Yorkcraft Power Tools

The Yorkcraft has almost perfectly flat tables and an easy-to-adjust fence that moves on a rack-and-pinion gear. I’ll try to find that thread on ‘glue-up edges’ – I’ve done plenty of options in the past from just edge joining (if the boards are really flat and fit together well – probably should be my goal in the future?), biscuits (which are just too loose to correct minor edge problems in my experience), dowels (which bring a tighter fit but are time consuming and jig dependent which I have), and others that I’m not recalling @ the moment.

This jointer is easy to set up. The beds are very level, thefence square and easily adjusted. Along with quality tools, the highlights of this auction include a Honda hydrostatic snow blower with tracks, Wacker vibrator plate tamper, Bridgewood tablesaw, Yorkcraft Jointer as well as a Billy Goat Vacuum and Wheel Horse Lawn Tractor with plows and disks. You can pickup them up on sale for as little as $19.95 and freight is very affordable. General Woodworking and Power Tools; Opinions on Yorkcraft Jointer; If this is your first visit. There’s no doubt the Powermatic jointer is a superb machine, but there’s a price to pay.

The General International tools have been coming in showing very high quality and good pricing – I think they have a long bed too. The next day the Senate was called to order by President Andrew felder woodworking machines for sale L. She retired bar woodworking plans from society, and has been confined to her room ever since. The jointer may also be used for smoothing and straightning two sides of a piece of wood.

You expect a lot from a name like Porter Cable, but while their six-inch bench jointer has cast iron infeed and outfeed tables, the fence is made of aluminum, and the base is bolted together with steel components. It could be argued that the two most important aspects of a jointer are how the cutter head performs and how easy it is to change blades. The plainer and the jointer are really two tools that are designed to work together. I mostly use it for squaring up edges on rough stock boards before going to the jointer and planer.

I’m going to try sharpening the DeWalt blades – the guy I use thinks it may work – and he would charge me about $15. Clint – One guy on Sawmill Creek says he is able to hone his DW735 blades and get two additional rounds of use from them. One extra note – If you buy a good (older) machine it will hold it’s value if you decide to sell it. The pictured Delta will not. I do have a 6.x inch jointer (Rigid brand from Home Depot) and there are some similarities.

If you are going to assemble a lot of wooden frames I would consider a nail gun and small compressor from Harbor Freight when they go on sale. I really like the RIGID but have no point of use comparison as it is the only jointer I have ever used. Except for the switch location, the Yorkcraft is essentially the same machine as the Delta, including the rack-and-pinion fence that was a breeze to adjust.

You wouldn’t want to move the Grizzly around much, but there’s a very useful wheeled kickstand should you need it. You get noticeably more support for longer pieces with this jointer: 46 inches on the Grizzly as opposed to 30 inches on the Porter Cable, for example. The Yorkcraft has almost perfectly flat tables and a fence that moves on a rack-and-pinion gear, making it easy to move the fence by just turning a knob. I got a bunch of Jet stuff also (DC, BS, AC) with rebates and gift certificate combos so now i am pretty much set outside of an order i still need to place for 2 Yorkcraft tools from Wilke.

Hmmmm seems you can outfit the whole shop with grizzly (table saw, planer, jointer and a band saw for kicks) for about $1500 which is very attractive and looking on the web lots of people are happy with this line of products. After the sanders come the Yorkcraft lathe, the lathe tool grinding station, and one of my favorite workshop additions, the EZ Smart Table. The three-knife block on the JET jointer runs at 6,000 RPM (18,000 cuts per minute). I rarely get a premium board that is wider than my 6 inch jointer, although I could see the advantage of a bigger one. In order to be able to post messages on the Woodworking Talk – Woodworkers Forum forums, you must first register.

After a table saw (mines a 10 inch Craftsman which I really like), I whished I had bought a joiner next (have a 6 inch Craftsman now). In theory you can plane one of the wide sides flat (with the jointer) then plane an adjacent side (edge) flat with the jointer, just as you said, and then use the edge (narrow side) against the fence to plane the 2nd wide side flat, in theory. Clint – I have seen posts that say Dewalt now has new blades that are supposed to last longer than the original blades.

