15 Planter Boxes You’ll Want To DIY Right Now

There’s no denying that traditional gardens are gorgeous, but they require a lot of work. This contemporary square upright planter with high gloss finish is a perfect for both indoor and outdoor use Size: Medium. Cedar has good outdoor rot resistance which makes it a good choice for planter boxes. And then lay the remaining scrap boards down to create a bottom for either gardener’s cloth or just set a plastic planter on top. If you garden with your children, it provides quality (screen-free) time together and makes them more likely to eat and enjoy vegetables because they helped grow them. As always, I will help you guys through the build with my photos and tips below.

So when we sold that house and bought our new house, I knew raised garden beds were one of the first projects I was going to have to take care of. I wanted to create a durable planter box that would let me grow herbs, greens and other plants in succession and that could be moved to different parts of our yard for sunlight, if needed. We bought a sheet of fluorescent light grid cover and cut it down to 12”x12”, and placed it down into our planter and let it rest on the supports. It’s definitely worth it – our planter only cost £32 (not counting the hardware and offcuts we already had).

Notice the clean lines and fine details — the constructed box that holds the boccie ball court is finished with the same weathered steel used in four very modern weathered-steel planter boxes. I made it and lined the box with pieces of pallet to add to the look, combined 2-3 different pallets for different color combinations. For ideas on types of flowers and plants you can add to a planter box, click here.

It began with finding free cedar planks on and building planter boxes, and has now turned into a gardening obsession. I estimate this project will cost around $20 to build using cedar fence pickets and whitewood boards on the trim. Our English country garden is pretty small and we didn’t have any spare border for veggies, so we needed a planter. Explore more Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Pinterest — where you can save and organize your favorite DIY ideas and projects.

After we built the basic box, we moved the planter to its final position and then added the self-watering system, soil and plants. Garden trellises are available to fit any size raised bed or planter to provide durable support for climbing plants, flowering vines and ornamentals. Continue adding courses of 40cm lengths of timber, with alternating joints, until the raised section of the planter is four layers deep.

Holding up the two short sides, lay an 8 ft board across to create the long side of the planter. Instead of buying planter boxes, check out this collection of gorgeous planter box ideas and make your own! This planter is a good size for potted plants, but you may wish to add a plastic liner and fill it with soil (add a layer of gravel first). Sunset offers plans for a simple cedar raised garden bed that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, making the middle easy to reach from either side. The trick is adding a 100mm layer of river gravel to line the base of the planter box, combined with a 75mm-diameter ag line attached to the drainage area.

Most garden centres or DIY shops will have some goods damaged by careless forklift drivers which they’ll be selling cheap – have a look around at the back or ask someone. Give them a spot in the garden they can call their own and watch not only what they plant flourish, but you also get the benefit of watching your children flourish as well. The wood used to build a planter has to have certain characteristics that make it long-lasting, such as rot and insect resistance, and it must look appealing in your landscape. Cedar is a planter material native to North America that shares many qualities with teak.

Having a full size garden was out out of the question, but I found that there are always ways to work in a small garden. However, has not verified the completeness or accuracy of plans on this site that were created by site users. In this box I planted several different vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, garlic, chili, bell peppers, basils, parsley, rosemary and beans.

I wanted to avoid the use of man-made materials as much as possible since they could introduce chemicals we may not want in our vegetables. I love the idea of the strawberries and I suggested it to her, but she wants the petunias so I guess it’ll be flowers or I’ll have to build two of them. Whether they are lush roses or verdant succulents, we are sure they will make your garden spring ready. So now that you know a little more about my berries, here’s how I made my DIY fruit-filled planter box! The fumigated DB pallets are actually no longer used, but a few may still be out there so be sure to double check.

Just finished my version of your planters – thanks for the instructable – very useful – pic enclosed so you can see how it turned out – I combined the planters with a garden divider (the planters provide some support for the gateposts). The base of the bed was turned upside down and filled with soil to create the main part of the new raised garden. If you’d like to build this planter for yourself, click here to download the PDF plans Oh, and PIN IT so you don’t forget it! This wooden planter provides ample space for your plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

To add some unique architectural interest to any backyard, we recommend changing up square, horizontal planters for these sloped planters extending like sun rays from this corner garden bed. At Travaasa Ha-na (formerly the Hotel Hana-Maui), wood-and-bamboo cottages with giant lanais sprawl alongside the sea, next to a garden of mangoes, plumeria, and bananas, and a well-tended taro patch. Obviously we didn’t want the actual depth of the planter to be 24”… cause let’s be honest: THAT’S A LOT OF DIRT.