Building A Plywood Aquarium — Advanced Aquarist

The internet is generally a good resource of information but I did find some sites containing DIY tips for building plywood tanks that presented outdated or inaccurate information. Even though you may think your homes environment is dry, interior relative humidity moisture levels and ground water tables can change frequently from month to month, We recommend laying 15 lb. black felt Hardwood flooring underlayment paper over the wood subfloor overlapping the seams 4-6 inches to help retard moisture transfer that may migrate up from damp basements through the subfloor and affect the stability of the Hardwood floor.

Aviation-grade plywood is manufactured to a number of specifications including those outlined since 1931 in the Germanischer Lloyd Rules for Surveying and Testing of Plywood for Aircraft and MIL-P-607, the latter of which calls for shear testing after immersion in boiling water for three hours to verify the adhesive qualities between the plies and meets specifications.

The Rim Board is a continuously supported, full-depth structural element developed for use within a wood floor or roof assembly and performing a similar role as a starter or end joist when installed in a load bearing wall or non-load bearing wall perpendicular or parallel to the joist framing to transfer horizontal (shear) and vertical (compression) loads.

Commonly referred to as APA,” and previously known as the American Plywood Association. Figure 6. The fourth coat of epoxy paint has dried and the first pane of glass has been installed (the aquarium is on its side). Exposure 1 or Exterior plywood panels factory-sanded for applications where smoothness and appearance are important. Marine plywood always uses a Type A grade on both faces, which helps to minimize water penetration, and uses a Type A adhesive bond. A sanded plywood panel with A-grade face, B-grade back and D-grade inner plies.

If you glue the underlayment, the next time someone tries to install a new floor, they’ll never get your underlayment off the subfloor. A range of preservative treatments are available for plywood including CCA (copper chrome arsenate) , LOSPs (light organic solvent preservatives) and for veneers, Ruply and ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary Compounds). Sanded surfaces, clear of defects are most suitable for painting.100% acrylic latex paint systems perform best on plywood. Type and quality of plywood will certainly determine the price at a first place.

Note: The term ‘waterproof plywood’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the plywood is waterproof but rather that the glue is waterproof. OSB panels can be manufactured in lengths up to 16 feet (or sometimes even higher), while plywood is generally limited to 8 to 10 feet. An APA Performance Rated Panel designed and manufactured specifically for residential and other light frame wall sheathing, roof sheathing and subflooring applications. When used as a roof sheathing, this tendency to hold moisture means it can degrade faster than plywood when exposed to chronic leaks.

Enhanced building products will cost more, but the savings come in time and materials when a second subfloor is not needed and finish flooring can be installed directly on top. The difference with plywood is not felt initially during the first walk-through by the owners,” says Key. In contrast, the cross graining of plywood slightly reduces its tendency to split when nailed at its edges.

Exterior plywood is a high quality appearance grade plywood for interior lining applications or semi-exposed applications if finished correctly. Plywood and OSB are considered structural panels,” and building codes treat both materials equally. Hoop pine interior plywood makes an excellent choice for paneling, ceiling, furniture and wall linings where a non structural high quality finish is required. Tropical plywood is widely used in the UK, Japan, United States, Taiwan, Korea, Dubai, and other countries worldwide.

A plywood panel manufactured with a hardboard face for an extra-smooth painting and tough wearing surface. And I guess the plywood is thin enough that you don’t have to worry about changing the height of the floor where it meets the molding. Plywood is rated for use, based on whether it’s for interior or exterior applications, and what type of material you plan to use for the finished floor. If this is not possible, make sure the aquarium is perpendicular to floor joists in order to achieve maximum support.

What this means is that the core-line adjacent to the face is solid with no open defect, thus giving the face an added strength and integrity to insure better screw holding ability if need be. This panel is used for everything from cabinetry, to interior wall or ceiling design, to underlayment. Sanded oak plywood with actual dimensions 2’x 2′, 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′ or 4′ x 8′ very is typical for use in indoor applications. To address these water issues, OSB and plywood manufacturers are refining their products.

MDF is made of essentially dust and makes a much heavier but highly stable and millable substrate with strong edges. An interior C-D” rating for example, indicates the plywood has a grade C face, and a grade D back. Making a large aquarium is not the place to learn how to use various hand tools. Since my lab does not have unlimited funds, I began researching the pros and cons of building a large plywood aquarium with the dimensions of ~96 x 24 x 24 inches – ~239 gallons (244 x 61 x 61 cm; 906 liters). Tropical plywood is superior to softwood plywood due to its density, strength, evenness of layers, and high quality.

A is suitable for clear finishing, B is suitable for painting and under normal interior use C or D glue bonded plywood will give long term durability and preservative treatment is not necessary. Advice should be sought from the plywood manufacturer or the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA), as to the permitted location and size of holes. I would recommend removing the tile and adding a plywood underlayment to the existing main subfloor to obtain the desired height then install the sheet vinyl.