Guitar Humidor

Beautifully styled with gorgeous hardwood finishes, Guitar Humidor guitar cases protect your instrument for a lifetime of use. If you’re going for a more traditional look to match the vintage appeal of parlor guitars, wooden hardshell cases would be your choice, but if you’re looking for a comfortable and reliable way to transport your instrument regularly, you should consider hybrid cases, and if you mainly carry your guitar around by walking then a gig bag is your best option due to their light weight and backpack straps.

Hardshell cases are available in models made from wood, plastic, or metal (or a mix of those), and both the finer points of their exteriors, as well as the strength and placement of the interior padding can provide very different types of protection—with some being deceptively unprotective see the sidebar Veer Away from Vintage” and others being strong enough to withstand the abuses of negligent and/or sociopathic airline baggage handlers.

I doubt it’s controversial subject matter (not as cool as murdering schoolgirls imo) is fueling it’s failure of a Kickstarter (apparently it contributed to a Senate investigation on media violence in the 90’s), as it’s ridiculously high goal of 330k is probably more to blame (though I heard it would take $18 million to make a Psychonauts 2… but that still proves my point).

One problem I’ve had in the past is the tags on the inside of the potentiometers grounding out against the cavity shielding, not a problem if you build guitars with scratchplates (you just put a nut spacer at the base in that case) with carved top guitars you often don’t have the space to spare so I cut custom thick plastic ‘washers’ to sit between the guitar and the pot, problem solved before it happens.

IF she becomes self-aware, and realizes the fact that the MC she loves is actually being controlled by some guy behind a computer, and that she herself is only a video game character is being controlled by the player (you or I), then you would have some seriously plot-twisty, meta, 4th wall-breaking potential on your hands, enough to not only make Yandere Simulator stick out story-wise, but also make for some very memorable moments for the player.

The Sygil guitar, this is what happens when I let myself go and just build a guitar that I want to build with no holds bared (I admit it does happen pretty regularly, I am the boss after all 😉 The guitar has a solid padouk neck with a wenge fretboard, a flame pearwood body with a flame maple drop top.. where I’ve had my fun is in the fretboard binding which is aluminium, something I’d attempted unsuccessfully in the past.

You decide to buy some piano wire (yanked from the light music clubs brand new piano), a key to the janitors closet, a guitar case (liberated from the lost-and-found), a rep-improving, but fake, news article (Student Heroine: Yandere-chan saves a litter of adorable puppies from an explosion!”), and a smear article (Worth the Weight: Will Mary Sue’s excessive” eating habits cost her 1st place in the upcoming beauty pageant?”).

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Hard cases act as a kind of vacuum capsule that protects your guitar from the elements. Once you figure out the fine details, finding the perfect case or gig bag will be a much simpler task. Aside from getting the right size, buyers have to choose between the different kinds of guitar cases, namely, the soft case, hard case, hybrid case, flight bags, and specialty guitar cases.

The custom cases I’ve used from Ameritage and Cedar Creek had standard shells with interiors made to fit, so if you build a guitar that’s too big for an OM case, for example, you could end up with a dreadnought size case with lots of padding inside. With the SKB Soft Case, you really get the best of both worlds for your acoustic. Just been quoted £650 for a case for me Alesis DM10 Studio electronic drum kit.

An executive at a guitar manufacturer recently spoke with Reverb about the manufacturing and cost realities of the guitar industry. But I remember thinking that Zach could use a place to keep his picks, strings, and various other small guitar things that I keep finding around the apartment (usually when they get sucked up into the vacuum). The cord buffer for each guitar is tied between the bottom pipes to keep it out of the way. Kingham (MTM) will make just about any case, for any instrument that you care to throw at them – well, just about.

You will be amazed at the simple things you can do to make your instrument fit the sound you desire. The purpose of this was to get the case to conform to the curve of the back of the guitar as it has an arched back. I would like to use a laminate most similar to one used in commercial road cases the smooth black that has a slight sheen to it. Spray the back side of each piece of fabric and carefully wrap the case and lid with the fabric. The headstock is suspended inside the case, saving the guitar from impacts that could otherwise snap the neck. If enough builds up, it can adversely affect the performance of the humidifier.

Although a bit bulky, this acoustic guitar case offers the ultimate protection with its polypropylene copolymer resin exterior, able to handle impact, humidity changes and even pressure changes. I’ve built about a dozen cases and cabinets for personal use and have applied the knowledge gained from more experienced people into those cases. The Gator GL Lightweight case is easily one of the best mass produced acoustic guitar cases.

I not only found some detailed instructions on how to build these things but they are written by someone who has actually built them! Just like the smell of the wood of a really nice acoustic guitar is a great experience, so too is a really nice custom leather case. Just throw your guitar in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the Headlock.

Make some modifications inside the case as desired to provide extra padding by adding more bubble-wrap. It is a little heavy and too large, and there are still the occassional clingy little styrofoam balls that make an appearance, but if it fits in my car it will be okay. I like it. I think being a little heavy is a good trade off for the protection it provides such a cool guitar. Any experienced builder could figure out how to get to quality wood once they know what they are doing.

Grab yourself a hygrometer, many places sell them, and at minimum be aware of the room parameters where you keep your nice guitar. If you skip this step you’ll have the lid stuck to the bottom of the case pretty tight the first time you close it. Screw in a handle between a set of latches near the middle of the guitar case so that it is balanced when you carry it. As of the March 15th, 2016 Build, if the player is not in the Light Music Club, they are not able to use or pick up the case at all. On top of its reliability, this case also features convenient weight distribution foam, palm-contoured handle, headstock pocket and many more.

I trust that the information you found here is helpful, after all I’ve been playing and carrying guitars around for many years and I know how important a protective guitar case is. If you have any questions or want to suggest other parlor sized guitar cases, you can post them in the comments below. The strap buttons are installed now using allen keyed machine bolts set into threaded brass inserts for strength and stability and I make leather washers to protect the guitar body and to stop that horrible creaking noise you sometimes get from a guitar swinging on its strap.