Build A Toy Workshop

Design Problem: Young children are stimulated by bright colours and objects that move. Focus on Fairground Rides has a built in 2D drawing program to help students design and decorate their own rides. The researchers have created an interactive software system which helps the user design planar mechanical characters similar to the shadow puppets you may see a puppeteer controlling, via sticks behind the scenes. Different requirements under the CCPSA apply depending on whether a consumer product is considered children’s toy jewellery or children’s jewellery.

The mechanical bank had a special purpose as a child’s toy: it made saving fun; thrift was turned into a game. Learn how to work with mechanical engineers to prepare and interpret drawings of products and machine components. We walked to the address (as printed in the Toy Museum catalogue) only to find that no one was home. Toy makers have found numerous ways of animating their products, and puppets, activated by sticks or strings, are perfect examples of toys in motion. Doll furniture and accessories must be included among the toy replicas of the adult world.

You will also be receiving the weekly Make: Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. The engineers who design the darts try out a lot of different designs, varying the darts’ shape, material and mass before selecting a final design. Toy Product Design is a MIT Public Service Center service learning design course offered in the Spring semester.

Note that if a toy is age labelled for children three years or older, but is likely to be used by a child under three years of age, then the small component requirement of the legislation applies. These programs offer coursework in child psychology as well as toy packaging, toy history and game theory. For example, the General Metal set of tin toy furniture consisting of a refrigerator, cupboard, and stove, is identical to that made by the Wolverine Company in the USA. This helped them appreciate important design considerations including safety hazards, sizes and interest.

The following are some examples of mechanical safety requirements that all toys must meet, regardless of the age of child who is likely to use the toy. Alternatives include a toy box without a lid, or one with a hinged lid designed to stay open in any position and under force. The hand-operated wooden toy shown here consists of two jointed figures that revolve around a pole when the handle is turned.

The other method is one which allows for the automation of designing linkage-based mechanical characters, which are able to move in a realistic, compelling manner. A surface coating material applied to a toy includes, but is not limited to, paints and varnishes. The most interesting thing about the software is its focus on making the design process as effortlessly iterative as possible. At the end of the course, students present their toy products at the Playsentations to toy designers, engineers, elementary school children and the MIT community.

Based on the reactions of the children and the overall design plan, some toys have been identified as potential products for a toy manufacturer, and open-source sites allow daycare providers and parents to create some of these toys themselves. It is the responsibility of industry members to ensure that a toy does not present hazards when it is used in a reasonably foreseeable way and to recognize that children will not necessarily interact with a toy in the same manner as an adult. Researchers start with a design for a mechanical object, of which the movement mechanisms are motors at each joint.