This YC jointer is new, I would prefer to sell ($575) or trade it locally, it weigh at least 400 lbs (I use a 2 tons chain block to assembled the machine) Need at least 4 strong able bodies to load it onto a truck. As we’ve seen, the Grizzly jointer is quite a heavy machine, so the kickstand mobile base is a great help for those who need to move it. This is the first machine in our jointer review to offer a rabbeting table (with a capacity of 1/2 inch). I ripped another fresh slab (with larva busily eating away at the wood within an inch of the bark.

On boards that are wider than your jointer, you can take off the cutter guard and flatten the part of the board that will fit the jointer. With its own stand and considerable bulk, the Grizzly is a jointer for the more serious enthusiast. The Yorkcraft has almost perfectly flat tables and an easy-to-adjust fence that moves on a rack-and-pinion gear. I just saw a little Rikon 6-inch jointer at Woodcraft Supply…about $419 I think.

Making a good true (90 degrees at each long edge) board goes well with two adjacent long sides flattened on a jointer and the other two sides done on a thickness plane as you indicated. However, since I only make things with curves, boats, dulcimers and kayak paddles, I never use it. I find edge-jointing is much quicker using a glue edge saw blade and when that doesn’t work, a hand jointer works well. You felder woodworking machines for sale believe, then, in apparitions, said my visitor.

At first glance, the $359 Porter Cable jointer would appear to be similar to the Shop Fox (but with a little more refinement). About the jointer comment: The jointer will make one side flat and smooth but if you do the other (second) side on the jointer, although it may come out flat and smooth, it will likely not be parallel to the first side. Note that both the Delta and the YC use a rack and pinion fence adjustment that takes up extra space in the back of the jointer….it’s a nice precise system, but not really needed for a jointer.

Laguna ShearTec II heads are all 6 row; most competitors’ heads offer just 3 or 4 rows. They go on sale every 4 to 6 weeks these two items should set you back around ninety to one hundred dollars. The on/off switch is raised – a feature found on a number of professional jointers and preferred by many. It is my understanding of the Wilke line that the Bridgewood is the ‘Professional’ line and the Yorkcraft is the ‘Hobbiest’ line. There’s active chip extraction with a 2 1/2 inch outlet that’s designed to fit over an ordinary galvanized trash can. I don’t think the 12 inch Craftsman bandsaw will do much for resawing larger chunks.

The JET jointer doesn’t fall far short of a professional’s tool, and although it costs $919, the price is actually quite competitive when you look at what you get. The Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH is the only eight-inch tool in our jointer review. JET – JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Helical Head Jointer …. JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Helical Head Jointer by Jet online today… Jointers:: Share: Power.. JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Helical Head Jointer from Jet IN STOCK. Like the Grizzly, the big Powermatic jointer has its on/off switch mounted high, although this one has no key. A two-horsepower motor means it’s capable of taking 1/2 inch in a pass with ease.

I purchased the top on a good sale price and built the base for it. Mainly comprised of thick stock hard maple, with full tenons, floating tenons and some shop-made pass-through bolts to keep the main assembly together, but still allow to re-tighten for seasonal changes. I certainly wouldn’t want to hold you back from getting the best tools you can afford, but I have never wished I had a wider planer than my 12 inch portable.

I picked up a used Yorkcraft (the old Bridgeport company) for something like $450 a couple of years ago. Hi All – I’m new to this forum but a member of Woodnet Forums for 8 yrs, so not a ‘new’ woodworker, but one that has been retired for a year and wanting to do more w/ wood and as easily & efficiently as possible. One thing- in the jointer game, I don’t think you ever regret getting one too big.

That’s most certainly the case with our Best of the Best jointer, the Powermatic 1610086K 1-Phase Jointer with Helical Cut. My panel ‘flatness’ has varied – sometimes ‘spot on’ and other times glue line ridges to correct – in the past I used my belt sander first, but have invested in a lot of planes (mostly Veritas) over the last decade, so just trying to learn how each fits into this process. One remarkable thing about much of my air-dried walnut is how nearly flat it is. The boards for the table project only required a bit of dressing on one side, which I did by hand using a jointer plane.

If you were to review owner feedback, you’d have trouble finding anyone with a bad word to say about this Powermatic jointer. Those who want to flatten a surface or square an edge will find the Shop Fox to be the ideal cheap jointer. The motor is a single-phase model rated at 10 amps, giving you adequate – if not exceptional – power. I used to do it that way for years – it does take a little longer, but the results are just as good.