves, each router pass produced a ton of sawdust, because we were removing a 1”x 1/2” x 8′ channel of MDF board each time (approximately equal to a 3 ½” cube of dust). It’s a cloth sleeve that you put over your paper filter and the filter will stay clean.

When you turn on the vac it will draw a vacuum on the barrel then on the hose going out of the barrel to the pool. A British inventor has developed a new cleaning technology known as Air Recycling Technology, which, instead of using a vacuum, uses an air stream to collect dust from the carpet. When choosing the filter you want to use the thicker the better and the larger the returns the better.

Some prominent brands are Roomba , Neato , and bObsweep These machines move autonomously while collecting surface dust and debris into a dustbin They can usually navigate around furniture and come back to a docking station to charge their batteries, and a few are able to empty their dust containers into the dock as well. Note: Moderators will use their own discretion to remove any post that they believe is low-quality or not considered a life pro tip.

From wet / dry vacuums to steam cleaners, this buying guide will help you decide what’s best for your floor and how to prolong its life. However, a couple of weeks ago the vac stopped working- we had recently replaced the filter so I’m not sure what happened. I use CleanStream filters; when its time to clean them I just toss them on the grass and hit them with the hose. I use this mostly in the garage but expect to use it on porches and inside when doing projects.

Basically to get maximum airflow they put a few gallons of water in the shop vac and took the filter off. I have a wet/dry Shop Vac QPL 60 that Shop Vac, free of charge, replaced the whole top assembly for free. When I open the CT 26, I’m not presented with a fog of dust jumping out at me (half of which is clumped in the filter just waiting to fall off). For safety you should use a timer in line also place a smoke alarm over the motor so when you turn it off it will sound off if there is a problem. Not only will it kill the air flow but you’ll shorten the life of your shop vac due to excess dust finding its way into the motor.

When I told him that I paid $29.95 at Costco for this, he told me that the Shop Vac (yes it was that brand) cost him considerably more and he bought it because of the name brand. I found that all of the tested vacuums provide more than adequate suction for their intended use. The locking tabs that hold the cover on do not lock good as when lifting the unit it comes off (even when the tabs are locked)and dust everywhere! The motor is cooled by the airstream passing through it. Fan-bypass vacuums are good for both carpet and above-floor cleaning, since their suction does not significantly diminish over the distance of a hose, as it does in direct-fan cleaners.

I might pony up for a Festool vac someday, but I don’t want to replace all my power hand tools at the same time. I plan to run a small hose through the shop vac main hose and duck tape it at the end, leaving the small hose stick out a few feet. It forces the dirt-laden intake air to pass through water before it is exhausted, so that wet dust cannot become airborne. The water trap filtration and low speed may also allow the user to use the machine as a stand-alone air purifier and humidifier unit. But, I hooked it up to my 16 gallon Shop Vac with a dust bag and it worked great…no dust in the air.

Blow dust and debris out of the way with the strong but quiet 10-gallon shop vacuums or handle any mess efficiently with 7-foot hoses and versatile cleaning kits. I usually use the shop vac first (I have 12 dogs, plus the assorted stuff that gets tracked in on my feet), then the Kirby, then the Hoover for the up high stuff, baseboards etc. This will pump out the water instead of having to dump the Shop-Vac to empty it.

Vacuum the accumulated sludge – small debris and algae – from the bottom of the pond, as well as the water that accumulated as a result of spraying the sides. He quickly told me that a wet/dry vac was not intended for that purpose at all, and that it was for sucking up no more fluid than a spilled Coke. As a point of note there is no need to wait until it has reached it’s capacity when i use my wet and dry machine for this purpose I tend to empty it when half full just because I am a little paranoid and it is better to play it safe in my opinion. I agree about the fear that the vac isn’t working because I can’t hear it over the sander noise.