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In every Hindu family, a temple is a must-have in any home and we at Coral Craft, offer you an amazing variety in custom made traditional Indian temples Available in many wood finishes, our wooden temples help you pray in serenity while also becoming integral part of your decor. So, what are you waiting for, scroll down and take a look at these awesome pooja room mandir designs and pick one for your house. When we talk about the wooden room divider/partition we generally first thing which stuck on our mind are about wood which is used in partition. Noida, IndiaRetailer & supplier of a wide range of products which include wooden mandir, diamond jewellery, ganesha statue, gift items, gold coins, gold jewellery & wooden temples from India. The back of the Mandir is placed on a North side wall, so while doing prayer we are facing the north direction.

With exotic beauty and breathtaking craftsmanship, Pooja Mandir manufactures home temples that look amazing in your house and serve a purpose of devotion and reverence. When the mandir was placed in a non-vegetarian kitchen, the women said that one way to maintain the shuddhta is to ensure that the deepak is not lit while meat or eggs are cooked or else to close the mandir’s cabinet doors. We use sheeshamwood,teakwood and MDF in our screen/partitions.Wooden room panel/separator is not only changing the look of your home but also give value to your unused space.

Heritage Handicraft Jaipur, IndiaManufacturer & trader of a wide range of small wooden temple for home, wooden temple for home. The Puja room should have a proper wood mandir that does not have metal components, wood along with marble are preferred materials for a puja mandir. South is the kingdom of Yama, the god of death, so by facing the mandir southward, one is welcoming death, illness, and disease into the house.

B. M Natha Exports Jaipur, IndiaManufacturer and exporter of wooden temple, antique wooden temples, curved wooden temples, household wooden temples, crafted wooden temples, handmade wooden temples and designer wooden temples. Decorate your pooja room by placing this classic silver mandir in it. It is designed like a mini temple with domes and pillars.

Home temple is an integral part of Indian homes and most of the home owners take this precaution of keeping things in line with Vastu. We also customize the Wooden Temple, Wooden Jhula and Wooden Swings according to your size, choice of your polish and according to the design you like. One of these murtis is usually the family deity that the family worships more than others, but other gods are still welcomed in the mandir. In our wooden room screens /partitions beautiful floral embossing, peacock carving, beautiful leaf pattern carved over our room partitions/separators /screens by our skilled artisans.

Ashoka Arts & Exports Udaipur, IndiaManufacturer of wooden carved temple, wooden carved ghar temple, wooden mandir / ghar mandir, wooden carved ghar mandir, wooden carved mandir & wooden temples. Colours: The colours of the temple should be faint brown, matching natural wood. Direction: The Temple room or altar should face either east or west, eastern direction being ideal.

I never light them since there is a smoke detector on the ceiling just above the temple. The Hindu mandir houses the idols of various Hindu gods and goddesses, called murtis, before which the family prays daily. Our wooden rocking /grandpa chairs are made up of seasoned sheesham wood and teak wood and these woods are best durable. Because Hindus traditionally sit to pray, a mandir is always set up on the floor or on a low shelf. We also use teak wood and mango wood in our designer wooden home temple because teakwood and mango wood is best known for its durability.

A bell hangs on one side and a lamp on the other side of this amazing pooja mandir. A mandir can refer to a public building where people go to worship, like a church, but also to domestic altars dedicated to Hindu gods that people place in their homes. Here is a wonderful marble mandir with golden border and stone work on it. I love those cute little steps that lead up to the pooja mandir. Wooden temples should always have a dome at the top; this will add elegance to your pooja room and also considered to be fortunate. Mandir Big Pooja Mantapa Wood Wooden Work Painting with doors prachinindia Store.

So one should conscientiousness in paying proper attention to make entire home in appropriate high cleaning and particularly in kitchen when puja mandir is placed in kitchen. Vinayak Handicraft Udaipur, IndiaManufacturer of antique temple, wooden temple art, wooden temple architectural, carving temple, hindu chariot with wood wheels, wooden tray, decorative wooden boxes, wooden box, jewelry storage box & handcrafted wooden box. I was therefore surprised to find that most families had set up the mandir on top of bookshelves and cabinets, rather than closer to the floor.

There are many different types of Pooja Mandir temples, from handcrafted rosewood to metal in both larger and smaller designs. Instead of making them on the floor, they use as a suitable platform small granite stones intended for crushing masalas or wooden surfaces called chakla in Hindi, used for making chappatis. In some homes, the families were vegetarian, and therefore the kitchen space posed no threat to the shuddhta or purity of the mandir. Just before we bought the house, Mr. Tweaks brought my mini temple with him when he visit India. We are engaged in offering a superior quality designer Small Wooden Temple, Carved Temple for Home to our most valued clients.

