Rubber Kitchen Floors — Kitchen Flooring Spotlight

When it comes to flooring, and many other aspects of a home’s interior, opinions vary. An email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your rubber rolls ship and tracking information becomes available. I am trying to find a suitable cork sheeting material for replacing the current 40 yr old cork sheeting (36″ x 24″ x 4mm) as interior main cabin flooring in my Tartan-34C sailboat. Ideally, flooring materials originate with a renewable substance: for example, bamboo, wood and cork originate from plants.

Wicanders’ four cork floor collections offer multilayered engineered flooring combined with cork, wood, or digital photographic veneers to give a huge range of floors that covers traditional hardwood, natural stone and classic cork aesthetics. Eco friendly flooring like Marmoleum, on the other hand, is made from renewable materials such as linseed oil and pine flour, making it a far more ecologically-minded choice than typical vinyl flooring. The Janka test can give misleading information about bamboo’s durability as a flooring product.

The only problem with some of the less expensive rubber flooring is that there’s very little variety in its appearance. Linoleum has made a solid reappearance in the marketplace as a flooring choice for those who are environmentally conscientious. Rectangular tiles, digital graphic applications, the resurgence of terrazzo, and product transparency headline today’s commercial flooring trends. Rather than replace your entire floor, most flooring remodeling projects revolve around repairs.

A further benefit to specifying rubber floors is, of course, the environmental advantages of rubber as a material and how it contributes to the LEED® certification process. Recent innovations in building materials and installation have led many homeowners to think about installing hardwood flooring in finished basements. For clean rooms, and areas with the strictest hygiene requirements, rubber sheet flooring allows designers to create seamless installations. Bamboo, for example, looks and behaves just like a traditional hardwood floor, but a bamboo plant can be harvested in 3 to 7 years instead of the decades it could take an oak tree to reach maturity.

Below grade installations should only make use of specially manufactured water resistant rubber flooring materials. Tile, unlike hardwood, is a rather simple repair project for both flooring pros and active DIYers. Luxe Plank waterproof flooring is so easy to install, you can makeover your basement, bathroom, laundry room or kitchen in just a few hours. Bamboo flooring can be used throughout the house, but will need surface sealing if used in a bathroom. For mid-range or high-end flooring remodels or installations, expect 20% of your total budget to go towards labor.