Make sure your home temple has only one God idol in it. More than one idol of the same God must not be kept in the pooja room. We are leading wooden temples manufacturer, wooden temples supplier, wooden temples exporter. For that reason, she bought a wooden cabinet for the mandir and placed it in a corner next to the dining table. I like the mandir and going to do the same kind of mandir with 3’2′ with Drawers. Raj Exim Madurai, IndiaWe are a company of up to 25 employees, offering red pooja mandir. For this reason, Hindus never place the mandir in the master bedroom, where a couple is sexually active.

Vasthu Pooja Room Northeast Gods Temple Mandir: Generally every body is having a doubt that the pooja room should be at Northeast corner, as same has been several times informed by our elders also, what is the logic behind it. Now it should be clarified, otherwise so many are doing a great mistake. However, some of my Hindu informants said that the murtis in the mandir should face west, so that the devotee faces east while worshiping them. Our experienced and dedicated craftsmen use their skills and the latest technology to amplify the beauty of wooden mandapam. Surya Handicrafts Jaipur, IndiaManufacturer & exporter of indian wooden temple.

Also, if the rest of the furniture in your house is made from wood, it would be advisable to choose a wooden home temple. Do no keep late ancestor’s picture in home temple because this way we only disrespecting God and cosmos. Most families I observed had bought a small electric light and placed it over their mandir. The artwork on this temple is tastefully done, with beautifully carved images of a chakra where god’s idol is to be seated. This temple is just a small part of our collection and there is more to go from our renowned are some of the temples from our renowned collection.

Pick from a royal throne for mandir, intricately designed and beautifully carved temple, decorative temple, wall hanging kundan temple, temple in colonial maple finish, ornate kundan mandir, kundan mandir with lord ganesh, metal temples, Rajputana golden finished Om temple, silver finished Om temple or a copper finished Ganesha temple. Women I spoke with said that ideally, if means allow, Hindus should dedicate a separate puja (worship) room to the gods, where the mandir is placed and the family worships either individually or as a group.

The stress on shuddhta, or purity, is so strong for some Hindus that, after a shower, some men and women go straight from the bathroom to the mandir with wet hair to pray in their purest state. There is a vast inventory of Pooja Mandir home temples on eBay, providing many options for those who want to honor God in their home or workplace. Creata Interior Concepts Nagpur, IndiaSupplier and manufacturer of wooden temples which includes carved mandir, hindu goddess mandir, pooja mandir, bhagwan mandir, shri krishna mandir and handicraft wooden temple. Temple exact backside one house is there, I am planning to take next to that house.

Buy Wooden Temples, Purchase Teak Wood Temples, Seasam Wood and Savan Wood Temples Store, India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand. You might prefer a wooden temple with oxidized aluminum that gives off a brilliant, silver appearance, with intricate designs in the woodwork conveying the utmost gracefulness. First of all I would like to thank you for posting pooja mandir measurements and details(wood type, wood color etc.).

One woman shared her belief that one’s prayer does not reach the deity if one does not sit on the mat in front of the mandir. Door is not possible then you may used to keep one curtain to the pooja mandir. Rose Wood Big Pooja Mantapa Mandir Temple Work Painting Gift Fine Art Free Ship (#191088821412) US $525.00 View Item. I was looking for the mandir design, but your only the one who provided with detailed design.

In these cases, either a second bedroom was chosen or the mandir was placed in a corner of the living room. Buy wooden temple furniture at our store and choose from many sizes, designs and styles to cater to your particular needs. The murtis are kept in the mandir with other items used in Hindu worship, like the deepak, thal (plate), ghanti (bell), and religious books that contain mantras. If you don’t want have a separate pooja room, then place this stunning marble mandir.

Rich Wood Creations Chennai, IndiaEngaged in the supplying of wooden temples, pooja mandapam, designer wooden temples, polished wooden temples, decorative wooden temples and carved wooden temples. Since it could not be nailed into the apartment’s entryway floor, my inventive informant had placed it in her mandir. I hv noted that the shadow of temple flag is not falling on my place after 9am.

Temple is a dedicated place to keep God’s statues and figurines These temples can easily fit into your pooja room and add to its beauty. My house is East facing main door is also east facingplease suggest me the direction for temple place. Many of these older women have given murtis from their mandir to their young daughters and daughters-in-law. So Aarsun woods bring to you elegantly carved wooden jharokha in rajashtani style with beautiful floral and peacock carving.